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Things to consider for choosing the perfect suitcase for you

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2018)

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, a suitcase or two is a vital thing to obtain. However, purchasing a suitcase isn’t as easy as it’s at first. To ensure you leave with much, a suitcase which will last for decades, and also to get a good deal, there are a variety of factors you would like to consider when purchasing a suitcase, even though it’s a name brand like Hartmann or Samsonite suitcases, or an economical suitcase you discover on sale.  What are these factors?

Suitcase Size

When you are looking for suitcase size, you need to consider you may be using this suitcase as carry-on bag or checked luggage. This will have a big impact on your size. A good approach to ensure you select the right sized suitcase should be to check the online website on the airline you frequently fly; they ought to have their carry-on and checked luggage limitations listed.  You may wish to buy a little for the small side with the items the airlines allow, they seem to be cracking down an increasing number of on luggage allowances nowadays.

 Luggage Portability

Not only could it be important to i believe-sized suitcase to ensure you aren’t required to check your carry-on bag or pay a supplementary fee as a result of an oversized bag, size is imperative that offers portability too. Of course, you need a suitcase that may be easy to lift. However, Samsonite suitcases along with other popular brands have wheels plus a pull-along handle. While you could possibly be unable to wheel your suitcase down a jet aisle, extra portability should be convenient when walking on the airport.

 Accessibility of Packed Items

When investing in a suitcase, accessibility must be an important factor to take into consideration. Whether it be as part of your hotel or reaching up into your luggage compartment, it should be all to easy to find the thing you need. A million small compartments sounds nice in the beginning, but this would make it harder to quickly get items from a suitcase and is particularly more tedious to bring along and unpack. Small suitcases designed as carry-on luggage tend to be more accessible and this also is important since need to grab something from the bag for the airplane. With an easy-to-access bag, you are able to just open the compartment, unzip, and grab things you need.

 Durability – Will Your Suitcase Last?

Durability is essential when purchasing a suitcase. Whether it be a carry-on suitcase or perhaps a checked suitcase, each through a wide range of abuse. Your luggage is worthless whether it can’t stand up too few dings or tosses from airport luggage handlers. You want wheels that may handle bumpy paths as well as the weather. You want zippers that open with no trouble for numerous zips and unzips. Some on the most well-known brands, like Samsonite suitcases, have solid warranties, typically approximately 10 years, that backs up their durability luggage claims.


Here will be the thing about costs: we as consumers would like to save money, however you should never sacrifice quality for price. Remember, a powerful and durable suitcase is really a better investment for several years of use than one that is certainly cheap and can deteriorate quickly after a while. Not only does an excellent suitcase improve overall travel experience, but you get yourself a better bargain in the long run. Find a good brand, including Travelpro, Hartmann, or Samsonite suitcases.  Then make a price comparison on those to find very good price on high-quality items. A cheap suitcase may seem like the best value now, and not when you need to obtain a replacement faster than you possessed anticipated.

 Practical Accessories

When picking a suitcase, think about your needs. For instance, should you be particularly tall, there is not any point in deciding on a suitcase which has a short handle – it’s going to only hurt your back! Opt for a suitcase which has a long enough handle and provide it an exam drive about the shop to make certain it feels comfortable.

Also, consider what you’ll need for the interior in the bag. If you are very organized, a suitcase with a lot of pockets will fit your packing style. You may also want to consider a waterproof interior or sheeting for wet items (i.e. swimming gear).

Furthermore, go through the wheels. Plastic wheels often wear down quickly, whilst silicon wheels will be more durable. Also, hunt for wheels which could do the whole 360 degrees, since this will enable you to maneuver your suitcase quicker.


Suitcases also come in too many forms, soft or hard. Hard luggage is made from molded hard material (i.e. plastics), whilst soft luggage is manufactured out of fabric materials, which may be stretched.

Soft suitcases often times have the ability to expand, assisting you to increase your suitcase’s size and space. A soft suitcase is usually easier to match compartments than its counterpart, and in addition absorb shock more effective. The only disadvantage may be the fact these are heavier than your hard version which enable it to easily contribute towards those 23kg you are eligible. A hard suitcase can be a lighter option as a result of the light-weight material often used and it is protective hard-shell case protects fragile items easier.


Whatever suitcase you may choose, help it become good quality, and won’t break after a couple of uses. Generally, a lot more expensive suitcases are better and will easily outlast their cheaper counterparts. It might even be worth choosing a suitcase which is recognizable, to ensure no one runs off mistakenly together with your bag or else you get it wrongly identified as someone else’s. Bright colored suitcases will avoid this concern, which makes it instantly recognizable.

Your luggage is undoubtedly an investment. Sometimes cheap is a great one… basically what you’re looking for may be the lowest price on a high quality, well-made suitcase.

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