10 most haunted places around the world

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2017)

Haunted places, we heard this term a lot in our lives. But, do they really exist or just a myth? No one can say that with certainty as everyone has different belief but the haunted places we are going to share with you folks are very well known for eerie stories revolving around them.

If you have interest in haunted places maybe, you have heard about these places before or maybe not but these places are not meant to be taken lightly. Kindly, read this list with lights on 😉


Built in 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary is a previous jail in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s recognized for being the very primary prison of its type to acquaint with solitary imprisonment, or what they used to cry, the Pennsylvania System. Convicts were sent to solitary thru this time as a method of convalescence. They would be totally inaccessible, breathing alone, drinking alone, and even working out alone in their own discrete yards. Whenever a prisoner left his cell, a dark hood would be positioned over his head to guarantee he keep on in imprisonment.

Due to Eastern States’ severe tactic, many inmates were driven to senselessness, and therefore, the Pennsylvania System was scuffled in 1913. From then until 1970 it was used as a systematic prison and detained the likes of Al Capone and the bank burglar, Willie Sutton.

This jail is well known for its paranormal activities since 1940 and they seemingly increased after it’s abandonment in 1971. In case, you decide to visit this place you certainly can notice the following paranormal things

  • Shadowy figure, if you try to approach it will be gone
  • Dark human type figure appears mostly in guard’s tower.
  • You can hear evil laughing from cell block 12. (off course, it’s empty)
  • Shadowy figures moving through walls most of the occurrence you can see in cell block 6.
  • Ghostly faces usually appear in cell block 4.
  • Banging on cell doors, distant talking, evil whispers, creepy footsteps these all things you can experience.

I personally visited this site so, I added it to list of my most haunted places. Not thinking to visit it again anytime soon.


This is the second place we have in our list of haunted places. The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa was constructed in the 17th century from the Dutch East India Company. It’s the country’s oldest foreign edifice, originally being a replacement station for ships transitory the deceitful waters with the Cape.

The first reported paranormal occurrence was once the apparition of tall gentleman was found in 1915 in a solitary on the castles’ ramparts. The man wasn’t seen again until 1947 when he was seen regularly spanning a 2-week period. He would be viewed jumping away from the side of merely one in the castle walls and walking relating to the bastions Leer dam and Oranje.

One of the most popular stories for this Castle will be the former governor Pieter Gysbert van Noodt. He died on 23 April 1728, the same day he previously sentenced to death seven soldiers have been caught looking to desert the military. It’s believed on the list of soldiers placed a curse on him and demanded he reached watch the execution, that they didn’t. Later on, that day, Van Noodt was discovered dead slouched over his desk having a look of terror on his face.

Another famous haunting could be the Lady in Grey. She has become witnessed running throughout the castle holding her face and crying hysterically. However, since a woman’s body was discovered during recent excavations her ghost hasn’t been reported.

Sometime inside the 1700’s, a soldier was discovered hanging in the bell rope within the bell tower, which overlooks the entrance for the castle. After his death, the bell tower was sealed off, however, today the bell is seen to strike off its very own accord. There’s also the ghost of the black dog who may be able to pounce on unsuspecting visitors, then simply vanish into thin air.


With a good torture and execution heading back over 900 years, the Tower of London is viewed by many as the most haunted places inside the UK. It was originally interior 1078 by William the Conqueror and it has served a serious role within the good England from the time that.

There happen to be many reports on the paranormal with the Tower of London throughout the years. The most famous of all the so-called ghosts that reside within its walls, is Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII. She was beheaded in 1536, and her headless body is seen walking the Tower’s corridors and sometimes close to the spot of her demise.

Other full-bodied apparitions were also seen including Lady Jane Grey, who has been spotted by way of a guardsman in 1957. In the White Tower, the White Lady may be seen, often standing in the window, where she once stood waving to her children conversely with the building.

Perhaps probably the most spine chilling coming from all reports includes the mysterious appearance of two children. They happen to be witnessed during the entire rooms with the castle. They’re often observed in their nightgowns, holding hands is a peek of terror on the faces. It is believed they’re two former Prince’s, who was simply provided for the Tower whenever they were deemed illegitimate by Parliament. They vanished at some point and yes it was assumed that they are murdered by order with their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. Apparently, two small skeletons were exhumed beneath a staircase within the White Tower.


The Banff Springs hotel in Alberta Canada, was built over 125 in years past because of the Canadian Pacific Railway, to be a luxury stop off point for train travelers. Don’t let its picturesque surroundings fool you though, it’s rumoured being just about the most haunted in the nation.

Terrifying reports add some sighting of any bride who fell around the staircase breaking her neck after panicking when her dress caught fire. Her apparition has become seen about the staircase as well as in the ballroom dancing, with lots of reporting the flames from your back of her dress.

The main story that may be written in context as locals are the family unit that had been murdered in room 873. The door to the room has since been bricked up, but your family that lost their lives in this particular room remain seen to this particular day, often inside the hallway beyond the room.

Perhaps the most used of all the so-called reports may be the former bellman, Sam Macauley. He served with the hotel in the 60’s and 70’s, which is still seen to this particular day. He loves to help guests approximately their rooms, donning his 60’s uniform, often activating lights and opening locked doors. If you try to make conversation or tip Sam, he vanishes.


Borgvattnet can be a small village in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. It’s renowned for having essentially the most haunted houses in Sweden, The Old Vicarage, which has been internal 1876.

The first ghost ever documented on the vicarage were only available in 1927 if the chaplain Nils Hedlund resided.  He reported many strange happenings including a definite encounter with something paranormal. He was on his in place towards the attic to accumulate his laundry when he witnessed his laundry being torn down in the line by an unseen force.

Rudolf Tangden, a priest who lived in the vicarage through the 1930’s, saw a well-used woman dressed up in grey include an area. He followed her as she walked away, but she vanished facing his eyes. In the 1940’s Tangden’s successor, Otto Lindgren, with his fantastic wife said that they had several paranormal experiences including unexplained sounds and moving objects.

On one occasion a lady who had previously been vacationing in the guestroom was awoken during the evening to determine 3 old women sitting looking at her. She quickly started light and they also remained as considering her, however, they now appeared blurry.

In 1945 the chaplain, Erick Lindgren moved in the vicarage, and hubby began a journal recounting lots of his very own experiences at home. He reported being given away of his chair regularly by an unseen force.

The current building is in the role of a restaurant/cafe, likewise a guest house. If you dare to keep the full night you’ll purchase an overnight-stay-certificate to prove it!


In the Venice Lagoon between Venice and Lido, sits the tiny island of Poveglia. Inhabited since 421, when mainlanders fled to search for refuge from your invaders, Poveglia’s population started to dwindle centuries later, and also the 14th century, the region was completely abandoned. As with many small islands in Europe in the Bubonic Plague outbreak within the 14th century, the city became a quarantine colony. Many Venetians were sent here to die, their dead infected bodies being burned on giant pyres. This was also the way it is in 1630 if the Black Death swept through Venice.

The site was apparently familiar with being a mental asylum over the 1800’s, however, many sources claim that this simply is not the truth. Stories persist though of ill treatment, and experimental procedures were carried out within the building. During 1930 a health care professional is considered to own committed suicide, jumping to his death through the bell tower.  From the mid-20th century getting the club 1975 if this was closed, Poveglia hospital was applied as being a geriatric center.

Today the entire island is abandoned, and it’s belief that many locals dare not step foot on the city for concern about being cursed. Fisherman also will not fish inside area for concern with dragging up human remains.

The ghosts of the patients and victims of disease have been proved to haunt the region and its particular buildings. Voices and screams in many cases are heard, with EVP’s often captured. Dark fleeting shadows in many cases are witnessed, and possessions have already been reported. Ghost Adventures personal Zak Bagans was apparently possessed throughout the crew’s check out a couple of years ago when he suddenly became over-run by rage. As soon as people step foot on the area they understand feel an oppressive evil feeling, often departing in absolute terror.


Located on Lake Teshuilo in Xochimilco nr Mexico City, the area La Isla de la Munecas (The Island from the Dolls) is obviously one with the strangest haunted locations inside our list. In the 1950’s, men named Julian Santan Barrera chosen this tropical isle (despite being married having a young family).

Julian was unaware from the dark history from the area when he moved there to be a recluse. Legend says that three kids were playing at the water inside the 1920’s when one from the girls fell in and drowned inside murky waters. Locals considered that since that time her death, the little girls’ spirit has become cannot leave the city. It soon grew a serious reputation as being a haunted place, and locals wouldn’t go near it at nighttime for concern about the things they may even see.

Julian claimed that once he moved this tropical isle slightly girl began chatting with him. The girl told Julian how she had died, and this she was trapped on the region. He began to obtain the dolls due to this young child, often selling off fruits and vegetables which he had grown on this tropical isle so which he could buy old dolls for my child to try out with.

Julian later told his nephew which it was progressively more challenging to appease the young girl’s thirst for these dolls, with him seemingly worried she wanted him to become listed on her in the watery grave. The same day he previously this discussion, his nephew was going back to the area when he found his uncle faced down inside the canal. His body was from the same spot the spot that the young daughter had apparently drowned seventy years before.

Today, tourists to the city often speak on the doll’s eyes following them. Others have likewise reported the mutilated dolls whisper for many years, especially in the evening. Julian’s ghost can also be believed to stay on the region, and the kids’.


Built around 1300, Akershus Fortress (aka Akershus Castle) is often a medieval castle that served to be a defensive stronghold for that capital of scotland- Oslo. It has served as being a prison through the late 18th-19th centuries, with many different prisoners dying throughout their imprisonment. Nazi’s also occupied the castle during World War II, performing many executions on the website.

Akershus Castle is considered to become probably the most haunted put in place Norway, with numerous ghosts to communicate in of. With its vast history, it’s of little surprise. The most popular of the could be the demon dog named Malcanisen that’s asked guard the gates towards the castle. Legend says that anyone who is approached by Malcanisen is sentenced with a horrible death sometime in the next ninety days.

The ghost of woman named Mantelgeisten is normally seen inside the castle, walking back towards her chamber. She appears through the darkness wearing a good robe and it has no facial features.


The Old Changi Hospital is really a former hospital in Changi, Singapore. It was built way back in 1935 contained in the old Changi military base. During the occupation from the Japanese, the compound was applied because of the notorious Kempeitai (the Japenese Secret Police) like a prison and torture camp. After the end of World War II, your house was again a hospital and remained so until 1997, in the event it was replaced because of the Changi General Hospital. It has stood derelict and decaying from the time that.

The building has become haunted by its past, with Japanese soldiers, folks that were executed, plus the patients that died here. Apparitions of the old man result walking about the corridors, and also a woman is seen walking from the rooms. The spirits of youngsters are well-known to haunt the earlier children’s ward, plus the ghosts of bloodied Japanese soldiers are considered also. Loud bangs and unexplained screams may also be a standard occurrence.


Mary King’s close is undoubtedly an underground warren of streets and dwellings. It was once a thriving trade area where Edinburgh’s tradesmen utilized to live and work, however, in 1645 the close was shown to are already abandoned after an outbreak on the plague. Those that were infected stayed behind in isolation. The location has become a well-known tourist destination, running daily tours to folks thinking about researching the and the legends from the close.

Since the 17th century, there have already been reports of paranormal goings on from the close, and it’s now viewed as one in the most haunted places in Scotland. The Coltheart family who lived there in 1685 the place that the first ones to report something paranormal. Soon after they moved in following your outbreak of plague, they begun to see ghostly figures, and were left terrified after looking at phantom disembodied limbs, and experiencing very vivid nightmares.

Today, staff and visitors have reported seeing the ghost of your ‘worried woman’, women in black, as well as a young daughter named Annie. The ghost of Annie continues to be proven to communicate with those who leave her gifts in one from the rooms.

Other reports include sounds, for example scratching, the sounds of the party or tavern, and footsteps that seem to follow along with you around. Stones are also thrown and intense EVP’s in many cases are captured through the entire area, particularly Mr. Chesney’s house.






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