Best Mattress for Car Camping 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

A lot of us appreciate camping outings without the need to transport full backpacks and cross tiring tracks by foot which is the key reason why the alternative is car camping. Contrary to hiking, car camping lets you carry much more diverse gear in the safer and much less challenging style. Nevertheless, just as with backpacking, organizing a detailed car camping checklist earlier is usually a requirement.

The most important thing is mattress and today we are going to share the list of best mattresses for car camping. We have picked the only top three mattresses so, you can easily make your decision in choosing the best mattress for car camping.

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Car Camping Mattress Comparison Table


Name Dimensions
Exped MegaMat Lite- Editor's Choice 77 x 52 x 3.9 in.Check Price
Therma-A-Rest neoair Trekker 77 x 25 x 4 inCheck Price
SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress 78 x 60 x 9 in.Check Price


Exped MegaMat- Editor’s Choice

best mattress for car camping


The Exped MegaMat 10 could be the absolute figure on the subject of warmth and is also therefore our pick for best mattress for car camping

It’s 6.5 feet long, 2.57 kilogram in weight and 10 centimeter dense that has a fluffy soft surface. You get a lot for the money while using MegaMat even though it can certainly help you stay warm having an R-value of 9.5, its only downfall could be the issue of practicality and weight.

It is probably when you’re needing a pad such as the MegaMat, you’re performing some serious outdoor winter adventuring. Nonentity desires carrying 2.57kg for their back to get a sleeping mattress, but, if you aim an essential winter trip and can compensate the additional weight, than the is a wonderful mattress for car camping

Pros Cons
Long Lasting Heavy



Megamat is one of the best sleeping mattress for car camping. It has the quality which lasts for years thanks to durable built you can use it roughly. It is also one of the most comfortable mattress for campaign.

On downside, it is quite heavy compared to other mattresses for car camping.

Check Price


 Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Trakker

 mattress for camping

For an all-in-one camping and backpacking pad solution, we recommend Therm-a-Rest’s NeoAir Trekker. This pad does a great job of incorporating the durability needed for camping use without having to sacrifice weight and packed size. It does not leave much with regards to coziness either that has a 2.5-inch depth and flat stumps. Therm-a-Rest included a “even extensive” size on the road to the Trekker listing for lately, computing 72 by 25 inches, that is flawless for dynamic sleepers and car campers that enjoys the good foundations at home.

In live to their camp out and backpacking troops, the NeoAir Trekker does arrive that has a limited compromises. Trippers will require to take additional steps to uphold mattress from receiving slums. For suggestion, the Trekker depend on on a 30-denier upper and 70-denier lowermost material, while the overhead. And for backpackers, the 18-ounce weight is nice even if not great. But if you’re contemplating investing within one premium quality pad for both purposes, we believe the NeoAir Trekker is an excellent choice for car campers.


Pros Cons
Inexpensive Not very durable



Neoair Trakker is good mattress for car campaign or even for backpacking because of its lightweight and cheap pricing. Despite being inexpensive, it offers comfort. But, it is not as durable as other camping mattresses.

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 SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

 car travel mattress

Particularly planned for use out-of-doors, the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is manufactured out of an extra-thick material, in order that it can perfectly withstand objects normally obtained in a backyard setting. It is so far the top air bed out there. It reaches full inflation and firmness in just 3 minutes and once the fun has finished, this blow up mattress deflates in the shortest time possible given it is aware that time is money. The mattress’ SoundAsleep Comfort Technology with proprietary I-Beam Air Coils is especially meant to create the mattress durable and well suited for usage outdoors.

Pros Cons
Durable Exasperating valve system
Quick inflation/deflation



 This is also one of the best mattress for car camping. But, keep in mind it is for bigger cars because it can cover your whole family easily. SoundAsleep air mattress for camping is very durable, it even costs less than $100 and offers true comfort while on camping. You can inflate and deflate this mattress quickly and hassle free.

 Some of its customers reported that valve system is very annoying and that’s the only downside we managed to find.

Check Price



Car Camping Checklist

 Quite a few with the things that you’d probably commonly pack on any type of camping trip may also be found on the car camping checklist. Since, they characterize the basics: sleeping and sheltering objects, first aid kit, foodstuff, beverages, objects for cooking and eating, for hygiene and safety, for leisure and the like. When creating our car camping checklist, it  is really important to be aware of that having a dependable GPS might be important for drivers. Mainly when exploring unknown regions. Getting a running cellular telephone can also be beneficial and, as a result, it really is most reliable to camp outside in locations having cellphone coverage. It truly can be important the car utilized is within excellent shape and suitable for off-roading. Which means the checklist must have a minimum of one additional tire, a toolkit and good rope.

You will find also a great deal of nonessential objects you could easily afford to have and your back-country ventures by car. One example is lawn chairs and pliable tables, tablecloth, a better range of cooking and warming products, fuel, food for those meals in storage containers, blankets, cooler and ice, additional clothing and nearly every items which you could possibly need to bring around and which might not overload your vehicle. Consequently, it may look like that car camping is really a better solution not only to elder folks and families with children, but almost anyone who would rather take pleasure in the outdoor with no any from the issues of experiencing to reach some remote destination by foot.

Final Note

If you truly want to enjoy your car camping trips ensure that you have the essential items with you so, you do not have problems while on your trip. As, you go for outing to enjoy, to get away from all the worries. Also, Sleep is important even in outdoors So, make sure to take the right mattress with you.

We tried our best to list the most comfortable mattresses in above’s list. You can appreciate us by sharing our article with others.

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