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Best Whiteboard Animation Services for Small Businesses

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

Whiteboard animation is proven way to convert most of the viewers into customers. If you ever noticed, these are straightforward yet attractive videos that demonstrates somebody illustrating images on a whiteboard or other exterior.

If you have ever observed closely whiteboard animation, you know that they have a method of seizing your devotion. There is to some degree spellbinding about viewing the sentences or pictures reveal on the whiteboard. This brands these videos a very useful source for anybody struggling to distribute a message in a captivating way.

There is no doubt, whiteboard animation is being used by big businesses to triple fold their conversions because they can simply afford it. The whiteboard animation is everything, but not cheap. But, today this is going to change because we found the services which serves the majority which are small businesses, Social media page admins and anyone from online marketer to some mumbo jumbo businessman looking to increase their leads, following and conversions quickly and cost effectively.

Now, without further ado check out these top-notch, cheap whiteboard animation services which can surely give your business, Social media page or marketing a huge boost. Again, whiteboard animation is proven by science to make your viewers convert into your loyal customer or follower.


Whiteboard Animation Delivery Time Pricing
An Amazing Whiteboard Animation 4 days starting from $15 onlyOrder Now
A Whiteboard Animation In just 3 Days 3 days Starting from $25 onlyOrder Now
An Eye-Catching Whiteboard Animation 10 days Starting from $40 onlyOrder Now
Best Whiteboard Animation Video on budget 5 days Starting from $20 onlyOrder Now
Whiteboard Animation for hardcore marketers (Professional's Choice) 15 days Starting from $50 onlyOrder Now
Whiteboard Animation Commercial 10 days Starting from $30 onlyOrder Now
Animated Explainer Video in just 4 days 4 days Starting from $45 onlyOrder Now
Cheapest Stunning Whiteboard Animation (Editor's Choice) 1 day Starting from $5 onlyOrder Now

The following services are hand picked after testing them by experts and on positive feedback’s by their clients. These services chosen for small businesses and Facebook, Twitter pages in mind, but they can be used by anyone as there is no limit of budget or ideas in whiteboard animation.

An Amazing Whiteboard Animation

whiteboard animation

This seller offering an amazing whiteboard animation services starting just from $15. An amazing whiteboard animation service has more than 100+ verified buyer’s 100 percent positive reviews and that’s not it we tested it ourselves and Yes, they are great. 104 buyers can’t be wrong.

Let’s look at their packages

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No doubt, one of the best whiteboard animation seller in the market. As you can see, they are providing a lot of features in $15 package except voice over. Which is certainly deal breaker and provides outstanding value. This service is cheapest but highly valuable if you are looking to expand your viewership, followers and customers.

A Whiteboard Animation In just 3 Days

whiteboard explainer video


They are offering quickest service in delivery whiteboard animation but that does not mean they compromise on quality. They are also very cheap and services starting from $25 only. More than 900 positive feedbacks from customers and not even one is negative. We tested them ourselves and well they are pretty good at their jobs. Not give us a chance to find any dirt on them.

Now, what they are offering in their packages

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They are good seller but not as amazing as the first one. Offers only basic services in their $25 package But, trust us on that even if you go for their $130 full package you will not regret spending that because it is still very cheap if you compare the pricing with big brand whiteboard animation. They provided the service as they mentioned not a single flaw also provided unlimited revisions. Go for it if you are looking for whiteboard animation.

An Eye-Catching Whiteboard Animation

whiteboard animation infowizard

If you are willing to spend some more which is not exactly a lot. let’s just say $40. You can get an attention-grabbing whiteboard animation for yourself. This seller beats everyone in providing the top-notch whiteboard animation service. More than 5400 fully satisfied buyers including us.

A quick look at their packages

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Indeed, an eye-catching whiteboard animation. This seller provides everything a person can ask for in minimum budget and certainly does not compromise on quality. Certainly, make us question why the hell people spending thousands of dollars on same quality whiteboard animation videos when you can get it a lot cheaper? If you are truly serious about expanding your business. You should order this right now!

Best Whiteboard Animation Video on budget

animation infowizard


Limited on budget? No worries, check out this whiteboard animation service. Extremely cheap starting from $20 but does not beat the first seller simply because, not providing a lot in $20. But, if you are looking to spend $60 which is their highest package you can get everything including script writing. Very cool right? 3000+ verified buyers with 4.9/5 positive rating. Our results are good, and we rate this seller 4/5 because no Full HD video in basic package.

Pronto, Overview of their packages

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People who are looking for whiteboard animation on limited budget or just new to this concept they should test out this service. They are providing everything except if you are opting for basic package you are going to get 720p video instead of Full HD. But, it’s worth it for beginners.

Whiteboard Animation for hardcore marketers

whiteboard animation wizard

Looking for extremely converting whiteboard animation? If yes, this professional seller providing it for you. He is on expensive side compared to others as services are starting from $50 but he offers everything in basic package as well except for script writing and video time. This whiteboard animator has 1500+ customers with 100 percent positive feedback. When, we tried him he is extremely cool and professional in handling everything so, no complains from us either.

The following packages he is offering

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Do you consider yourself in hardcore marketers? If yes, give it a try you will not regret using this guy. He takes his time which is drawback if you are looking for quick delivery. But, the result of patience is always sweet, and this guy does not disappoint. Will keep you update on every step even offer consultation call for maximum input to create the best whiteboard animation ever.

Whiteboard Animation Commercial

whiteboard animation

Ever wanted to have an awesome, attractive, compelling and converting commercial for your business but never able to afford it? Forget about your worries and get this service because it starts from $30 only and this seller is heavily on the side of commercials, but the coolest thing is that she creates commercial’s in whiteboard animation which means you will get more conversions than ordinary expensive ads. We tested her, and we are not disappointed neither are 2000+ buyers.

Quick glance at packages.

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Well, if you need converting commercial for your business then go for it. This service is good for commercials but will not provide outstanding value if you are only going for explainer or simple whiteboard animation video. Overall, she provides quality support and work.

Animated Explainer Video in just 4 days

whiteboard animation services


This seller is superb if you are looking to explain your services, your business or anything. This seller is new to the market but provides outstanding services has more than 30 satisfied customers and his packages start from $45. We tested this guy, he made some mistakes in the first video then we asked for revisions and he provided quick response and fixed everything without asking for any more money.

It’s time for packages overview

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Best explainer whiteboard animation service. The seller is new but offers quality support and work has no drawbacks what so ever. If you are looking for service which provides lengthy videos to explain your products or businesses, then this is the one for you.

Cheapest Stunning Whiteboard Animation

Cheap whiteboard animation service

This is the cheapest whiteboard animation starting from $5 only. What would you like to do buy a cup of coffee or a video which can help you earn 100s of coffees? Certainly, my answer will be a video. So, if you are extremely tight on budget and have only $5 to spend go for this service. We gave a test to this service and well we were surprised in a good way because you can get 60 second whiteboard animation, unlimited revisions and even your logo in this video. And if you still not satisfied this seller has more than 1300 verified happy clients.

It’s time to look at packages of this whiteboard animation service

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Totally out of budget or not willing to spend anything on your business this service is the one you must have it costs $5 only and offers everything you can ask for in a very limited budget. The only drawback which we think is not a drawback, that you can not get full HD video in $5 package but come on, who can offer that in $5? Give this service a test and you will not be disappointed.

Whiteboard animation buyer’s guide

Welcome to buyer’s guide we are going to reveal why whiteboard animation is the perfect solution for you and why you choose these services instead of paying to overpriced companies.

We and many other companies conducted the survey and the results are following

whiteboard animation is best

As you can see the whiteboard animation has the maximum conversions. It is proven as well that viewers clicked the call to action button while or after watching the whiteboard animation video. And they viewers has the most stay time on Whiteboard Animation videos.

As you know now that whiteboard animation converts the most that’s why they are very expensive.

Do you know Whiteboard animation companies charges up to $7500 per 60 second on average?

Say goodbye to those companies because, we have provided you the cheapest but quality services you can use for businesses, pages, for your video channels and many more.

Every big company from Coca cola to Honda use whiteboard animation videos to increase their conversions and clientele base.

Few Benefits of whiteboard animation

  • Whiteboard animation are exciting to watch because they keep you engaged
  • They are an easy way to deliver information to consumer
  • Fun to watch because viewer is not watching a single face and reading the script but constantly changing images, voices keep them excited and engaged.
  • These videos are based on neuroscience they get stuck in human’s mind easily.

What kind of Whiteboard animation converts the most?

This is the right question to ask and we have to true answer for that. “It depends” what you are trying to achieve. But You can easily understand this by following.

  • Introductory whiteboard animation videos convert the best if you are trying to promote your brand name. (In these videos a specific business talks about themselves and their services and provides call to action like visit Us).
  • Educational videos are known as more effective to engage your viewership because you are providing educational videos in fun way instead of bragging about your brand. (Any topic related to your niche E.G, why dogs need certain types of food in their life).
  • Product videos are also a great way to overcome competition. The videos which reveals your upcoming or best products also converts the best because it creates hype and people would love to try one.
  • Explainer Videos are the most popular and highest converting ratio because these videos explain everything in depth. From how to open an internet browser to submitting order on your website everything can be explained step by step to your viewers.

Final Verdict

We have covered every type of video seller in our list and we only selected the best ones. If you cannot afford $7500/60 seconds video or not looking to pay much you can go for it. It does not matter if you are a very big business or small business or owns a single page on social media you certainly can gain benefits from whiteboard animation. To help you guys we have tried our best to gather the most honest and top-notch services. We also want to thank you guys for putting your time in reading our list and if you appreciate our info and hard work. Please do not forget to share it with others.


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