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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Travelling is always fun, but it can be stressful as well especially when you are travelling with children. Most of the kids love to be independent even at smaller age and want their personal things and accessories. Having their own bag not only gives them a sense of responsibility but also provide them the feeling of being independent. Finding a bag for kids is undoubtedly a hectic task. It is important to know that you should get a bag which is small as well as fun.

Many companies are offering a lot of bags having cartoons print on them because children are usually inspired by their favorite cartoon characters. There are many fascinating options for you to choose for your kid. We are listing some of the best suitcases for kids below.


Name Dimensions
Unicorn kids by iplay, ilearn- Editor's Choice 11 x 8 x 18 inchesCheck Price
Trunki frank fire truck 17.5 x 8 x 12.2 inchesCheck Price
Stephen joseph classic 8.5 x 18 x 14.5 inchesCheck Price
Heys America Unisex Britto tween spinner 20 x 13.5 x 9 inchesCheck Price



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Unicorn kids by iplay, ilearn- Editor’s Choice

suitcase for kids

IPlay by Unicorn Kids is made up of hard ABS plastic. It is light in weight. Overall luggage size is 18.0’’ x 11.5’’ x 8.0’’ (including wheels and handle).  The best thing about this bag is that it is light in weight which does not become a burden on children. It provides you as a perfect hand luggage bag when you are going abroad on vacations, week-ends away or sleep overs. Kids can roll down their back-pack alone anywhere they want which inculcate sense of independency in them. It can also be used as cool and stylish school bag as well.

It has a large capacity in order to carry important things. The shoulder’s straps are of free size, so they can be adjusted accordingly. The exterior of the bag is made of hard, colorful shell which makes it long-lasting.

Its interior include one mesh and zip elastic pocket and other are fully lined with multi-use organization which makes packing of clothes and toys easy. This suitcase for kids also include zippered compartments which are airy and large enough to keep things organized and tidy.

It has four multi-dimensional wheels that provides 360-degree rolling. It increases and provides easy mobility. Your kids will not face any difficulty while pushing or pulling the bag. Moreover, it is also made with silent-feature with the aim of reducing wheel’s noise and make your journey comfortable and pleasing.

The telescoping handles are extendable which provide easy grip for tiny hands. Pulling of the bag is very comfortable because the 3 step-adjustable rod is made of aluminum. The handle can be adjusted according to the height of the kid or parent. It is very reliable for outdoor activities and travelling. Moreover, these handles are smooth, steady and are easy to operate.

Pros Cons
Spacious None
Great quality



They are just like adult’s suit-case with 4 wheels but its size is adjusted according to kids with the aim of providing them absolute fun and it instills sense of independency in them.

This bag is absolutely worth buying because it is the best option for you to fulfill your child’s wish of being independent and have his own things. This bag will undoubtedly make your kid’s journey enjoyable and fun.

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Trunki frank fire truck

best suitcase for kids infowizard

This bag is the best one for bursting out your kid’s boredom. It is three in one; sit-on, carry-on as well as ride-on. It provides absolute entertainment all the way through airports, at destinations and everywhere.

It has multi-functional strap which reduces the stress. It can be conveniently carried on shoulders.

It is a perfect carry-on bag with wheels and is for both gender; girls and boys. This bag is made with light plastic in order to make it light-weight.

It has 14.75-gallon capacity with the aim of providing great space for packing things. It keeps them entertained, fresh and amused on vacations, trips, sleep-overs, etc. It also provides space for packing toys so that children can keep their toys with them all the time.

Kids can ride on them as well which keeps them entertained throughout as well provides a source of fun for them.

The exterior of the bag includes patented secure catches with lock. It has comfy saddle with the aim for resting their tired legs. It also has carried handles which makes it easy to grasp in a rush or hurry.

It is made with soft rubber in order to protect the tiny fingers. It contains an internal pocket for packing extra accessories. It also has elastic straps and teddy beat seatbelts.

Pros Cons
Easy pull cheap plastic wheels
easy ride-on
great balance



Despite of all the cons, the bag serves as a great companion for your kid on airports, vacations, short breaks, etc. It is made in UK and China and has won award for its design. It provides you with 5 years warranty and assure you years of play value. It is perfect carry-on and roll-on bag for planes, trains, automobiles, etc.

It is a must-having bag for your kid. It makes trunki a member of your family and create years of travel happy. It creates happy childhood memories which will last long.

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Stephen joseph classic

kids luggage infowizard

This bag is made up with strong material; nylon/polyester, which makes it sturdy and durable. This bag is made to last for years and provide you with happy memories. It is 18’’ high and 14.5’’ wide. It is perfectly heighted for little travelers.

It has many exciting colors and features. The thrilling patterns give it a stylish look. They offer so many out-standing designs that your child will surely love and want to get one of them. Each design in brilliant and eye-catching.

It has multiple pockets which offers a large space for packing things. You can pack all the necessities you want to carry for a vacation. The two side pockets provides space for carrying electronic and other smaller stuff.

Stephen Luggage is carry-on as well as roll-on; two in one. It measures 14.5″x 18″x 6.5″ which makes it easy for both kids and parents to manage it easily. It also has zipper pockets which can be easily accessed. It has variety of fun designs including glitter accents and many more amazing features that blow away one’s senses.

It has a telescoping handle which can be extended so that the rolling of the bag becomes easy and reliable.

This bag also offers multiple compartments on the outside of the bag with the aim of packing extra accessories. They also keep your child’s stuff organized and tidy no matter how far they travel or wherever they go. It also has sturdy wheels, so you can roll it anywhere you desire no matter smooth or rough surfaces.

Pros Cons
Perfectly sized None
Fun and practical
Great Quality



It is a quality made kid’s luggage. It has a lot of pockets and space for packing all of your belongings. This suitcase is perfect for weekend get-away, vacations, sleep-overs, night outs, etc.  You can roll it on any kind of surface you can and carry it on planes, trains and cars and anywhere you desire. This is a long-lasting bag and has been made with an aim to provide you years of happy memories.

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Heys America Unisex Britto tween spinner

best unisex suitcase for kids

Heys America Unisex Tween with ABS/polycarbonic composite material This bag is a part of limited-edition series of luggage. It is made by combining the elements of pop art and graffiti painting of Britto. His signature style is recognized worldwide. This bag is absolutely worth buying because of its amazing, colorful and bright designs.

The print on the outside of the bag is protected by a clear coat layer which provides protection as well as a glossy and shiny look to the bag.

Interior features of the bag include zipper pocket, spacious enough for you to pack all of your belongings and compression straps which make it easier to carry.

It has four 360-degree wheels which provide easy rolling of the bag wherever you desire.

Pros Cons
great quality defective zipper



This bag is basically designed keeping in view the Florida-based neo-pop artist, Britto whose signature style is recognized worldwide. Suitcase for kids by Heys america is made by combining the elements of Britto’s paint and art which makes it super stylish and worthy of buying.

This bag provides a stylish look to your child. It is bright, colorful and absolutely amazing. Your kid will love to have one. So, buy it sooner because it is from the limited-edition series of luggage.

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How to choose best suitcase for kids

The following buyer’s guide explained the key points for choosing best suitcase for kids


Wheels play a very important role while choosing a suitcase for your kid. Those bags are generally more prefers which have wheels because wheels make it easy to roll down bag anywhere desired. The bag also don’t become a burden on shoulders. Some children are physically poor and are unable to lift bag-packs on their shoulders. In such cases, suitcases with wheels are preferred. Moreover, if the wheels can rotate 360 degree then they are more preferred so that they can rolled anywhere no matter airports, city streets and anywhere your kid desires to travel.


Those bags which offer large space are more preferred and reliable. Children’s have a lot of stuff to take with them. They also want to have their toys with them on every journey so for that you’ll need a bag which has a lot of compartments and is spacious. Many suitcases offers extra side pockets to carry electronics and other small accessories.


After durability, the next important thing you should keep in view while choosing suitcase for your child is durability of the bag. Suitcases made with hard and sturdy exteriors are generally more ideal because they are long-lasting. You become stress less when you know that your bag-pack is strong enough to go through all the wear and tear of your travel and journey. Such bags provide you years of happy memories.


Children are often amused by bright, colorful designs. Bags having shiny, glossy and stylish look are more favored by children. Moreover, kids are usually inspired by different fictional characters so if you find one bag having your kid’s favorite character printed on it, your child will absolutely love it. Such bags serves as a great companion and also becomes part of the family.


Final conclusion

We have listed the information best of our knowledge. Choosing a backpack for a kid is usually different from choosing a suitcase for an adult. Children want to have their own suitcases to fulfil their wish of being independent. They generally want a companion more than a bag so a suitcase that serves as their backpack as well as their friend makes the best combination. The things which are needed to keep in view while choosing a suitcase for a kid are space, durability and most importantly design which we have already elaborated above in detail. We hope that this will help and guide you in choosing a right and dependable suitcase for your kid and you will experience a happy, cheerful and reliable journey without having any regrets.

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