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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

People who travel frequently know the struggle of ironing dress clothes at the last minute in a hotel room. If you’re tired of showing up in weddings, business meetings, conferences, etc. in a wrinkled and creased suits, you don’t have to worry anymore because we are listing some of the best suitcases for keeping suits freshly pressed and wrinkle-free.

Name Dimensions
TRAVELPRO PLATINUM ELITE CARRY ON ROLLING GARMENT BAG- Editor’s Choice 10.5 x 24 x 22 inchesCheck Price
MERCURY LUGGAGE 22.2 x 45 x 2.8 inchesCheck Price
LONDON FOG CAMBRIDGE II 9.5 x 14 x 20 inchesCheck Price
CODE ALPHA HYBRID GARMENT 25.5 x 12 x 11.5 inchesCheck Price


suitcase for suits

This garment bag keeps your suits freshly pressed and wrinkle-free. It provides fold-out extension panel and padded roll bar to have room for hanging clothes, dresses and shirt.

The interior of the bag includes built-in pockets for ordered storage of folded and packed clothes, undergarments, accessories and other things.

The exterior of the bag is made up of premium, tough, high-density nylon fabric, neat leather and chrome touches to deliver a tidy and polished style. It also contains to additional pockets on the exterior of the bag with the aim to increase its storage capacity.

You can carry it anywhere with you no matter airports, hotels, city streets and anywhere you desire because it contains inline ball bearing wheels with an adaptable power scope handle that benefits users of different heights and ensures smooth roll and long-lasting durability. It provides lifetime warranty for its buyers.  It is available in only one color i.e. black.

Pros Cons
High quality Difficult to roll down
Light weight
Polished style
Great durability



Despite being difficult to roll down, this bag is very reliable for keeping suits freshly pressed and wrinkle-free. It has a large space for storing additional accessories. Both the exterior and interior of the bag is out-standing and offers great durability.

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luggage for suits

This is a tri-fold bag with astonishing features. It provides a large compartment with hanging loop, front zipped gusset, slash pocket, parachute clasp closure, adaptable shoulder strap with a tough carry handle.  This bag is intelligently designed. It not only provides space for your things but also protects them. It is constructed with wood for the aim of tough use.

Its exterior is covered with attractive heavy-gauge black vinyl which makes thing easy to clean. Its locks and hardware’s are made up of heavy-duty nickel for security purposes.

There are two tough and strong wheels that make it easy to move. The portable storage locker can be used as a piece of furniture as well as a table for seating. Lined wheels increase lifetime of the bag.

Pros Cons
Metal clasps None Reported
Great size
easy to move



There is no negative point about this bag. It offers a room for your suits without creating wrinkles or creases on it. Its exterior is made with the material which makes it easy to clean. It offers strong security and great convenience.

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best suitcase infowizard

It offers you to travel anywhere and anytime confidently and makes you feel that you are travelling first class. The London fog Cambridge II gives you classic as well as stylish feeling. It is made up of long-lasting woven hound stooth material combined with EVA foam for making it light in weight and for providing protection and support. This bag is perfect for your long weekend gateways, business travels or vacations. It has a vast space for keeping your suits recently pressed without making any lines on it.

It is a 8 low profile recessed spinners wheel. Its fog guard protection helps to remove water and stains. It contains deluxe packing organizer that holds clothes securely and firmly in its place.

It contains a comfort grip trolley handle which contains aluminum channel tubes for adding extra strength.

The interior of the bag contains 2 shoe pockets and 3 zip storage pockets for holding clothes firmly in their place.  It has carried handles on top, side and bottom. It provides limited lifetime guarantee.

Pros Cons
Great stability Loose threads
Large space
Firm spacing


Although some loose thread is used in some places, this bag is perfect for keeping your clothes securely in their place. It has carried handles which makes it easy to move. It gives you classic as well as stylish offer.

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suits bag

The code alpha hybrid garment duffel bag offers you a way to keep your suits pressed and tidy without creating any wrinkles or creases on it. This duffel bag can carry everything needed from gym accessories to the boardroom. It functions as a garment bag as well as carryon bag. This bag for suits constructed from 600 Denier vinyl blacked polyester. It is 25.5 inches in length, 12 inches in width and 11.5 inches in height.

It contains dual front pockets, slash end pockets and adaptable padded shoulder straps. You can take them anywhere from weekend weddings in Vegas to gym-gigolo exploits to secret Bond missions. For hanging purpose, this bag top’s flap has a standard bar hook Velcro-sealed inside it. It also contains cross bars running along the bottom to keep clothes wrinkle-free.

Code alpha offers duffel in seven different cameo colors.

Pros Cons
Large space No wheels
High quality zippers
Great durability



Although, no wheels are offered in this bag. It contains a very large space for carrying everything you want. It has many great features which make it durable. The most amazing thing about this bag is that it keeps your clothes freshly pressed and repel them from squashing.

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best suitcase for suits infowizard

This bag is made with patented CX™ Expansion-Compression technology.  This technology expands the bag up to 34% then compress it down to its original size. This stretchy rolling bag is ideal for the people who do frequent international air travel.

The short and wide wheeled configuration provide maximum capacity for packing. Its exterior is made up of 1680D ballistic nylon fabric which helps in resisting wear, moisture, dirt, abrasion. Hybrid fiberglass frame used makes it light weight and provides elasticity, durability and shape maintenance.

It has built-in tri fold garment compartment for 1-2 suits and has a foam roll bar to prevent clothes from developing wrinkles. It also has aircraft-grade aluminum handle system with 3 stop heights.  Its integrated fabric bottom handle helps in easy lifting. Low profile wheels and feet fit most large compartments.

Pros Cons
Extra storage capacity None
More flexibility
Light weight


There is no negative point about Baseline international . It is designed with latest technology which helps it to expand and compress accordingly. It has a tough exterior. Other features such as wheels, handles, material, etc. are worth appreciating.

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Keep the following points in mind while choosing the suitcase for suits.


Wheels help suitcases to roll down with ease, watching other travelers bearing weight of their bag packs. So, suitcase with wheels are more reliable and convenient. You can carry your luggage anywhere easily either roll them on airports or city streets. Wheels help the suitcase from snapping off. The greatest benefit of wheels is that you don’t have to bear any weight on your shoulders.


If you are frequent traveler, you need a suitcase that is most comfortable and can last long. All you need is a type of suitcase that guarantees you to hold your things securely and safely in their place. If a suitcase has more than one large compartments, it can accommodate more suits freshly pressed and can maintain their shape. It is more consistent and convenient.


There are generally two types of suitcases; soft shell and hard shell. Soft shell suitcases are light in weight and can adjust anywhere. It can absorb shocks better than hard-shell bags.

Hard-shell suitcases prevent your things from breaking. They are more secure as compare to soft shell bags. They are also generally waterproof. The only drawback with these kind of suitcases is that they are not often expandable.

If the exterior of the bag is made with some thick material, it is more suitable and lasts longer than others. Bags made of such material which are easily washable, it is more preferred.


Handle of the suitcase should be of suitable length, sturdy and tough enough. If a bag contains top and side handles, it is more reliable because they are more durable, provide easy grip and carry weight of your belongings.

Sometimes, companies also offer hanging hook along with the handle which makes it easier for you to hang your pressed and tidy clothes.


All you need is a suitcase that is long lasting and provides lifetime warranty. A bag made up of tough and strong material increase its durability up to many times than its actual lifetime. If your suitcase’s wheels and handles break off easily, you will definitely not prefer it.


Many companies offer many suitcases for suits but only those suitcases are appreciated which contains large compartments/sections to hold up everything you need specifically your suits and more importantly, in the specific shape. Moreover, bags which offer handles and wheels are more reliable because they make lifting of the bag easy and you can roll down your bag anywhere you want. We have listed some of the best suitcases for suits which will help you in making a better and regrettable decision.

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