Pelican water system reviews

Pelican Water Systems Review 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)


Pelican water is a company which offers salt free water softeners and water filtration systems. This company was founded in 2007 and successfully running since then. They are BBB (better business Bureau) accredited, also a member of water quality association.

Many people contacted us about this company and asked our opinion. So, we decided to give it a test and do research in our own way. As, you probably know that we go through the same procedure as a normal customer and does not take any favors from companies upfront. If, company passes our test only then we join them as an affiliate and earn commission if you make purchase on their website. Obviously, this procedure does not cost you any extra amount.

Anyhow, we decided to test, research and finally we concluded our test which took us around 12 days to complete. In this article, you are going to find thorough, non-biased review of pelican water systems.

Pelican water Filters Review


Pelican offers variety of water filters. To choose the right one you should read this because every filter is different and has diverse purpose. Okay, let’s check out water filters by Pelican water.

Pelican offers following filter systems.

  • Whole House Water Filter System
  • Well Water Filters
  • Premium Shower water Filters
  • Drinking Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters

As the name suggests this water filter is for whole house. It comes in two variations. One is with UV protection system which is best in our research and other one is without UV protection.

Whole house filter without UV protection costs under $800 while with UV Protection costs under $1400.

What these filters do?

Whole house water filter system cleans containments like cholerine, chloramines etc.   Whole house water filters cleans every tap of the house and gives clean water from bathroom to kitchen. As, they are bigger in size they have low running costs and very easy to install also requires no electricity.

Well Water Filters

These filters are for targeting and removing popular well water issues like Nitrates, Tannins, Sulphur and manganese. Well Filters by Pelican are eco-friendly does not discharge waste and cleans water effectively without any requirement of electricity.

Premium Shower water Filters

Shower water filters are used for getting clean water for bathing under showers. These filters get attached to shower heads and cleans water from Chlorine and other harmful chemicals for your skin and hairs.

Many people including one of our reviewer notified us that, they can feel the softer skin and hair after showering from filtered water.

Drinking Water Filters

Most important one in our eyes. Okay, this filter we are using personally inside our office now. We ordered it for review purpose but got hooked to it. There are three types of filters for cleaning your drinking water.

  1. Countertop

    Number one is countertop which costs under $80. It can filter up to 450 gallons of drinking water and can lower down lead ratio up to 98 percent.

  2. 3 stage under counter

    Second one is the best water filter for drinking water by Pelican. (We are using this one, as well) It can filter up to 1500 gallons of water. This filter has 6-month life. Moreover, sediment filter makes it more secure and you can get 3 faucet color options as well. 😋 It costs under $210.

  3. Reverse Osmosis

    The last water filter is RO (reverse osmosis) It is the most advance one and can remove majority of harmful chemicals and bacteria from water. We recommend this water filter if you are highly doubtful or suffering a lot from bad drinking water. Like 3 stage under counter water filter it offers 3 faucet options. Moreover, it claims to have green design with less waste. And it costs around $300.


According to our research, testing and by the help of other people reviews we can easily say that Pelican water system is not bad. We highly recommend whole water filter system with UV as, it costs cheaper in long run and in terms of maintenance. Shower filters are also good. And, drinking water filters are best which we are using personally. So, we can tell you that with our own experience.

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Pelican Water Softeners

Okay, as we have looked above their types of filtration systems its time to check out how effective their water softeners are.

Pelican is famous for salt free water softeners, but they offer both salt and salt free water softeners.

We are a fan of salt free water softeners so, we go for salt free one. But, worry not we are going to share both in this pelican water systems review.

Salt Free Water Softeners

As, you probably know that softeners are used to make hard water soft. Pelican offers two types of salt free water softeners. The simple one which costs around $1500 and UV protected one which costs around $2200. Without any doubt, Salt free water softener with UV protection is better option.

These softeners certify to remove 99 percent hardness with completely natural process and free of potassium and any sort of salts. Also, Pelican offers lifetime warranty. UV edition comes with Trojan Max UV system.

Salt Based Water Softeners

If you are interested in salt-based water softeners you surely can get them from this company. Salt based water uses salt and potassium for water softening. There are two types of water softeners one for 1-3 bathroom which costs around $1800 and the second is for covering 4-6 bathrooms. The second one which is known PS80 Costs around $2200.


As, we mentioned above that salt free water softeners are better option. Pelican salt free water softeners are good they do not lack quality and can last for longer period of time compared to many other brands. So, Yeah, we are satisfied and can recommend you Pelican salt free water softeners. While, Salt based water softeners are not bad either, but they contain salts and potassium so, if you are satisfied with them go for it.

Pros Cons
Excellent quality Installation can be challenging
Long lasting softeners & filters Salt systems are costly to maintain
quick and responsive customer support
Quick Delivery

Pelican water reviews by Verified Customers

Pelican water reviews

We have also gathered the reviews of verified buyers of pelican water systems. Reviews are published here by the consent of consumer and after verification process of being a real customer of Pelican water. (You can also get your reviews published by contacting us).

Ordered Combo of Whole Water filter system and Salt free softener and I am happy. (Danielle)

Using Pelican water since 2013. No complains except filters are darn hard to install. (William)

They sent me bad filter, complained about it but they did not take any actions. (Edmund)

Superb company, easy to deal with them. But, please hire pro plumber to get it installed properly. (Marcella)

Best thing about Pelican is they are inexpensive and still good. Not Perfect but I am happy and highly recommend them. (Sibyl)

I don’t know what’s wrong, but their filters are unable to clean water of our home. We sent it back and claimed our refund. (Gene)

Best water filter system, top-notch salt free water softener systems, inexpensive pricing and easy to access customer support. I recommend this to everyone. (Mark)

Wrapping it up

This is the end of pelican water system reviews. We spent around 90 hours on testing, researching and gathering reviews from verified buyers. We came to conclusion that Pelican water is a trustable company which is in business since, 2007.

They offer quality products to their consumers with quick and good excellent customer support. Pelican offers 3-month money back guarantee as well and according to many people they got their refund even after 3 months.

Pelican water filters are long lasting with low maintenance costs.

On downsides, Filters are not very easy to install and can be very hectic if you hired a plumber who is not pro or you trying to install it yourself. Also, we should warn you that no matter how much they or anyone recommend you salt based water softeners never use them as they are very expensive to maintain and not very long lasting.

Nonetheless, Pelican water is a trustable brand and we highly recommend them from their water filters and salt-free water softeners.

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