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What Type of suitcase fits you?

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2018)

When shopping for suitcases, a lot of people go to the normal-looking ones, like those that sport dark or subtle colors. While price usually works well for choosing which suitcase to purchase, many people don’t bother to look for the luggage’s material and construction, whether or not it’s cheap or expensive. This might end up being a bad decision over time.

There work just like well-defined criteria, though the right suitcase is but one that:

 1) Makes you feel safe traveling with

 2) Will survive the trip as well as your destination’s environment

 3) Will protect its fillings from damage and mutilation

 4) Fits your needs, your personal style, your personality

The first the first is something you will have to think about if you’d prefer your poise, fashion, and the way you carry yourself. Do you want to avoid exerting much effort in transporting luggage? Then suitcases with telescopic handles are worth looking at. Are you the kind of person who wants to look formal and stylish, without funky “look-at-me!” designs? Then dark, formal suitcases manufactured from rich leather or similar material has a great balance. Some people may call these suitcases “drab” and ordinary, but hey, it’s only simple classy form and function.

Or trying to find more “fun” suitcases? Most along with some men tend to go with more curves, prints, and shades of their luggage — in other words, suitcases that happen to be out of the ordinary. And if you’re going with kids, you should buy them suitcases which they themselves will likely be comfortable with — like luggage that also become toys (kids will even ride on some models!).

Items two and three on our short list revolve across the suitcase’s construction and material. Here are some tips that may help you:

1) Do you plan to search a lot with one suitcase, or do you think you’re transporting fragile material? Buy a suitcase having a hard cover.

 2) Do you see yourself touring round the destination with the suitcase, for reasons unknown (e.g. scouting once and for all accommodations)? Buy a smaller and lightweight suitcase.

 3) Is your destination a rainy one, or do you think you’re planning to increase the risk for trip over the rain? Choose the suitcase with waterproofing technology.

 4) When buying a suitcase with wheels, opt for the model with wheels bigger those of other luggage. Larger wheels can absorb an extended period of use and abuse.

 5) Go for a suitcase with bigger than usual zippers. Larger zippers are easier to handle plus more durable than smaller ones.

 6) If you’re going with a laptop, ensure your suitcase carries a built-in compartment to the device, or even better, purchase a separate bag for doing this. Laptop bags are created to protect and carry the unit better than the typical kinds of luggage.

Just remember, even if you have bought the “right” suitcase, it does not necessarily mean that it must be the “perfect” suitcase. That’s okay — all things considered, nothing’s perfect these days. Many suitcase models displayed on the businesses are already good but tend to be even made better when you purchase suitcase accessories. These accessories both have decorative and practical uses; they will ease the carrying, aid in identification, or add security for a suitcases.

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