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(Last Updated On: July 15, 2018)

If you are searching for the term “hotels near me” then you are in right place. It is better to search about hotels you are going to stay in while planning your trip. When you are looking for hotels near me you may perhaps in urgent need of booking your stay. But, there can be plenty of reasons to search for hotels near me.

I travel a lot and I am pretty much frequent in searching for hotels near me. Most of the time, I do not find what I am looking for. And, it’s very frustrating. As, a frequent traveler I can understand what we go through if we find lousy hotel, the booking we made via our favorite hotel booking website and it turned out to be bogus. I am well aware of everything but I found the solution and today I am going to share that solution with you folks. So, you can avoid unnecessary hassles while travelling and actually enjoy your trip does not matter if you are on business trip, vacation or just an adventurer like me. I am going to solve hotels near me issue once for all today.

Advancement in technology is one of the greatest thing happened in this world. I am no expert in technology but my author fellow Andy Hamlett is he can explain that better. The thing, I am trying to explain here is that we can search for hotels near me term, just anywhere we are.

Hotels near me

Hotels near me infowizard

You can search any hotel with the following search bar I just added for you folks here for your ease. We have hectic and busy lives and I understand it very well. So, I added the following search tab here.

Choosing the right partner when you search for hotels near me

hotels near me right partner

Choosing the right travel partner is important. A partner you can trust I tried every big name out there for booking hotels but the best partner I ever found is Agoda. When you search for hotels near me term on Agoda. They provide you the best, cheapest hotels in their search. You can book them right away even they offer book now pay later option for most of the hotels. And free cancellation which is pretty good thing. For example, I was travelling for the business meeting but that meeting got cancelled I already booked the hotel and I don’t want to waste my money so I cancelled it. And it got cancelled without paying a dime.

Best hotel booking site for hotels near me

The best hotel booking site for ” hotels near me” is Agoda. Why is that? Because, Agoda bargains countless deals on hotels, whether you are seeing to travel nationally or internationally. Not every company or service is not 100 percent perfect and Agoda is not the cheapest amongst other travel booking services but what make them stand out for me is their transparency, Detailed hotels overview, book now pay later function. But the most vital point which make Agoda stands out abundance of customer reviews on their website. Some hotels have more than 1000 reviews which are from legit travelers like you and me. From business travelers to vacationers. The review system of Agoda is based on what exactly what we look for in a hotel.

  • Pricing
  • Facilities
  • Staff behavior
  • Hygiene
  • Location

You can also book flights with Agoda but they do not offer car rental or trip deals.

Agoda Reviews

Hotels near me info

I gathered the non-biased Agoda reviews from different travelers and I am publishing them here with their consent.

  1. ✓I travel a lot as I work in software based company and I found Agoda is the cheapest. (Komi, Indonesia)
  2. ✓Job well done (Tai, China)
  3. ✓Agoda support is very helpful I always found cheap hotels via them compared to others. (Not allowed to publish her name and country)
  4. ✓Agoda website is very easy to use (Amrita, India)
  5. ✓User friendly and great support (Kenny, United States)
  6. ✗Would not use Agoda again I called them 2 weeks before my booking confirmation. They said everything is Great! Well, we went on tour and came to know that the room we booked is not available anymore. Agoda ruined our holiday. (Not allowed his name, United States)
  7. ✓Fantastic booking platform for me as a business traveler. (Michael, United States)
  8. ✓I live in Vietnam and I make a lot of bookings via Agoda they never disappoint me. (Unknown, Vietnam)
  9. ✗No doubt Agoda gives you best rates but I had one bad experience with them and I am not using them anymore because they charged me extra. I think they have hidden charges which they completely deny but I am going to stay away from them. (Eddie, United States)
  10. ✓Agoda offers good deals. Never had an issue with them. Will recommend them to others for hotel booking as they are the cheapest amongst other providers. (Yon, United States)


You can find out more Agoda Reviews on TripAdvisor. Every service has its pros and cons. But I think Agoda reviews I got from travelers and read on the internet outweighs the cons. And if you ask my rating I will give them 8.5/10.

Hotels near me-Agoda

I want you folks to provide as much as possible easy experience to choose the right partner for hotel nears me term booking. I made the pros and cons comparison table. See below

Hotels Near me (wrapping it up)

If you are searching for a term “hotels near me” look no further search down below. And find the best and cheapest hotels for you with Agoda. If you tried Agoda before you can share your experience in comments section with me. If you have yet to try their booking services go for it. And make sure, that you ask them about taxes so, you know the total price and does not have a bad feeling of overcharge. I always call them after booking hotel with them. So, there are no issues when I reach my destination. Like I said before choosing the right booking partner is vital and Agoda is one of the great service for hotels near me.


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