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Riddex- Patent Pest Control System Review

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2018)

Riddex is pest repellent system which claims that it can help you get rid of mice, Rats and cockroaches. This plug-in pest control system also states that it can protect 2000 square feet of home, apartment or any place from vermin’s with just one kit which costs around only $29.95.

The product known as Riddex came back in 2006 and it has been successful since then in getting rid of rats, cockroaches and mice.

Over 3 million Riddex and Riddex pulse has been sold since 2006.

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Riddex Top Features

Riddex is electromagnetic device which can help you get rid of pests from your home or from your office or any living place. One device can clear up to 2000 square feet from vermin’s.

Anyhow, let’s look at top features of Riddex

Harmful Chemicals Free

Riddex is Original electromagnetic technology which keep away annoying mice, cockroaches and other pests without killing them.

Humane way to get rid of pests

Riddex pulse is known as a humanitarian technique to get free of rats, mice and cockroaches. Because with Riddex you do not need any kind of affluent handlings, no smokes, no chaos, no tricks or toxic Chemicals.

Patented Technology

Riddex and Riddex pulse is registered and patented technology and listed as safe product by underwriters Laboratories  It is also compliant the laws of FCC (Federal communications commission).


Riddex pulse is the cheap way to get rid of unwanted pests from your living place. Also, it saves your time because it is just plug and play product.

Eco Friendly

As Riddex is free of any kind of pesticides and it produce no fumes or any harmful chemicals so, it is also considered as eco friendly product.

Important info about usage of Riddex


As we mentioned before Riddex is “The Eco-friendly Alternative for Harmless Pest Control system.” And for new user it can be difficult to understand its usage so, we have covered the basic information and instructions about Riddex.

How to Install Riddex or Riddex Pulse?

It’s an easy process all you must do is plug one unit in any electrical outlet in effected area. If you are looking to get rid of more than 2000 Sq. Feet from pests. Install the second unit further from already covered 2000 square feet.

In rare case, if you need to cover more area the same process will go on. Every unit covers 2000 square feet so, install all the units accordingly to get rid of pests from whole area.

How Does Riddex works?

Simply plug the Riddex into an outlet and this tech begins acting by changing the standard field around your electric wiring, producing an atmosphere that helps in the pest control.

It also has three lights.

  • Green Light

If Green light is on and solid it means Riddex or Riddex pulse is on and working flawlessly

  • Red light

Red light indicates if the cycle is on or off. This red light can blink for 3 minutes and will remain off for 3 minutes as well. This cycle will continue if Riddex or Riddex pulse is plugged in.

  • Blue Light

This light is also known as night light. If you see light is blue, it means the night light is on you can on/off blue light by pushing the button on top of Riddex unit.

How many Riddex Units You need?

The answer of this question depends upon the area you are trying to cover. As, we mentioned above in installation that one unit covers 2000 square feet. So, if you need more distance to cover install another unit in exceeded area.

How much Time it takes to Get Results from Riddex?

The Riddex will start showing off its results after 7 days. After, getting the results you, desire do not unplug the Riddex or you will lose all the effectiveness. It does not take a lot of electricity to continuously use it.

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How to get Best Results from Riddex?

This info is very important, and we highly suggest reading it. Because you will get maximum results from Riddex if you know how to use it effectively

  1. Always make sure that you do not leave your doors, windows or spaces open which can allow new pests to enter
  2. Never leave food in open area until Riddex start working because it can attract cockroaches, rodent, mice and many other vermin’s.
  3. Ensure that the supplies you are bringing in home are not infected with pests.


  • In our research we found out that as Riddex alter electromagnetic fields which creates panic among these pests and in first 7 days you may experience increased activities of pests in your home. So, do not panic and be prepared for that.
  • Riddex pulse or Riddex does not interfere with home appliances, computers and household pets but it can cause harm to rodent pets like rabbits, gerbils, hamsters etc.

Riddex Pricing

It is not very expensive product it costs $29.95. You also must pay the shipping charges of $ 8.95 each unit.

We highly recommend you buy Riddex from their official website which we also linked in our article with buy 1 get 1 free special offer.

Riddex is available on amazon but when we tried the sellers from amazon 99 percent of them are selling Fake Chinese Riddex units so, please steer clear of them and go for official sources only.

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Pros Cons


Customer Reviews About Riddex

Our reviews are not biased and we always want to provide the most honest info. So, we contacted the Riddex customers and decided to share their opinions with our readers.

All the reviews mentioned here from real buyer’s and as it is.

I came to know about Riddex recently and decided to give it a test. My apartment is not more than 1000 sq. Feet so, I figured one unit will be more enough first 7 days were like hell for me. Roaches everywhere and I thought this product sucks, but it started to settle in and now my studio is free of roaches. I rarely get any roach in my apartment and if I do I simply smash it lol! My two cents on Riddex go for it recommend it to your readers.

We were fighting with rodent problem and heard about this product on TV. So, my mom said let’s give it a try it worked for us. We have no issue with this company thanks for contacting us.

No, I would not buy it again. Did nothing for me but Riddex customer support was very friendly and they refunded me all the money I paid for including S&H. They are not scam just simply not worked for me.

Riddex is good product but they do not have any instruction manual so, it took a lot of time to figure out it’s working. If you are going to review it please add instructions manual on your blog so, your readers know how to use it.

I wish I had instruction manual with this product but found nothing. Yes, it works using it from last 5 years and living pest free.

This product worked well against rodents but failed with ants so, I am not very happy about it.

I ordered Riddex pulse, the delivery was fast, and it worked as stated I do not have any complains and would recommend it.

One of the best repelling technology for us go ahead share it with everyone.

When my husband ordered this product, I was really confused and even told him this is not going to work it’s just a way to get your money. But, I was proven wrong because it made pests go crazy and they left our home for good.

Final Verdict

Okay, Riddex offers some good quality pest repellent features without causing too much nuisance. This product is eco-friendly, UL certified and regulated by FCC.

According to our research and people reviews Riddex do works in pest controlling. Although, not worked for some at all. Very strange product indeed. But, it is inexpensive and comes with 30-day money back guarantee. So, there is no harm in ordering and trying it for yourself if you are suffering from pest’s problem.

We also debunked four common myths about pest control which you can check out as well

if our opinion matters, you should try it we have added the special buy 1 get 1 free offer as well. They also protects you by 30-day money back guarantee and if does not show any results you desire just return it and get your money back. (you will not get a refund of shipping and handling).

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