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Amazon Baby Registry Review- Why Should You Sign Up?

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

Amazon Baby Registry is a service which can let you add anything from anywhere to your registry without breaking a sweat. Yes, there is no limit you can add items from small businesses as well from bigger brands. Even, if the seller is not on Amazon you can add that item to your list. And, biggest thing you can get is hefty discounts and 90-day money back guarantee. Amazon baby registry ensures that having a baby is blessing.

Your baby is on the way and you thinking to get everything for lovely kid of yours, but it is very hard job to get everything in place and gathering all the items you need for your baby isn’t it? Amazon baby registry has solved this issue indeed. Not saying all things without my own experience.


My Story of Amazon Baby Registry

baby registry amazon infowizardI have two kids the first the one arrived way back in 2010 and second one just arrived in this world few days back she is my baby girl, an angel. I can go on with multiple names with my emotions but let’s not get into it and talk about amazon baby registry.My Story With Amazon Baby Registry

10 months back I came to know about amazon baby registry via my office colleague. And, I thought okay let’s sign up for it and it makes things very exciting and easy in my pregnancy.

First, it saved me from total mess which usually cause by gathering things from different places (experienced with my first baby) and you end up losing the count. You can get anything at one place with amazon baby registry from baby bottles to cribs. From clothes to diapers and wipes.

To top that everything you gather in your registry is available to order with 90-days money back guarantee. Just In case, you ordered the wrong size or two same items you do not have to worry you can return it and can get your money back.

Also, if you are a prime member which is very great when your registry purchasing reach to only $1000. You can redeem $100 in diapers and wipes. Awesome isn’t it? You can also avail up to 15 percent discount on things with prime membership and baby registry.


Amazon baby registry top features

baby registry infowizard

  • Anything you want

You can add anything you want in your registry like I mentioned before from your baby clothes to diapers. Think about anything and it will be available for you to order. You can get 10 percent discount on every order. 15 percent discount if you are amazon family member. 90-day money back guarantee and free shipping for orders over $49 or two-day free shipping on any order with amazon prime membership.

  • On the go Registry

Too busy or do not have access to PC? No worries, you can sign up and manage your registry anywhere from any device which has internet. 

  • Amazon baby registry special discounts and rewards

It offers special discounts and rewards like welcome box, parenting guide, free stuff from big brands etc. But, mostly associated with prime membership which you can avail free for first 30 day and then $99/year or almost $10/month.

  • Universal registry

Looking for an item which is not on amazon? Don’t worry you can get add any item from any website or marketplace right into your registry. This process is very easy Amazon baby Registry offers special tool which enables you to add any item in your registry from any brand no matter small or big.

  • Share it with anyone or keep it private

You can share amazon baby registry virtually with anyone from your family to public. And, anyone can buy you any item from your registry with discounted price and can send it you as a gift.

Amazon Baby Registry Pros Cons

As, I am mother of two and totally writing this to help others. I do not want to share only positive sides but negative aspects of amazon baby registry as well. It’s not all unicorns for your baby and for yourself.



Amazon Baby Registry, can help make your visions for baby reality. Umm I think that’s little extra I said there but they do have all you want for your baby. Amazon Baby Registry allows you effortlessly to find and have track of the whole thing you want for your new baby in one fitting place. Universal registry feature lets you add anything from anywhere at one place which is surely an excellent point to go for amazon baby registry.

It does have drawbacks like heavily biased towards prime members, but you can attain many benefits as well without having prime. like free shipping for orders over $25 to $49. Management of registry from mobile. Millions of items to choose from with universal registry. Discount of 10 percent on majority of registry item. The best part for me was keeping everything in order under one place neat and tidy without making a mess and that problem solved by amazon baby registry.

Amazon is a marketplace which does not let down it’s customers. To make shopping even more fitting, Amazon allows clienteles ship gifts to your selected Amazon Baby Registry address.

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And Advance congratulations for having a baby!

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