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SEMrush Review- SEM Tool to dominate Search Engines

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2018)

SEMrush is an online search engine marketing tool. It can help you in multiple ways, they provide everything you need to know about yours or competitor’s website.
At infowizard we also use SEMrush to know everything about how’s our blog is doing across search engines as well as what keywords we are ranking for and what we need to do to rank higher on search engines by looking at our competitor’s websites.

Indeed, SEMrush is all in one SEM tool which can help you dominate Search engine networks like Google and Bing. This online software can help you rise above your competitors. (Joshua, SEO EXPERT)

Without further ado, let’s see what SEMrush is offering to its users, who can use it? How it can help you? We are going to cover everything in detail.

SEMrush Features

Let’s see what kind of features you can get on SEMrush platform.

This search engine marketing tool offers you

1. Analytics Reports
2. Tools
3. Projects

These three main categories divide into further features. For your ease our graphic designer has mentioned these features in images and we have also explained them in detail so, you guys can understand them easily.

1. Analytics Reports


As you can see in above image Analytics reports offered by SEMrush consist of following features

• Organic research
• Advertising research
• Display advertising
• Backlinks
• Keyword research
• Product listing ads

Organic Research

If you are serious about getting ranked higher in search engines, then you need to do your organic research right. This SEMrush feature can help you search best competitor keywords they are ranking for as well as you can discover who are your competitors in search engine which you never know before. You can also observe SERP movements with this feature in SEMrush.
If you utilize this feature properly you can get ideas of best keywords on which you can rank your website. Also, you can understand how and why your competitor is ranking. As, you will be revealed with their best keywords and their content pages they are ranking for. After, evaluating your competitors you can get better ideas to optimize your website.

Advertising Research

This is also superb feature in SEMrush. Advertising research reveals your competitor’s advertisement strategies and their budget. You can easily examine your opponent’s ad copies and keywords. Think again, if you are running your advertising campaign’s blindly because this feature in SEMrush will reveal you that you have many more competitors in your niche than you thought.
SEMrush advertising research will take you out of the dark and can help you to optimize your AdWords and Bing ads campaigns better.

Display Advertising

SEMrush display advertising allows you to see who are top publishers and advertisers. You can easily analyze who are your competitors in display advertisements. Also identify new publishers out there. The SEMrush display ads feature allows you to see from which device you are getting the more impressions.
It will help you to evaluate which text ads and banner ads works best with different devices and in result you will increase your conversions for sure.


This is one of the most used and awesome feature in SEMrush. You can deep check which websites are giving backlinks to you or competitors websites. Backlink feature allows you to check incoming links for a URL, Root domain or domain.
You can easily analyze how commanding backlinks are and where are they placed. SEMrush backlinks feature also enables you to see anchor texts.
With the help of SEMrush backlink checker, you can easily spy on your competitor referring domains. You will for sure get an idea to get more backlinks.

Keyword Research

SEMrush keyword research helps you to find right keywords for your SEO and pay per click campaigns. That’s not it you can collect related keywords as well which you were missing before to improve your Google and Bing ads rankings. Keyword research will also reveal long tail keywords on which you can rank your website easily.
This feature is great it all starts with right keyword research. If you do your organic search and keyword research right, you can easily rank your website among search engines. Also, you will be able to get more conversions from your pay per click campaigns by paying less for low competitive high converting keywords.

Product listing ads

If you are in e-commerce industry. You can understand the value of product listing ads. This feature will allow you to see your competitor’s PLA feeds. This feature also helps you to identify how many PLA keywords you and your competitors have in common. SEMrush reveals the amount of PLA keywords of your competitors which are appearing in paid searches.

2. Tools

Semrush infowizard

We have discussed the analytic reports and their features. Now, let’s see what SEMrush is offering in their Tools.

As, you can see in easy explanation image, Tools have following features.

• Keyword difficulty
• Domain vs Domain
• Charts
• My Reports
• Keyword magic Tool

Keyword Difficulty

This SEMrush tool will help you recognize keywords which are easily rank-able. This tool works instantly and give insight on keyword you are looking for easy or hard to rank.
Keyword difficulty tool helps you find easy keywords with high search volumes and you will be closer to rank your website by having proper knowledge keyword.

Domain Vs. Domain

This tool offered by SEMrush lets you have comparison between domains. See, what you and your competitor have in common. What you can do to outrank him. Domain vs. domain will provide you very clear insight.

To make this tool easy to understand SEMrush provides visual data of domains.


SEMrush Charts provides domains comparison with visibility pointers. See how many users visit your opponents’ websites through Google’s or Bing’s top 100 organic outcomes. Measure the traffic taken to your competitor’s domains via paid search. You can also get an evaluation of how much opponents are spending on Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Learn which keywords are serving your online rival rank in the top search results.

My reports

My Reports tool lets you to establish wide data all in single place. You can obtain any statistics created within SEMrush tools and reports and assemble it. You can send regular reports to your management, to your clients or can save them for your own self.

Keyword Magic Tool

As the name suggest this tool is magical it provides you more than 2 million keywords idea. You can filter keywords as well. SEMrush keyword magic tool allows you to filter keywords by their search volume, SERP features, Keyword difficulty, CPC data and modest density.

Keyword magic tool is excellent if you are looking to create most powerful SEO and pay per click campaigns.


3. Projects

infowizard digital marketing

SEMrush also offers projects and the top features are following.

• Position Tracking
• Site Audit
• Social media tracker
• Social media poster
• Brand monitoring
• On Page SEO checker

Position Tracking

SEMrush position tracking allows you to track your website position for any keywords. It also let you find local competitors. You can track your position on different devices and Geo locations.

Site Audit

This is must have tool. It checks your website SEO health. Give you insights on your website issues and tell you which are needed to fix first. It almost checks everything related to website’s SEO and helps you optimize your website.

Social Media Tracker

Social Media tracker helps you in developing best social media strategy to promote your website. You can also track your results with it.

Social media poster

Lack of time? Utilize SEMrush social media poster to keep your clients and follower updated. You can post on Facebook and Twitter from one place. Also, Schedule your posts and keep track of them for maximum optimization.

Brand Monitoring

You can monitor your brand with it. By doing this, you can find new opportunities to improve your brand. See what your competitors are doing and implement that to gain huge exposure.

On Page SEO site Checker

SEMrush checks your websites on page SEO. Provides you the report to know what you need to fix and what factors can help you achieve top 10 rankings on search engines also gives you data of top 10 website in your niche.

The mentioned above projects features are top notch. They also offer following features in projects, but we saw no benefit with them so, we are not going to discuss them in detail.

• Backlink Audit Tool
• Organic Traffic insight
• Content Analyzer
• Pay per click keyword tool


SEMrush Pricing

Let’s see SEMrush Pricing

Monthly Prices

Yearly Prices


  1. Yearly pro plan almost saves you $200
  2. Yearly Guru plan saves you around $400
  3. Yearly Business plan saves you around $800


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SEMrush Uses


We have covered the features which gives an idea that you can do everything with SEMrush to optimize your website and improve your business, but the question stands still, who can use SEMrush? Let me answer. SEMrush can be used by

  • business owners
  • SEO specialists
  • pay per click Specialists
  • PR specialists
  • Content Writers

SEMrush for business owners

If you do not understand methodological SEO or PPC, SEMrush makes it user-friendly to supervise all sides of your digital marketing. Viable assessment turns out to be easy still for the most beginner user, as all you require to do is insert a domain name into the search bar and SEMrush will fetch you to the Domain Synopsis report offering all the data you want to completely evaluate rivals. There are several tools to assimilate statistics from your GA or Google Search Console to have all your website’s data in single place. SEMrush can help you if your business depends on website traffic.

It does not matter if you are small or big business owner. SEMrush can help you reach your goals.

SEMrush for SEO specialists

SEO experts will love the wisdom and flexibility of what SEMrush has present. You can utilize SEMrush to organize market research and viable analyses on a website’s adjoining rivalry on the SERPs. You will find information for finding top opponents, studying backlinks, and linking keyword sets. With this information, you can effortlessly map out all the keywords to board naturally with a website. After doing research, you can Set up Audit project.

SEMrush for PPC Specialists

SEMrush is flawless for a PPC expert, as it permits for loads of PPC keyword study and opponent examination to plot and trail performance of paid search movements.

SEMrush for PR Specialists

Appreciations to SEMrush, PR executives can learn new chances that outfit their current operations and follow up with the modern trends in their marketplace’s.

SEMrush for Content Writers

It does not matter if you own small blog or have extremely popular blog. SEMrush helps content writers, bloggers and content sellers in a similar way. You all can take benefit of SEMrush’s keyword exploration tools for creating blog post concepts and subjects.

SEMrush Pros Cons


SEMrush is a must have tool for anyone with any level of online presence. This SEM all in one tool offers everything you need to improve your website rankings, increasing traffic or getting exposure to your brand. SEMrush is very effective even Forbes, Disney, eBay, HP and many more big names are in their clientele. We personally use SEMrush and we highly recommend it to everyone from small business owner to large enterprise. You can do keyword research, track rankings, SEO audit, on page SEO, pay per click ads optimization and much more with SEMrush. You cannot survive in this competitive market if you are not ahead of your competition. And bottom line is that you should have SEMrush.


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