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Vista Vapors Review-The cheapest flavors of vape juice

(Last Updated On: December 9, 2018)

Vista Vapors is an American business founded in Minnesota and is one of the speediest growing vape juice producers in the business today. Apart from the healthful collection of tastes they offer, one of the causes for the business’s rise to achievement is their devotion to providing flawless tasting, superior quality vape juice at cheap amounts. Over 160 flavors with customizable selections are obtainable.

Vista vapors also has a “Mix Your Own flavors” aspect with over four million conceivable mixtures. While the company does not have its own exclusive hardware, the vista vapors website does sell starter kits, vape tanks, vaping atomizers, and mods that make them a place where you can get everything you need for. With all the business has to offer, it is no miracle Vista Vapors is quick becoming one of the highest trademarks in the vaping business.

Vista Vapors Packaging

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Vista Vapors vape juice come in supple plastic bottles that are easy to squash, yet hard enough to carry in pouches and pockets. Though, 30ml bottles come in A grade quality glass bottles with a glass tube. Labels are noticeable clearly with the components, flavor name, and health cautions. Text are understandable, and one does not have to lopsided to be able to recite them. Bottles are separately enfolded to avoid damaging and to keep the vape juice fresh.

Vista Vapors Blend Ratio

Vista vapors offer multiple blend ratios which 50PG/50VG 70PG/30VG. But, the Vista Select line offers 10PG/90VG blends, best for vapers who desire enormous clouds. While the proportions offered may not be as wide-ranging as other vape juice brands, they are diverse plentiful to please many vapers.

Vista Vapors Nicotine Levels

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Nicotine levels are selected through the buying process, and the variety of intensities contain 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. The Vista Select line obtainable in similar nicotine quantities, excluding for the 24mg modified. Vapers can also enhance vape juice with an additional flavor enhancement that begin at 10%, and rise to 50%.

Vista Vapors vape juice varietiesvista vapors blend

This vape juice company offers plenty of flavors options. You can easily choose the flavor you are looking to satisfy your buds. They have very neatly organized categories of e juices on their website. You can select from candy, dessert, drinks, fruits, menthol/mint, special line and tobacco flavors. Each category has a lot of vape juices.


Vista vapors flavor customization’s

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The level of tailoring for each flavor is remarkable. Other makes just let vapers pick what they have in routine, while Vista Vapors give its clienteles free choice to tailor as they gratify. However not specified clearly, this means that Vista Vapors vape juices are assorted and mixed fresh, according to vaper’s sense of taste. A respectable sign that the business respects purchaser gratification above all other.


Best Vista vapors e juice flavors
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We have selected some vape juice flavors offering by vista vapors. These e juices are most popular and among best sellers. You certainly can choose according to your own taste preferences, but we recommend trying these out as well. You can also check out best e-juices by mt baker vapor 

Cotton Candy

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I have tested this flavor recently and I was blown away with its awesome taste. I am not into candy flavors myself but this one really kept me in and I am not going to give up this vape juice anytime soon.

This vape juice is full of the enjoyable flavor that every person dears in cotton candy, this vape juice is very delicious. Feeling just like the actual cotton candy, you won’t be dissatisfied when you give this vape juice a try. Relaxing, very smooth and remarkably sweet.

Wild berry

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This is the second flavor from vista vapors I love the most. Wild Berry vape juice is tempting your taste buds will thank you for vaping this. It is the flawless mixture of farm fresh strawberries, sour wild raspberries, tasty blackberries and ripened, titillating blueberries. This vape juice tastes very good if you vape it right after dinner.

Icy Menthol

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If you love menthol flavors, then you should try this one out. It’s just perfect, I vape menthol flavors at night usually zero mg and this one is freezing. The cooling Wintry blast of menthol of this vape juice gives you all the perceptiveness and taste that you want in a minty vapor. The flavor and aroma will occupy your esophagus.

Blue Raspberry

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Yes, one more e juice from fruits line but this one worth it. This flavor is magical it gives you sour taste on inhale and sweet taste on exhale. I ordered this at it is without boosting it flavor and I think I did the right thing because it is very well balanced and satisfy sweet-sour cravings.

American Tobacco

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This is the vape juice you need if you are looking to quit smoking, recently quitted or a regular vaper. Personally, as an ex chain smoker I prefer tobacco flavors, but the truth is that tobacco flavors are hard to find and if you get some they are very expensive but not the case with American tobacco. If you are looking to satisfy your tobacco cravings, then this is the right e juice for you.

Vista vapors Pricing

Vista vapors is the only company which offers both quality and cheap pricing. They are rare in that matter. I order vape juices from two companies. One is vista vapors and second is mt baker vapor. But,  that does not mean there are no other good companies out there. I do that because they do not dig holes in my pocket.

The basic vape juices costs only $4.99/17ml bottles

And most of the premium e juices costs only $14.99/30ml bottles.

(These are basic pricing and can be varying but most of the e juices are ranging from $4.99/17ml to $14.99/30ml bottles).

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Vista Vapors Pros Cons




When it comes to vape juice, Vista Vapors has it entirely. From sweet cotton candy to Berries, refreshing menthol blends to clean tobacco, the variety of flavors Vista Vapors has in stock will make any vape juice fan shriek in joy.

modifying options are wide-ranging, where vaper can select PG/VG ratios, nicotine quantities, flavor enhancements, and bottle proportions. Then there is “mix your Own e juice” aspect that permits vapers to make their own vape juice. The amount of tastes existing to vapers is nearly infinite.

If you are not convinced yet here comes the pricing. At $4.99/17ml, Vista Vapors vape juice is one of the most reasonable United States made vape juices one can discover. For other brands to contend at this amount array, they must give up excellence. At Vista Vapors, vapers get superb quality, flavorful e-juices at a value that is tough to fight.

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