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Best Touch Screen Laptop You Can Buy In July 2019

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2019)

We are going to look at touch screen laptop you are going to love. As, everyone has different taste and choice than others so, we have gathered different models from diverse companies and we are sure that you are going to choose one best touch screen laptop for yourself or for your family and friends.

Due to a lot of competition in the market and from plenty of models it is very hard to choose the best touch screen laptop.  But, worry not we have done the hard part for you as our laptop experts and reviewers handpicked best touch screen laptops available in today’s world. Which we are going to share with you.

All you must do is read this list which is certainly an easy part and select one or more depends upon your choice whichever touch screen laptop catches your eye. We have tried our best to select top notch touch screen laptops. After testing and feedbacks from their users we are sure they are.

Now, without wasting any time. Let’s look at best touch screen laptops.

Name Top Specs
Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Editors Choice) Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB, 13.5" display, GTX 1060Check Price
Microsoft Surface pro 4 512 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i5Check Price
Google Pixelbook (professional choice) i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GBCheck Price
ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02 Intel Dual-Core Apollo Lake N3350 , 4GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB Flash Storage, USB Type-C, Supports Android AppsCheck Price
Dell 15 3000 Premium Flagship Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, MaxxAudio Sound, Intel HD Graphics 620, HD Webcam, Windows 10Check Price
Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible 11.6-Inch HD Touch, Intel Celeron N3150, 4GB DDR3L, 32GB, ChromeCheck Price
HP 15.6 Inch Touch-Screen Laptop (best budget friendly touch screen notebook) Intel Core i3-7100u 2.40 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 Memory, 1 TB HDD, DVD Burner, HDMI, HD Webcam, Bluetooth, Win 10Check Price
ASUS T102HA-C4-GR Transformer Mini (best cheap mini touch screen laptop) Intel Quad-Core, 4GB Memory, 64GB EMMC, Grey, 11 hours battery, 802.11AC, Bluetooth, Keyboard and Pen includedCheck Price
Lenovo Flex 5 14" FHD Touch 2-in-1 Laptop Intel Core i5-8250U 8GB DDR4 128 GB PCIe SSD Windows 10Check Price
ASUS 15.6 2-in-1 FHD Touchscreen laptop Intel Core i5-7200U up to 3.1 GHz, 12GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, Webcam, HDMI, USB 3.0, Windows 10 HomeCheck Price

Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Editor’s Choice)

best touch screen laptop

One of the best touch screen laptop ever created. We know that it never advertised as an ordinary laptop, but it has everything an individual can consider in any kind of machine. Budget wise it’s not friendly for everyone costing around $2800 for this one. It also has base model which costs around $1500. But, if you have the money you will not regret buying this touch screen laptop. It overdelivers seriously.

Let’s see what Microsoft surface book 2 has to offer.

  • It has latest 8th generation intel Quad core i7 processor
  • This beast amongst 2 in 1 laptops has 16 GB of Ram
  • For storage it offers 1 TB Hard disk
  • Surface Book 2 battery can practically last for 24 hours or more depends upon working but on video playback testing battery lasted for 17 hours for us.
  • Comes with 13.5 Inch PixelSense display
  • If you love to play latest and demanding games or into hefty video editing Microsoft surface pro book 2 offers NVidia GTX 1060 to its users
  • It also has 8 MEGA pixel web cam

More Details



If you are paying around $2800 you expect to get everything it has in it and Microsoft surface pro 2 does not disappoint. In fact, it is bang on bucks. Extremely fast processing with 8th generation i7 processor you can virtually open unlimited tabs and browsers thanks to 16 GB RAM and you can store a lot of data as well on 1 TB hard disk. We tested it again and again for battery life and every time it lasted from 16.5 hours to exactly 17 hours on video playback.

We also tested battery on normal usage and it lasted for 36- 48 hours which is very great results in our opinion. The design is also very sleek and beautiful, and its weight is not an issue as well. If you are a hardcore gamer than you are going to face problem with surface pro because it is compact device and they fixed 1060 GTX in it which generates serious heat if you are gaming continuously. For gamers we recommend checking Asus Zephyrus which costs less than surface book 2.

Overall, for general or heavy usage except for gaming, surface book 2 is almost perfect machine and beats every touch screen laptop.


Check Price

Microsoft Surface pro 4

touch screen laptops reviews

and Microsoft surface pro 4 is also amongst one of the best 2-in-1 or touch screen laptops. This machine by Microsoft costs around $1700 and offers mid-range specs which covers almost majority of people who are hunting for system in this budget.

Let’s see what Microsoft surface pro 4 has in it

  • It powers up with intel core i7 processor
  • Cute but sharp, eye strain free PixelSense 12.3 Inch display
  • It comes with 512 GB solid State drive
  • Offers powerful multitasking with 16 GB Ram
  • Surface pro 4 also packed with 8 Megapixels webcam
  • The battery life is not outstanding, but it can last for 9 hours on average with video playback

More Details



We were all pumped by Microsoft surface book 2 that system is nearly perfect but Microsoft surface pro 4 is a big let down if you compare it with surface book 2. Just shy of $1700 and offering mid-range specs. But, if you do not compare it with Surface book 2 then this a good machine if you prefer Microsoft surface pro series. It has good processor, the design is also very catchy, again its lightweight the webcam is very good as well.

The ram and solid-state drive make it very fast machine, but the battery life was real disappointment and it does not overdeliver which make it expensive. See, if you decide to buy Microsoft surface book 2 it does not hurt you or make you think to pay around $2500 to $2800 for it because that touch screen laptop is almost flawless.

Microsoft surface pro 4 makes you think if it is right to pay $1400 to $1700 for these specs? Because, if you see our list we have less pricey touch screen laptops which are almost offering same or more specs.

 Check Price

Google Pixel book (professional choice)

Google touch screen laptop

If you are a fan of google products then touch screen laptop by Google known as Google Pixel Book should be your first choice. In fact, it has won the professional choice award because of its features and specs which are very friendly towards professional users.

Let’s peek at its specs and features and you can decide it for yourself if it’s worth your money or not.

  • This Chromebook off course comes with Google Built in Assistant.
  • Powered by intel 7th generation core i7 processor for fast processing and heavy working
  • Also laced with 16 Gb RAM
  • Offers 256 GB storage
  • And fast charging which can gives you battery life of 2 hours with 15 minutes of charge
  • Very quick boot of 10 secs
  • Its battery can last up to 10 hours on average
  • This touch screen laptop is 10.3 mm thin and weight no more than 2.45 LBS.
  • The display is 12.3 inches touch screen display with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Back-lit keyboard is also offered by Google in this touch screen laptop

More Details



Pixel-book by Google is one of the best touch screen laptop for professionals. There are no flaws in it. The hardware works perfectly. Design is also very beautiful, back-lit keyboard makes it more user friendly in low light areas. The quick start up is also a bonus point for this Chromebook. This laptop does not cost more than $1100 with all those specs mentioned above. And, the price is justified with it’s specs and features. You will not waste your money. The only place where Chromebook lacks is in its speaker quality. If you are huge fan of a music, you will be disappointed with its sound quality because its just average and you certainly going to need external speakers to enjoy your music properly. Overall, Chromebook is amongst best professional touch screen laptops and we highly recommend you buy it.

Check Price

ASUS Chromebook Flip C213SA-YS02

asus touch screen laptops

Chromebook flip C213SA is overdeliver than the amount you pay for. It is one of the best touch screen laptop for students and people on the go. If, you haven’t already you can check out best ASUS Laptops as well.

Let’s get to the point and see what exactly ASUS C213SA is offering to it’s users.

  • C213SA is water resistant touch screen laptop
  • It also offers 360-degree rotation and can be used as 2-in-1 laptop
  • This laptop also contains 2 cameras so, you will have no issue if you it as a laptop or a tablet.
  • Flip C213SA is made of rugged high-quality zinc alloy material so, it is also having very strong built.
  • The battery timing is just superb which can last for 12 hours on average.
  • Asus flip C213SA has N3350 processor
  • 32 Gb Storage space
  • Also possess 4 GB RAM for fast processing and working

ASUS Flip C213SA More Details Details



If, you are looking for a touch screen laptop under $300 then this is the best choice for you. This Chromebook is made of strong and sturdy material. Also, have a 12 hours battery life which can be it’s top selling point. It can also be used as tablet or Laptop which makes it more user-friendly and on top of that it is water resistant. The only drawback we manage to find is it has no back lit keyboard but overall this laptop is excellent for students as well as people who are looking for a cheap touch screen laptop with maximum features.

Check Price

 Dell 15 3000 Premium Flagship Touch screen Laptop

dell touch screen laptop infowizard

Searching for touch screen laptop which is under $650 and has everything of 15.6-inch screen laptop? Well, your research ends here because we found one of the best touch screen laptop by Dell which is just like ordinary laptop with heavy specs but also have touch screen.

Let’s see what Dell 3000 premium have for us.

  • This laptop is powered with 7th generation intel core i5 processor
  • 3000 Premium by Dell has 15.6 True HD touch screen which is enough for watching movies and enjoy low to medium end- graphics games.
  • It also has 128 GB SSD drive
  • Very powerful 8 GB DD4 RAM
  • Also has 256 GB SSD drive
  • Dell 15 3000 also has DVD writer. Perfect for those people who still prefer loading things via DVD’s.
  • Dell Premium 3000 comes with windows 10
  • For Graphics it has Intel 620 Integrated graphics which are powerful enough to run movies, videos, and ordinary games flawlessly.

Dell 3000 Details and SPECS



This touch screen laptop is for home users. It almost has everything and costs less than $650. Certainly, if you are looking for a laptop which has basic to intermediate features including touch screen you should go for this one. It’s cheap, strong and very fast. The only thing it lacks in is display. We were expecting At-least Full HD display. But, overall this is also among those touch screen laptops on which you can depend upon.

Check Price

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible

Touch screen chromebook


If you are interested in a touch screen Chromebook which allows you to have beautiful design and fast connectivity, then Acer is offering best touch screen laptop known as R 11.

Let’s see at its top features and specs

  • This beautiful Chromebook comes with Intel Celeron N3150 Quad Core processor
  • It also possesses 11.8-inch Full HD LED backlit display
  • Acer R 11 has 4 GB DDLR3 Onboard Memory
  • Also offers 32 GB built in memory for storage
  • It can last up to 10 hours on battery

More Details



Acer convertible R 11 is a beautiful Chromebook and excellent if you are looking to replace or want it beside with your ordinary laptop. Touch screen works efficiently, offers more value than you pay for. Works fast and boots very quickly. We experienced no lagging at all while testing this touch screen laptop. The only drawback is not in the product itself but it’s accessory. The charger of R 11 feels like made from 3rd class material. Although, it is an excellent Chromebook and ranks in best touch screen laptops.

Check Price

HP 15.6 Inch Touch Screen Laptop

We have covered 15.6 touch screen laptop by dell in this list but if you are not a fan of dell or want’s cheaper laptop which has same or more specs like dell 15 premium flagship touch screen laptop and costs less than $450 then this touch screen Notebook by HP is a best choice for you.

Now let’s look at it’s top specs and features

  • It has powered with core i3 7th generation intel processor
  • As its name suggests 15.6 touch screen WLED display.
  • 8 GB RAM for extreme multitasking and professional use
  • It offers a lot of storage with 1 TB hard disk
  • If you are old school like our reviewer than you will love DVD/CD burner combo in it
  • Average battery life of 6 hours

More Details



Thanks to our old school reviewer he brought us this laptop to review. This laptop is very cheap compare to other brands and what it is offering in that price is excellent battery life, 1 TB Hard drive for storing a lot of stuff, who would have thought that we will get touch screen laptop under $450?  It does not only amaze us with its touch screen but also with it’s fast processing and 8 GB Ram. We were not expecting to work it so efficiently but, we were proved wrong after testing this one for more than a month. The only drawback it has plastic design, but we think it’s price justify that. Overall, it’s plastic design dwarfed in front of it’s specifications.

Check Price

ASUS T102HA-C4-GR Transformer Mini

best touch screen laptops info

Asus came up with one more excellent touch screen laptop known as C4 transformer mini. If you are hunting for a min touch screen laptop powered by windows 10 then this one you should have. This one is also very budget friendly costing less than $300.

Let’s peek at its specs and top feature

  • It comes with windows 10 OS
  • It also includes Asus Pen for better touch screen experience
  • Can be used as tablet or laptop
  • We tested its battery life by playing videos continuously which lasted for 11 hours.
  • Transformer mini has Intel Atom Quad core processor
  • C4 has 4 GB Ram for efficient multitasking
  • The best feature is one touch login with finger print sensor locking system
  • As this laptop is mini edition it has screen size of 10.1 inches

More details



Asus came up with the system which is much needed for people on the go. If you are looking for a portable machine to get your work done easily even while laying in your blanket then you should opt for this one because this touch screen laptop is budget friendly, offers excellent battery life, very lightweight not more than 1.8 pounds, compact design and has no speed issue. Now, the drawbacks are not very extreme you need to buy its battery separately which does not come in the box and this mini laptop does not offer the Full HD display. Despite that, it is one heck of the machine for people who prefer portability.  Even, someone compared it with Surface pro mini 🤣.

Check Price

Lenovo Flex 5 14″ FHD Touch 2-in-1 Laptop

lenovo touch screen laptop

Lenovo always offers budget friendly laptops. This touch screen laptop costs not more than $650 and packed with all the latest hardware including 8th generation intel processor. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly touch screen laptop which does not lack quality and you have not much money to spend then Lenovo Flex 5 is for you.

Now, let’s see what this laptop is offering

  • Lenovo flex 5 is powered with 8th generation intel core i5 processor
  • 8 GB Ram for multi-tasking
  • It offers Full HD display with 10 fingers point touch.
  • Built in OS is windows 10
  • Also offers fingerprint reader for secure locking your data
  • Comes with Lenovo pen for display
  • Average battery life is up to 10 hours
  • This touch screen laptop weighs not more than 3.45 lbs.
  • Cheap laptop but offers back-lit keyboard

More details



Lenovo laptops are not very expensive, but the pricing does not comprise the quality that’s for sure. If you look at this laptop you will certainly can estimate its price more than $800 in other brands, but Lenovo offers it for less than $650 with all the mentioned above specs. This touch screen laptop has full HD display. Latest processor, the most surprising things fingerprint reader and backlit keyboard in this price. If you have hefty hands like Bob. (Bob is our laptop expert) then, you are going to have a problem in using its built-in keyboard and you will certainly opt for external keyboard for heavy typing. Other than keyboard size this laptop is flawless and passed every test and indeed offers more than you pay for.

Check Price

ASUS 15.6 2-in-1 FHD Touch Screen Laptop

asus laptop reviews touch screen

One more laptop from Asus in our list. We are not special lovers of Asus, but they are everywhere, and it is hard to avoid them because they are the company which provides products on budget and have majority of features a person seek for in his/her laptop or gadgets. We really do not know how they do that. Well, they are satisfying us and their customers so, who we are to question?

This laptop costs less than $750 and the specs are going to blow your mind as well. Let’s see what it is offering.

  • 6-inch Full HD touch screen laptop
  • Fast processing with 7th generation intel core i7
  • Comes with 8 GB RAM
  • For Excellent Graphics it has dedicated Nvidia 940MX with 2 GB RAM
  • 64-bit built in windows 10
  • This touch screen laptop by Asus offers battery timing of 6 hours on average
  • It also has 1 TB Hard drive for maximum storage

More Details



If you are looking for a touch screen laptop which offers everything including dedicated graphic card and costs less than $750 then this laptop by Asus is for you. It has 7th generation processor for quick processing, you can play average quality games on it as well. We even tested high-end games with low graphics setting and it ran them efficiently. The only place it lacks is in sounds other than that this laptop offers everything without breaking a bank.

Check Price

Touch Screen Laptops Buyer’s Guide

touch screen laptop buyers guide infowizard

We have covered the best touch screen laptops in our list but we also going to reveal what you should look for in touch screen laptops before purchasing them. As, we mentioned earlier everyone has different choice than others. Some prefer windows OS while someone is going to prefer Chrome OS. Even some people are lovers of Mac OS.

The operating system is just the start you also need to look for specs and other stuff which we are going to share here.

Now, without any further delays lets get to the point.

Screen Size

If you are searching for compact touch screen laptop then choose the one with screen size ranging from 12 to 14 inches because they are very portable and easy to carry. If you prefer notebook and typical laptops with touch screens, then 15.6 inches or more should be your choice.

Screen Resolution

We have covered the best touch screen laptops here majority of them offers Full HD display (1920 x 1080) and more. If you are hunting laptops with excellent touch screen performance, then always choose Full HD display.


Ram capacity matters a lot in multi-tasking. In modern days you should go for at least 8 GB of Ram in your laptops.

Solid State Drive

Try to opt for laptops with solid state drive because they are very fast compared to ordinary hard disks.

Battery Timing

Any laptop offering more than 8+ hour battery average life is good to go. Discard any laptop which battery life less than 8 hours except you are totally tight on budget and battery timing is not an issue for you.

Operating System

If you are not into heavy tasking or looking for very professional functionalities like running complex software’s or advanced office working, then Chrome OS will be sufficient for you. But, if you want a lot of variety like want to run software’s, need more functionality and more user-friendly experiences then Windows OS is right for you. And, in the end if you are fan of Mac OS and have know-how about it then you can use MAC instead of Windows.

Touch Screen

Make sure to check touch screen sensitivity before purchasing any sort of laptops. Many companies offer touch pen with their touch screen laptops for the ease of use. Always choose the touch screen laptops with best touch screen so, you will have no trouble while operating it.


Most of the people neglect specs and go for the beauty and designing of the laptop never do that. Your laptop is totally depending upon it’s hardware. Even, if laptop is not very beautiful but offering excellent hardware buy it.


We have gathered both types budget friendly and expensive touch screen laptops here. Decide your budget efficiently. Never settle for less one if you can afford Surface book 2 don’t end up buying average laptop from other brands. Because the more you spend the better you will get. If you are tight on budget, then choose the laptop wisely. Keep everything in mind we told you here from specs to operating systems.


Majority has the opinion that brand does not matter but they are wrong. Choosing the right brand is very important. Let’s be honest the support and technical staff of Microsoft is cannot be compared with Lenovo. Aftersales service matters are a lot and according to our own experiences Microsoft, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo has the best technical support.

If we give rankings the top 5 brands are:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Apple
  3. ASUS
  4. DELL
  5. HP

Final Verdict

That’s all folks! We have gathered the best touch screen laptops for you. We also have added the buyer’s guide so, you can choose the most perfect one. All the laptops mentioned here in our list are selected after vigorous testing for months. Also, we took in other reviews people before recommending any sort of touch screen laptop to you.

We would like to thank your team of experts and reviewers who took part in this effort. And, we like to thank you for reading our list. If you like our work, please do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Also, good luck in choosing the best touch screen laptop.

If you have any opinion, experience and stuff related to touch screen laptop do share with us via comment or by contacting us.




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