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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

I was searching someone online and I came to know about background check company known as TruthFinder. Have tried multiple companies before but they did not stand out. I decided to give a shot to TruthFinder and after using and trying them several times I decided to share my review along with people of my beloved USA. Keep in mind, before writing this review I contacted multiple people for their TruthFinder reviews. I will share those as well with you guys.

Truthfinder Features:

Truthfinder offers a lot of features which are following.

  • Search Anyone In USA
  • Deep Search, Info you won’t find on Google or any other search engine
  • Get the Truth
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Reverse Phone look up
  • Confidential Searches
  • No More Unknown Callers…. Get the identity
  • Deep Reverse Phone Look Up (Detailed info of caller)

truth finder reviews

Search Anyone in USA With TruthFinder

Yes, you can search anyone in the USA, I personally tried this and found a person I was looking for. I searched for a person who scammed me online and there is no way you can find them. Luckily, truthfinder found the detail info as they promised and I got the justice I wanted. But, you do not have search for scammers, you can use truthfinder for many purposes like finding your old friend, long gone family member, your high school buddy whom you have no contact with but you do miss him/her and unable to find them even on social networks. You can find anyone, any record from birth records to death certificates on truthfinder.

Deep Search

Truthfinder go deep. It digs everything out about the person you are looking for. It does not just give you name and inaccurate phone numbers or just some link. TruthFinder hunts the depth of internet to reveal info that ordinary search engines cannot discover. TruthFinder helps you Expose social network information, photographs and videos, also online actions for the individual you are watching for.

Get the Truth

There is no doubt no one want to get the truth known about them. People won’t tell you if they spent their last 5 years in jail or they are pervert. What if they are sex offender ? For what purpose, they were arrested for. In simple words, no one want you to know their real identity and they do their best to hide their past. Truthfinder can help you reveal their arrest records if any, if the person you are seeking for has any felony conviction and more stuff. Truthfinder helps you to make sure if the person you are looking for is completely clean, honest or not. There is no harm in getting the truth.

Dark Web Scan

This background check company also help you scan dark web so, you know if your identity and data is safe. Feature of dark web scan help you prevent any kind of blackmailing by hackers because it reveals if your identity, social media accounts or anything related to you has been compromised and available on the dark net.


Reverse Phone Look up:

TruthFinder also helps you with the services of reverse phone look up. You don’t have to be curious that whom is calling you and causing disturbing in your life. Truthfinder aids you in Lessen your fears. In Confirming your existing worries and satisfying your curiosities. Truthfinder will get you the truth you are looking for.

Confidential Searches

Every search you done on Truthfinder is confidential. Not a single soul will know that you made the search about them. You can make as much searches you want without giving away your identity. You can search anyone with their phone numbers or name. Not many background check companies can promise you this kind of discretion.  You will know about the person you are searching for but they won’t know that you searched them. Cool, right?

No More Unknown Callers:

Truthfinder deep and detailed reverse phone call look up service can help you get the complete info which includes:

  • The carriers name
  • Identity of caller
  • Demographic data
  • Longitude and latitude of a caller location

TruthFinder wide phone encyclopedia consist of nearly each number in the USA., and even several you possibly will not discover in your native white pages, so you can reveal precisely who is the caller.

Detailed Info a Caller

Truthfinder does not just stop on providing the identity, carrier, demographic, longitude and latitude of the caller. It also gives you option if you want to dig deep more you certainly can by paying an extra fee you can have extensive background check on caller. You will be able to reveal his/her addresses, criminal records, Social media accounts and much more data which you cannot find easily in any kind of phone book. It  will also help to know who they are, where they live and well maybe you will learn they are criminals. (you can become Liam neeson of Tekken by yourself). Pun intended.

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What is TruthFinder:

I was telling you folks that I was scammed online on specific website and I was searching for that person online and I ended up landing on truthfinder.  Truthfinder really helped me find that person and I had taken legal actions and got my money back. The search costed me not more than $30 That’s what monthly membership cost for unlimited searches I cancelled my account after getting the info I wanted. Spending $30 for getting my $1000 back was totally worth it.

Truthfinder formed back in 2015. Their goal was to provide people instant access to public records of any person living in united states. Truthfinder grown very quickly due to their quality of work and detailed reporting and top-notch services. Despite, being the young company truthfinder is doing the great job. They keep their records up to date and keep their members notified if there any changes occur in the record of person they were seeking for.

background check infowizard

Truthfinder Scam or Legit?

It’s only normal to be doubtful of things you read on the internet, especially when it contains private info. Let me tell you guys truthfinder is legit I have done a lot of research, gained access to their members and one-time users I will share their reviews as well. There is no TruthFinder scam, con, or virus. Their info comes from thousands of native, national, and central public records. Every section of info you see in a TruthFinder account comes from an authorized foundation to guarantee you are getting the most precise and current info.

Truthfinder App:

truthfinder infowizard
Truthfinder also provides mobile app. You can search anyone on the go as well. No matter where you are if you have IOS or android Cellphone you can search anyone in minutes. I tried their app on android cellphone (Huawei Honor 8) and it worked like a charm.  You can visit their website on cellphone here TruthFinder/mobile


Reasons to use truthfinder:

truthfinder reviews
There are plenty of reasons you can think to use truthfinder.

  • You can check on your Facebook friends before meeting them in real life. Are they safe to meet? No serial killer is hiding behind them. Well, it happened multiple times and may God bless those poor souls who became of victims of those monsters.


  • You can check on your kids if they are safe. Hanging out with right kids and you can also check on their friend’s parents. It is your right to be sure.


  • You can find if you are dating the right person? He/she possess no criminal records, drug records or any kind of shady activities. If you are into online dating you should check your potential date record before meeting them.


  • You can use Truthfinder to find your lost love, lost friend or any person you lost and looking to get them back in your life.


  • You can check on your neighbors if they are the right kind of neighbors.


There are plenty of more reasons you can use Truthfinder for and you can figure them out by yourself what exactly you are seeking for. Like, I was searching for a person who scammed me that was my reason, your reason can be same or different but TruthFinder really helps you to find the truth you are looking for.


Truthfinder Cost:

Truthfinder is not free and we should understand why not. After all it is a public record. Let me tell you guys that companies like Truthfinder gathers all the info at one place for our ease and they collect data from all the places online and off line and it requires human effort to gather those info and keep them updated and provide us at one single place within minutes. Off course they had to pay those employees and that’s why Truthfinder is not free. But they are not exactly very expensive if you are looking to search regularly. See the bigger benefit if you think finding someone worth the cost you are paying then go for it. If not then that person not worth a search and you should not be curious about it.


  • Truthfinder 1 month plan costs less than $30. Which is $99 cent per day if you search one record. It’s just an estimation you can run unlimited searches for one month.
  • Truthfinder 3-month plan costs $26 which is $78 for three months. But you should choose this plan if you are looking for a long-term background check.
  • Phone look up costs less than $2

I recommend you keep yourself updated when the month will end because your card will charge automatically if you do not cancel your membership and you can cancel your membership at any time you want. I did the same after completing my search I cancelled my membership.

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Payment Methods:

You can pay via credit card and PayPal as well.


TruthFinder opt Out:

If you are looking for Truthfinder opt out options they are simple. You can opt out from truthfinder via following steps.



  • Also have the option to leave truth finder by using truthfinder opt out via mail option by sending your mail envelope to their address 2534 State Street, Suite 473, San Diego, CA 92101


TruthFinder Reviews by people


truth finder

I got these messages from people and I am publishing them here as it is.


Truthfinder help me found my lost love. I am much older and divorced unable to move on from my past I tried finding my ex and truthfinder aided me. (sent by Albert from Ann Arbor, MI)

We travel a lot due to nature of my husband business and I use truthfinder to keep check on my children new friends as well as on our new neighbors. I think truthfinder is helpful for me (Anna W. from Newnan, GA)

Online dating is a new trend and being a young girl I always skeptical about finding the right match. I had once a bad experience dated an abusive man off course I did not knew unless I was stuck with him but then someone told me about background check and I found truthfinder most appropriate. (Sent by Lisa from Hickory Hills, IL)


Final Verdict

After my personal experience with Truthfinder I was 100 percent sure that they are one of the best background check company but as a tech expert it’s my duty to be 100 percent sure and provide the best honest info possible. So, after contacting people they send me their reviews as well from which I shared few in this article and after their truthfinder reviews I was 100 percent sure that they are not scam. They are bit pricey but like I said before. Before investing your time and money into anything make sure it’s worth it. If you think small amount of $30 not worth the unlimited records for your safety you are looking then simply do not search it. But if you are like me who lost $1000 to a scammer, afraid or curious and want yourself and loved one protected then Truthfinder is the best company you can go for.


  SEARCH ANYONE In United States


DISCLAIMER: It is prohibited by law to use TruthFinder / or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or for any other purpose subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq. TruthFinder / Instant Checkmate does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency. For more information, please review TruthFinder / Instant Checkmate Terms of Use and TruthFinder / Instant Checkmate Privacy Policy.



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