best backpacks for backcountry skiing

Best Backpacks for BackCountry Skiing In 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Backcountry skiing is skiing within the backcountry on unrecorded or uguarded zones either private or separate from ski resort’s limits. Backcountry skiing may perhaps perilous because of snow slip, tiredness, climate, overhangs, rock drop, and tree shafts. Landslides finish in about one casualty per month from the United States.

Thus, backcountry skiing can be thrilling also dangerous and we recommend you learn all the info before getting into it. You can also check out best bacpacks for tour of Disneyland 

Although, in this article we are going to assume that you are ready for back country skiing and looking for back packs because this article is  going to cover the list of best backpacks for back country skiing.

Now, without any further delays let’s get to the point and check out some best backpacks for back country skiing.

Name Weight
Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack 1 poundsCheck Price
ORTOVOX TOUR 32+7 abs backpack 20 poundsCheck Price
Deuter Freerider Pro 30 3 poundsCheck Price
Dakine Heli Pro Backpack 1.98 poundsCheck Price
Black Diamond Saga 40 JetForce-Editor’s Choice 1 poundsCheck Price


Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack

skiing backpack

Dawn patrol is one of the best backpack for people who are looking to have an experience of thrilling back country skiing. Black diamond dawn patrol comes in multiple sizes so, you are not going to have any issue with sizing as you can choose on according to your own needs.

It is also Avalung ready backpack which is necessary for back country skiing. But, you have to buy it separately.

It has highly active, form fitting suspension which makes its back-panel access very easy. Shoulder panels straps, and side panels are soft, comfortable and lightweight. Dawn patrol 25 also offers pickpockets for storing ice tools, Helmet holder and avy tool organizer pocket for easy and comfy experience.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Avalung Sold separately
organized pockets



Like we said before this is one of the best backpack for backcountry skiing also our editor’s choice because it is lightweight, offers comfortable straps and organized pockets. It is also budget-friendly yet does not compromise on quality so, you surely going to love this one. Though, you need to buy the Avalung separately which is off putting for some buyers.

Overall, it will fulfill your needs for skiing.

Check Price


ORTOVOX TOUR 32+7 abs Survival Pack

backcountry backpack

If you are looking for all in one backpack for your backcountry skiing, then nothing beats this one. It offers everything from airbags to activation unit. It is backpack cum survival kit which makes it highly effective for backcountry skiing.

Tour by ortovox comes with two air bags for additional safety. You can avoid the avalanche with its 170 liter two balloons. It has pyrotechnic-pneumatic triggering system which fills the air bags quickly (within seconds).

And just like another skiing backpack it has same compartments and pockets which are suitable for your trip.

Pros Cons
Security system None reported
Easy to carry




 TOUR 32+ by Ortovox is a backpack you should have on your trip of backcountry skiing because it is highly effective for keeping you secure in case of calamity. Having it with you surely provides peace of mind also it is easy to carry and lightweight. Best part? It has no reported cons.

We have figured that this backpack could not have afforded any drawbacks because, your life and safety depends upon it in case things goes sideways so, yes, go for it without any hesitation.

Check Price


Deuter Freerider Pro 30

best backpacks for skiing

 Freerider pro 30 is also very good backpack for backcountry skiers. This backpack is lightweight, also supports 3.0 hydration system and volume of 30 Liter.

It is made of nylon and polyamide. Freerider pro also offers snowshoe and snowboard fastening straps which enables you to carry ski diagonally, in center or sideways. On sides you will find stretchable pockets. It also has hip belt with forward system and you can find whistle on chest strap for emergency situations.

Pros Cons
Hydration 3.0 supported No major con
Hip and chest strap



 Deuter Freerider is a backpack which is specifically made for backcountry and day hikers. It supports 3.0 hydration system. Very light on your back and shoulders also has hip and chest strap with emergency whistle which makes it an excellent choice for your skiing trip. We not found any drawback in this backpack as well.

We recommend this backpack without any hesitation for exciting backcountry skiing.

Check Price


Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

best ski backpacks

 Heli pro is simple and cheap backpack for backcountry skiers. It is made off 600D polyester comes in various colors and offers vertical snowboard carrying.

You can also A-Ski carry or diagonally, totally depends upon you. The front pocket is organized which makes it easy to access. It also offers snow tools and shovels pocket as well.

It also supports Spine protector, but you have to purchase it separately.


Pros Cons
Durable no pocket for water bottle
Outstanding value




 People have been using this backpack for backcountry skiing for some time and they all reported positive results. Dakine Heli is durable, comfy and cheap compared to other skiing backpacks in the market. The only drawback reported by pro backcountry skier is that it does not have side pocket for water bottle.

Overall, one of the best backpack not just for skiing also for day to day use as it offers quality and outstanding value even a student can afford it.

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Black Diamond Saga 40 Jet Force- Editor’s Choice

best backpacks for backcountry skiing

Safety comes first so, we highly recommend this backpack because it has jet force tech built-in safety system. It is also rechargeable, and material is very durable.

Saga 40 has reactor suspension. Shoulder straps are swing-arm friendly and main compartment is zippered which makes it easy to access. It’s tuck away diagonal ski carry allows you to deploy air bags even when skis are attached.

Sideways with being safest backpack for backcountry skiing it offers top pocket for accessories, helmet holder, pickpockets for ice tool and reserved pocket for avy-tools. It also has hip belt which is integrated with stash pocket.


Pros Cons
Highly secure for backcountry skiing None reported
Powerful air bags
Plenty of pockets




Black diamond saga 40 jet force is one of the safest and best backpack for backcountry skiing. If, you prefer your safety you should choose this very secure backpack with air bags which can be opened while attached with ski. It offers virtually all the things you need in a backpack for skiing in backcountry. No one reported any flaw in this backpack.

We surely, recommend this backpack to backcountry skiers because it is safest and offers every type of pocket you need to have in a backpack for skiing trip.

Check Price



Equipment’s you Should Have for Backcountry Skiing

 We not wanted to leave our readers high and dry with just backpacks therefore, also shared the list of equipment’s you need to have for your backcountry skiing trip.


Well, this one is obvious and important, that’s why we covered this equipment in detail above. Without, backpack you can not any do any trip successfully.

Shovel, probe and Beacon

 Three antenna beacon is most sane choice for backcountry skiing, but you can use any as long as you know how to use them. For shovel go for stout handle ones and for probe choose between 240 cm to 300 cm. Though, 300 cm one takes extra space, but it is more handy than smaller ones.

First Aid Kid

 Go with first aid kid always also includes ace bandages and CPR mask with you. Trauma clippers and cravats are also essential for suffering and bleeding.


 You can take your cellphone with you but, it is not going to be very rational choice because it signals can drop and may perhaps will leave you in trouble. So, we recommend taking pair of radios with you also stay in contact with your partner all the time.

 Rope, Multi tool and swiss army knife

 In dire situations these small things can be your best friend so, always carry the rope, multi tool and swiss army knife with you for this trip.

Headlamp or Flash Light

 Just in case, if you are stuck after the dark the flash light or headlamp can be helpful in re-tracking your marks and can help you get out of woods without much hassle.


 Not necessary one, but it can be handy in accessing the directions easily.

Wrapping it up

 We are wrapping this article here. We tried our best to share right backpacks for your backcountry skiing trips also added the list of other equipment’s which can be handy for backcountry skiing.

If you like our effort for conveying this knowledge to you share it with others.

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