GameFly Review- Free 30-day Trial Included

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2018)

In today’s world everyone loves to play games on their computers and gaming consoles but buying them is not cheap. So, we decided to checkout the very famous company known as GameFly to buy and rent games cheaply. Well, you can rent games as low as for 54 cents a day.

In this Gamefly review, we are going to share their top features, working, pricing, gamefly reviews by users and our experience.

About GameFly

GameFly is a company started back in 2002 and operational till to date. Their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California United States. They are basically an online video games, movies rental and streaming company. Gamefly is skilled in providing the games to their users on very cheap rates.

Many People says that it’s a Netflix of gaming world. And, we do think it’s true because their operation and module is same.


30-day free trial

This is the most attracting and mentionable feature because you don’t have to waste a single cent while testing and making decision if Gamefly is suitable for you or not. We would like to remind that if, you decide not to continue with Gamefly just cancel it within 30 days because after 30-day trial you will be charged around $16 which is their per month subscription fee after trial period membership.  Worry not, we have shared all membership details in pricing.

No Fee for being Late

Like, many other networks and stores gamefly does not charge you with any sort of late fee. You can keep the item as long as you want and get the most out of it. We all know that we can not finish the games within specific time limit sometimes we rush through it and other times we play it slowly or we want to play that specific game again and again. So, yes this is the 2nd best feature we came to know after testing gamefly.

Cancel your Membership Anytime

Hassle free cancellation of membership is also an excellent feature you can attain by using the services of Gamefly. We signed up for trial and then we continued using them for three more months and then cancelled it just for this review. The cancellation was very easy you can do it easily from your gamefly account options. (We have shared whole procedure in How to cancel gamefly membership in this article).

Many Consoles

This is also very good feature because it covers virtually every gamer out there. You can rent for any of the following gaming consoles and devices.

  • DVD’s
  • Blu-ray
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo 3 DS
  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • Wii
  • PS2
  • Gameboy Advance
  • PSP Games
  • PSP Movies
  • Game Cube by Nintendo
  • Xbox

As you can see they have the gaming options for both older and latest consoles.

Keeping Option

You have rented the game and not want to return it because you want to add in your collection? No problem, gamefly let you keep it by purchasing it and you can do it easily from your account.

Parental Control

One of the best feature for parents to have the peace of mind. If, you want certain games which are age restricted or simply you do not have your children to play you can lock those titles by enabling the parental control from your gamefly account.

On the Go Management

They offer very beautiful and elegant app to manage your account and orders. This feature is also outstanding and useful for people on the go.

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How it works?

They have more than 9000 titles in their library including games and movies. The procedure of renting is easy and straightforward. Let us explain in three easy steps.

Sign Up

First you need to sign up. We recommend free 30-day trial but if you are satisfied you can sign up for membership you see fitting.

Select your game or Movie

After signing up just select any title you desire. That game or movie will be added in queue.

Free Shipping

Your work is done in 2nd step. All you must do is wait for your title to arrive at your doorstep. Yes, shipping is free you will have to pay nothing upon delivery.

GameFly Plans & Pricing

Gamefly offers multiple plans and pricing options to it’s customers.

Trial Plan and pricing

The first one is 30-day trial which is free for first 30 days. After that you will be charged $15.95 per month. In this plan you can rent 1 game or movie out a time.

1 game or movie 3 Month Plan and pricing

As the name suggest this plan will be paid for 3 months. It Costs $9.95/month and enables you saves 35 percent. After 3 months you will be charged for $15.95/ month. This plan also enables you to rent only 1 game or movie out a time.

2 Games or Movies 3-month plan and pricing

This plan can help you save up to 40 percent as it will cost $13.50/month for 3 months and after you will be charged $22.59/month. You can rent 2 game or movies out a time in this gamefly plan.

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Which plan we recommend?

We recommend trial package first because it is an excellent opportunity to understand if the Gamefly is suitable for you or not. If yes, you can continue the same plan or can update to 3-month plan if your budget allows you. If you feel that gamefly is not for you. You can cancel it in your trial period and you will not have to pay anything.

GameFly Streaming

This is relatively new feature compared to their rental services. It started few years back and gain a lot of popularity among it users.

Basically, this is cloud-based service it enables you to play games on supported devices without owning any kind of consoles or gaming Pcs.

To Utilize this service all you must do is plug compatible controllers and play the games instantly without waiting of downloading and installing.

The supported devices are

To play games on gamefly streaming ensure that you have the good internet connection and mentioned devices.

What Kind of Games Available on Gamefly Stream?

You can play famous games like Batman Arkham Asylum, city and origins, fear, fear 2, Dues ex. Mafia II etc.

You should know that availability of games depends upon the State and device you connected from. The good thing is instant access.

How to Cancel Gamefly Account?

Very Simple, just click on cancel my membership inside your account and you will get it cancelled instantly and will not be charged on next billing cycle.

We want to add our little opinion here, if you are looking to cancel your Gamefly account do it just one day before the next billing date so, you utilize the whole month before leaving. Because, once you cancel your account you will lose access to it quickly and you will not be refunded for remaining days.

Gamefly Reviews by Users

If, you read our other reviews and articles you must know that we do not conclude our review without getting opinion from other real users. All reviews are published here are unbiased and collected from real gamefly users.

I am die hard gamer my budget does not allow me to buy games from stores or steam like services. I always use Gamefly. Also, enjoying their steaming service some days. (Gaming boy)

I waited 7 days to get the game I rented. Very slow delivery not recommended to anyone, but I surely can vouch for their game streaming services. Instantly playable. Period! (Anonymous)

Cheap services. I love Gamefly. (Antic)

Not Recommended. Slow and bad service despite having the good website. (Assassin player)

Direct2drive is also own by Gamefly I use that and Rental services when I am running low on money. Gamefly is good for me. (Sasha)

We rent games for our kids from Gamefly simply because they are cheap, and we are not worried about spending a lot as they tend to destroy most of the DVD anyway. We also have Samsung smart Tv so, we sometime do play games on gamefly streaming. Yes, me, my wife and kids are satisfied with gamefly. (John the slayer)

Pros Cons

Pros Cons
Cheap Slow Delivery issues in some States
Reliable to rent video games Limited devices for streaming service
Smart Mobile app
30-day Free Trial
Huge library of old and recent games



We are concluding our gamefly review. We do recommend gamefly if you are looking to rent games for as low as 54 cents a day price. Our opinion also weighs in the favors of Gamefly because in todays world you are not going to find many reliable services to rent video games.  The stylish and effective mobile app also is the positive aspect to choose gamefly. The best of all is 30-day free trial to test their services and we think 30 days are enough to make your decision about them. The library of gamefly is vast having up to 9000 titles both recent and old. And, they even have some games which are very hard to find in the market or online.

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