10 best Rat Traps to Get Rid of Rodent Problem

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

This list for those who are suffering from rat problems. We have gathered the best rat traps after a deep research to help you go rodent free. We have included rat traps in our lists which can be used in home, outside or commercially.

If you prefer more humane way to get rid of rodents, you can check out best electronic rat traps as well in our list. You can also check out for catch and release rat traps as they are more humane than anything and we prefer them more as well so, most of our list will be focusing on humane ways.

Electronic rat traps tend to give quick electric shock to the pests so, they pass away quickly instead of suffering.

We have covered everything from ordinary rat traps, catch and release to best electronic rat traps. So, look at our list you may found out the solution for rodent problem for once and all.

Now, without any further delays let’s look at best rat traps.

Product Name Effective Against
Rat trap by Guarden (Editor’s Choice) Rats, Gophers, Voles, Mice,Check Price
Trapro Humane Rat trap Rats, Chipmunks Squirrels and Other Similar-Sized RodentsCheck Price
The Mouse Hotel Humane Smart Live Capture Rats and miceCheck Price
Made2catch Classic Metal Rat Trap Rats and chipmunksCheck Price
Rolling Log Mouse Trap mice, rats and other similar rodentsCheck Price
Meida Rat Trap RatsCheck Price

Rat trap by Guarden (Editor’s Choice)

rat trap that works

If you are anxious about rat spreading diseases and making your home life miserable then check out this simple but effective rat trap by guarden. It costs less than $20 per pack of six but have an extremely good rat trapping ratio.

It has Simple to lure design, the detachable bait cup just turns inside and out from underneath the trap, so unlike old-style wooden rat traps you don’t have to to jeopardy trapping your fingers when load again.

To evade nicked bait, the bait cup is made in direction that it cannot be grasped without initiating the tremendously receptive trigger, which indicates that including the sneakiest of rats cannot dodge leaping the jaws!

These rat traps are completely rewashable Guarden rat traps are produced from durable waterproof and stain resilient plastic. simple to wash, they may be use again and again without turning blemished and germ-infested like old-style wooden traps.

With this cluster of six rat killing traps, you could start to savor your property and yard again!



This is our editor’s choice because it works flawlessly. It’s simple, old-style but not dangerous like wooden one in which you can caught your fingers, but it has easy to use foot pedal, very strong jaws which release more powerfully than ordinary rat traps. The bait cups are detachable, reusable and easy to wash. Some people complains about it’s powerful jaws that it’s not very humane so, we added that in drawback but if you have a strong heart and ready to kill the rodents then this is the one of the best rat traps set you should get.

Check Price


Trapro Humane Rat trap

best humane rat trap

 This is catch and release rat trap. It is known as the most humane way to get rid of rodents. It has simple cage design as you can see in the above picture. The dimension of this rat trap are 10.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 4.4 inches.

Trapro humane rat trap is non-toxic and humane way to get rid of rats, chipmunks, weasels, squirrels or any similar size animals. This rat trap is made of study and durable material. It is made of galvanized steel so, you do not have to worry about deterioration and corrosion.

The pedal of this rat trap is very sensitive it releases very swiftly once it’s touched. Humane rat trap has very small opening so there is no chance that rodent can escape.

This rat trap is also very cheap does not cost more than $18 but do its work as described. You can set the bait easily in it and your victim will be trapped in it no time.


If you are looking for catch and release your victim This is one of the best rat trap. It is also amongst the most humane way to get rid of rodents. It costs around $18, Has no toxic material and can easily trap small animals without letting them escape. The only drawback we managed to find in this rat trap is that it can harm your fingers while setting up the bait so be very careful while doing that and read the instruction manual very carefully before setting it up. Although, this is also managed to place itself amongst best rat traps.

Check Price


The Mouse Hotel Humane Smart Live Capture


 One more catch and release rat trap made its place in our list. It’s look very cute and humane, but it does it’s job in catching the rodents. It is the most inexpensive and humane way to catch the mouse it costs less than $10.

The mouse hotel design is just like we used to have hotels and houses in board game of monopoly. There is no metal snap, poison or glue to trap and kill the mouse. It is indeed the most humane one. This rat trap is easily cleanable and reusable countless times.

They also made the 4 holes for ventilation so, the rat you have trapped can breathe easily. The coloring of the mouse hotel smart live capture is transparent so, you can know if your guest has arrived in it.



 One of the cutest way to catch the mouse with hotel shaped rat trap which is glue, poison and toxic’s free. You can catch your unwanted guest with it and release it in the woods and can use this process again and again. Very humane way to get rid of unwanted pests. The bait is easy to set up and creates no mess like blood or dead bodies. It’s also has ventilation holes so, the rat trapped can not die due to lack of oxygen. But, it costs less than $10 so, the company compromised on the material. They do say that It can last forever but it is not true. The design has lacks escape proofing so, you need to watch this rat trap more constantly than others.

Although it has drawbacks, but it managed to position itself in most successful and best rat traps.

Check Price



Made2catch Classic Metal Rat Trap

rat trap


 This is one of the oldest and classiest way to catch rats. You have seen these kind of rat traps from cartoons to your real life. They are among the old school method, but these rat traps work effectively yet.

Made2catch rat trap is simple and classic rat trap made from metal. This rat trap is costs less than $15 for pack of 4 but indeed made from very strong and durable material. The design is simple and straight forward the powerful pedal is attached with strong string.

Made2catch can handle rats and other animals like chipmunks as well. It has quick snap technology so, as soon as your victim will touch the bait it will kill’s it instantly.

It does not contain any kind of chemicals so, it is safe to use around food and water.


Classy but effective way to get rid of rodents. Even though it costs less than $15 for pack of 4 it is made from strong galvanized metal and has excellent quality. The only problem, it lacks the force. It can kill small rats easily but if you managed to catch one big fella then it is going to be messy. Overall, this is also proven method to get rid of rats and made its name in best rat traps.

Check Price


Rolling Log Mouse Trap

best rat traps


This innovative rat trap is manufactured by PAWMATE. This one named as rolling mouse trap and become popular very quickly due to it’s uniqueness and effectiveness.

Confused? No problem, this is what we are here for let’s see how it works. Let’s assume you have got 5 rats within your basement, you will perhaps catch them the initial night. It is a mouse catching or killing machine. If you chose sawdust for live catch and release or water to kill this rat trap eliminates any blood, guts, smell, noises or touching from the pest to manage. The thread within PAWMATE log creates the perfect number of rolling resistance which the rodent falls within the bucket

Get a 5-gallon bucket and set the trap and washer in the heart of the roller and fix to your bucket and hang a bait like peanut butter amid the roller, fill the bucket with some water or sawdust. Place 2 laths tubing bucket leading towards the trap. If the bucket is empty, the captured mouse can readily escape. If the water inside the bucket is deep, the mouse will drown. It carries on work together with you doing nothing else, simply meek



Do you have issues with rodents along with other pests? Do you have mice or rats chewing and doing expensive injury to your house? You have reached the answer to your issue. The PAWMATE rolling log mouse trap is undoubtedly a much better mousetrap that works greater than you may imagine. Use it as part of your carport, garage, basement, barn, crawlspace or anywhere you own an infestation. The drawback is that due to it’s design and working people get confuse. It is also ranked in best rat traps.

Check Price


Meida Rat Trap

best rat trap infowizard


Rat trap by Meida comes in pack of 6 costing less than $20. This reusable plastic rat trap has dimensions of 2.95 x 5.83 x 2.56 inches. This rat trap is also straight forward to use all you must do is place the bait in it and wait for your intruder to catch it.

 It is made of strong steel and polystyrene. The cup bait is also easy to set up and rewashable along with its other components. It has a large jaw, so it catches the rat from front back and sides.

Meida also offers the 12 months warrant on their rat trap. In any scenario you are not satisfied they can replace it or will give you a full refund.


No doubt, it is an easy to set up and use rat trap. It is also very simple to set up a bait and you can use it for years thanks to material and quality. Media offer their rat trap package of 6 under $20 which is not expensive at all in our opinion. The only drawback according to some people are that this rat trap is inhumane as it’s jaws are very strong it overkills the small rats. But, if you are okay with it then go for this one because it is also named itself as a best rat trap.

Check Price

Check out How to find the best bait to trap rats successfully 

Electric Rat Traps

 We have covered all types of rat traps. As, above you can see we have reviewed the best, and high-quality traps for rodents. But, now the latest technology to catch your unwanted guests are electric rat traps. They are perfect and easy to use. They kill the unwanted intruder by giving them electric shock instantly.

Some people says that they are very inhumane, and other people have opinion that they are not inhumane as they kill the trapped intruder instantly. But, we are not here to judge who is right or wrong. So, we decided to cover it anyway and added the best electric rat traps in our list.

Now without any further delays, let’s look at electric rat traps. Off curse, only the best ones

Product Name Voltage Work on Batteries
PestZilla Electric Rat Trap 7000v YesCheck Price
PestNoMore Rodent Zapper 4000v YesCheck Price
Raticator S-Plus BLUETOOTH v2.0 Rodent Zapper 4000v YesCheck Price
Hoont Robust Electric Rat Trap 7000v YesCheck Price


PestZilla Electric Rat Trap

rat traps infowizard


 Our number 1 choice in electric rat traps is Pestzilla because as the name suggests it’s like Godzilla of electric rat traps.

The size of this rat trap is 11×4.5×5 inches which makes it helpful to catch mice, rats, chipmunks, and many similar size rodents. As, the intruder steps in it this electric rat trap gives the 7000v shock to unwanted guest and kills it instantly.

It is easy to set up all you must do is insert the small bait, load it with batteries plug it in and that’s all.

Pestzilla is Flawless for homes, commercial kitchens, storerooms, etc. Just insert the batteries or turn on the unit by means of the provided adapter, put on a modest amount of bait, together with peanut butter, etc., The electric rat trap discharges an actual 7000V shock any time a rodent goes in the trap, instantly electrocuting the rodent. The pointer light will flash indicating a rat has been annihilated and need to be cast-off

The PestZilla Electric Rat Trap is usually operated by plugging it in. Comes with a 5 Ft. plug-in adapter for unpretentious limitless kills. Can also be functioned with 4 ‘D’  batteries allowing approximately 30+ kills per group of batteries. It also Features a extended box plugin, indicator light for difficult to access areas, which allows to test for trapped rodents without the need to test the actual device



Electric rat trap by pestzilla costs under $40. It offers powerful shock of 7000v which means instant electrocution of rats or similar intruders. You can cover a lot of area with it as it comes with 5 feet long plug in cable. As, we mentioned that it is also easy to set up by just inserting the batteries, placing the bait and plugging it in. It’s design and quality have no flaws yet, but some people do complain about it’s being expensive because it requires batteries and batteries are not included in the package you need to buy them separately so, if you are infested with rodents then you are going to need a lot of batteries. Overall, one of the best electric rat trap with no flaw.

Check Price



PestNoMore Rodent Zapper

electric rat traps

 Rodent zapper slays Rodents of all sizes. From all types of rats and mice to Squirrels, Chipmunks, Voles etc. Pestnomore electric rat trap is high Voltage triple shock technology. Power with 4 “D” size batteries or utilize included mains adapter for unlimited kills. Alarm sound and light indicator tell you of successful kill. Additionally, you can utilize light extension wire when keeping of the trap in hard to reach places.

It offers no touch, no see and no mess system. All you must do is insert the little bits of bait in it and that’s all. place the rat trap against a wall where your rodents will rapidly grasp it. Rodent will get into the trap and activate a superior voltage electric shock. Turn the electricity off and throw the rodent body into your garbage for clean and harmless cleaning.

Features of this rat trap includes advanced design and progressed electric trap for improved performance and protection. Largest entry of electric rat traps   an alarm notification so, you know if the rodent has arrived in it.

This electric rat trap can be used for professional and personal needs.  It is very Appropriate for indoor parts: roof space, garages, cellars, pantries, living and dining places, factories, storerooms, workplaces, cafeterias, bed and breakfast, etc.


It also Contains Free Mains adapter and Notification LED Wire which comes with full directions and support.



Electric rat trap by Pestnomore offers complete peace of mind under $55. It has large entrances to ensure that even the large size rodent’s can not escape from it. The shock is also very powerful which kills the intruder instantly and it’s 3 step systems of setting up and cleaning is also flawless. We were founding its drawback and we came to know that many people complained about false alarm issues about it. We don’t know how the alarm goes off, but it is the only drawback in this electric rat trap.

Check Price



Raticator S-Plus BLUETOOTH v2.0 Rodent Zapper

electric rat trap infowizard


S-Plus with Bluetooth is new one in the market, but it is the most innovative electric rat trap we have seen yet. This rat trap connects with your cellphone or tablet to notify you about the successful trap or if your rat trap is running low on battery.

This product uses AA batteries which can kill up to 50 trapped rodents’ in it or can stand by for 6 months. This electric rat trap originally manufactured in USA. Their support is also very good which is accessible via email or telephone call.

The working of this one is also very simple. Download the free app of Raticator connect it by scanning the barcode under the Raticator trap. The rest part goes the same place the bait in it and wait for the intruder to arrive in it.

The best part about Raticator is that they are 20+ years in this business. Their products are all made in USA also offers the best lifetime support to customers.



This electric rat trap costs under $70 which is very expensive compared to other models available in the market. Yes, it is innovative, has unique Bluetooth connectivity, simple to set up process and the most surprising part is their support which is lifetime and very good. The design wise this rat trap is also flawless but it’s entrance is not large and can not eliminate larger rodents. Overall, this rat trap has no issues and works very good but not suitable for those who are on tight budget or looking to eliminate larger rodents.

Check Price



Hoont Robust Electric Rat Trap

best rat traps on


This is the last one in our list but don’t underestimate its power as we list only the top best products. Hoont robust offers very powerful electric rat trap which is easy to use and generates the electric shock of 7000v.

This product is laced with very good rodent detection technology it can detect and eliminate larger rodents like chipmunks, squirrels etc. As, it produces 7000v shock which instantly kills the trapped rodent and almost ensures that the poor thing does not feel any kind of pain while getting electrocuting.

The dimensions of this rat trap are 11×4.5×5 inches. It also has 5 feet cord so, you can just plug in and use it for an area of 5 feet easily which is unlimited use. It can also work with 4 “D” batteries which can last for up to 30 kills

The package also includes extension and indicator lights which can be used to for difficult to access areas like you placed the device in some area which is not easy to access so, the indicator light will show you if the rodent is trapped in it or not.



 No doubt, an excellent electric rat trap with very powerful shock for humane electrocution of unwanted rodents. It also offers large entrance which can catch big size rodents as well. The shock is very powerful, but the drawback is very strange one some people complained about using it on battery and after trapping the rodent it does not trigger the shock, but the batteries fall out of instead which is very mysterious and unwanted drawback. Although, only few experienced this issue.

Check Price


Best Rat Traps Buyer’s Guide

Rodent infiltrations generally are an actual pain to the professional or landowner. Rats and mice employ a means of multiplying if you least expect them, and so the best method to combat the catch is to get a dependable trapping mechanism that is certainly effective at taking proper these pests as fast so that as humanely as it can be. However, it is advisable to be aware that these rodents are intelligent creatures which might be both aware and concerned about their surroundings.

In that sense, they don’t necessarily approach an unfamiliar object or trap, when they notice that another rat is captured. Some people also keep mice and rats as pets (in cages), so you must remember this when setting any kind of trap at home. Doing so could keep a dog rat resistant to harm while only baiting and trapping the animals that mustn’t be in the community.

There are some a variety of rat traps available, the very best being the electronic variety. An electronic trap detects a rat’s presence having its metal floor plates and delivers a high-voltage electric shock for the animal by making use of batteries. When a rat enters the trap (to discover a non-lethal bait attractant) and steps about the plates, the rat completes the trap’s electric circuit, triggering an electrical shock for the pest. The shock typically lasts from 1 to 2 minutes to avoid your pet’s heart from restarting. Some electronic traps offer remote operation meant to alert you each time a kill has been created by using a red or green light. When the rat may be eliminated, disposal is accomplished without needing to touch or understand the animal by sliding it to the trash.

Other sorts of rat traps are the snap trap, live trap, and adhesive trap. The snap trap is just about the familiar, simple, and traditional type available. It operates employing a mix of a spring mechanism and high metal bar built to snap the rodent’s neck in regards into experience of bait. The snap trap is much more dangerous setting than other styles and is not always completely effective, nor can it be considered by far the most humane solution to solve the challenge associated with an infestation. However, it’s on the list of cheapest possibilities.

A live trap catches the rodent without killing it. Live traps usually go ahead and take kind of metal cages that happen to be also made to leverage bait attractants. When youngster takes the bait, the bait mechanism triggers the cage’s feeder point to seal, trapping the rat for safe transport out from the property. Glue traps certainly are a bit far better to use than snap traps and in addition they employ non-poisonous, sticky glue spread over panels of cardboard to maintain the dog from escaping. It is important to check glue traps often when humane disposal is usually a priority. This prevents the rat from starving to death for the trap and your pet could be come to another spot for safe release while not having to kill it.

The more effective rat trap really depends about the severity of the infestation plus the style of solution one chooses to settle for. If you have other pets around (e.g. pets), snap or glue traps aren’t recommended, since they are both dangerous and annoying. If you absolutely must line rat traps honest safe music downloads around pets, only use non-poisonous baits. Doing so can keep pests contained while posing minimal danger along with other animals.

Dogs and cats tend to be too large to go into a digital trap as well as to be injured with a small containment cage. Watch your dog or kitty anyway. By contrast, if you are a small business owner having a large infestation plus the need to put traps outdoors around your possessions, then snap, live, or glue traps can function to your benefit to rid your home of pests quickly and cheaply. Research within the desired technique is equally important so that you can become the best consumer. Knowing how to set the trap can prevent problems for yourself as well as your loved ones.

The specific area for a trap matters too. Rats prefer dark areas where foods are present. That said, kitchen corners and cupboards may be good places to line them. Finally, you must evaluate the form of bait they opt for. Peanut butter and cream cheese baits are some of the safest types to utilize around pets, as is also non-poisonous and sticky, which help that it is hard for any rat to emerge from.

History of the Rat Trap

The earliest patented (and lethal) trap took the type of a couple of spring-loaded, cast-iron jaws the Royal No. 1, that has been patented by James M. Keep of New York in 1879. The classic spring-loaded snap trap, that individuals are most familiar, was patented in 1894 by William C. Hooker of Abingdon, Illinois. A British inventor named James Henry Atkinson patented an incredibly similar device in 1898, that she dubbed the Little Nipper.

Atkinson’s device is made using a weight-activated treadle because tripping mechanism for just a rodent’s successful capture. It was able to slam shut in 1/38,000th of your second, an increasing which has never been beaten by another snap trap. Atkinson sold his rat trap copyrights in 1913 for thousand pounds to Procter, an organization that may be manufacturing these devices since that time.

Up until 1996, more than 4,400 trap patents were issued, a lot more than ninety-five percent of the being awarded to amateur inventors, which truly definitely makes the trap a consumer’s invention in most of every shape and type possible, electric rat traps or ordinary ones they both work well.


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