Fire HD 10 – Latest edition with New Features but less cost

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2018)

Fire HD 10 is arrived with all new hands-free Alexa and 1080p HD display. We had been in touch with Amazon  and they told us it’s features, Pricing,and everything you need to know if you are deciding to buy this tablet.

Amazon never cease to surprise that’s why we and you love amazon for our shopping. Fire HD 10 is  upgraded in screen size and as well as have new Alexa features but the surprising part is that it is cost a lot less. The amazon has dropped the price for Fire HD 10 amazing. It  costs under $150 for 32 GB and less than $200 for 64 GB including shipping which is free. Fire HD 10 released on 11st October 2017 you can Order it right now.

Fire HD 10 Features Highlights

  • Fire HD 10 offers now 1080p Full HD display (224 Pi)
  • It has 1.8 quad core processors and 2 GB Ram
  • It has Alexa Hands-Free feature now
  • 32 GB or 64 GB storage which is also expandable up to 256 GB with external microSD card
  • It has exclusive amazon features like X-Ray, On Deck, Blue Shade and free time parental controls
  • You can get access to unlimited kindle, Unlimited music, unlimited movies and tv shows with prime membership at no extra cost.
  • It has Three Colors Black, Blue and Red

Fire HD 10 in details


I have covered the major features above but let’s look at Fire HD 10 in details.

1080p Full HD display

Fire HD 10 contains brilliant full HD 1080p (1900*1200)/ 224 Pi 10.1 inches display. Now you can enjoy movies, games and books on bigger screen with right brightness and less glare due to IPS LCD display.

Quad Core Processors

Fire HD 10 now have two 1.8 and two 1.4 processors for quick processing and smooth usage of apps and games.

More Storage

Fire HD 10 has more storage now starting from 32 GB. You can Get 32 GB or 64 GB one whichever you like and if you need more storage you can upgrade it with external microSD card up to 256 GB and you can also access amazon cloud storage for free to save your data securely.

Battery Timing

After tasting fire HD 10, it has up to 10-hour batter life for mixed use far better than before.


Fire HD 10 offer 2 MP back camera and VGA front camera which is clear enough to talk for video chats.


After running tests, Fire HD 10 is more durable then latest iPad 10 pro 10.5 and it is a lot cheaper than apple costing under $150 for 32 GB and less than $200 for 64 GB.


Alexa is the new trend everyone loving it and now you can enjoy Alexa on Fire HD 10 totally hands-free you can give commands to it without even touching your tablet. (the wake word is Alexa).

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Fire HD 10 Pros and Cons


fire hd 10

following pros and cons we found after testing Fire HD 10.



After carefully checking this device i am certain that it is better edition than previous models. It has bright screen, Full HD display 1080p, hands-free Alexa and lots of memory. On the other hand the plastic design is disappointing. But, this device is right on budget and provides more features than it’s costs. So, it is very budget friendly and great device to buy before holidays. This tablet is released on 11th october 2017. You can order it with given button

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