Audible Review 2019- Is Audible Worth it?

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Audible is a company which provides audiobooks, vocalized newspaper. Radio shows and educational lectures with nominal fee. Audible parent company is Amazon. Many people requested us to take a look at Audible so, in this audible review we are going to share their features, our experience and we will answer the famous question, “is audible worth it?

Is Audible Worth It?

In our experience, YES and many of us here at Info wizard already hooked with Audible membership and enjoying  top-notch features. We are non-biased about everything that’s our policy. So, if you want to know pros and cons of Audible we recommend you stick till the end because we are going to share every aspect. To assist you in making the right decision because, money does not grow on trees.

Anyhow, let’s check out what audible has offering and what it lacks.

Top Features  

Audible offer plenty of features which makes it valuable for people whom loves to hear audiobooks. Now without any further delays, let’s see what their top features are.

  • A-list Celebrities for Narrating
  • 365 Days Refund Policy
  • Easy to Cancel Membership
  • Gift Membership
  • 30 Day free Trial
  • Free Credits Every Month
  • discounted Pricing
  • Daily deals
  • Forever Keeping Policy
  • No Ads
  • Exchange books for free


A-List narrators

If you truly want to enjoy your audio books you surely need a perfect narrator because it makes the difference E.G, though It’s not comparable but who you prefer to listen my lousy voice or Morgan Freeman narrating books with his magical voice. Off course, any sane person including me will choose to listen the audiobook in voice of Morgan Freeman, Bryan Cranston, Kate winslet etc.

The thing is that Audible offers all and surely, you are going to enjoy the narrators they have. We are using audible and there is no doubt we are enjoying it. We only signed up for 30-day trial period but me and my company is hooked so, I ended up purchasing them Enterprise Membership.  Obviously, you do not require enterprise memberships

365 days refund Policy

Bought the audio-book but not loving it or wrongly purchased the book or just not want it anymore in library. Well, you can get a refund without any questions and you have whole year to decide to if you want to keep or return specific title in your library.

This feature pretty cool because you can listen any book and if you do not want to keep it forever in your library you can return and get a refund for it. If you purchased via credit you will get your credit back or paid via card you will get your money back.

Easy to Cancel Membership

Well, we are sure that who truly loves reading and listening books are not going to cancel their membership but for any reason you decide to cancel your membership you can do it anytime. There are no contracts and the best part is that you are allowed to keep your purchased title forever and you can listen them whenever you want even if you ended your membership. Very awesome right?

Gift Your Membership

Not want a membership for yourself? Not a problem, you can gift it to anyone who love books. (Not every book lover is a Dork).  

free trial

We think this is the best feature by audible because you are going to get 30-day free trial with one free credit to get any title you want from library of 200,000 books and magazines.

30-day Trial period will help you understand if audible is suitable for you or not. If, not. Just cancel it before your trial end and you will not pay anything also audible allows you to keep your free title forever.

Book Credits Every Month

Depends upon your membership audible offers 1 or 2 free credits every month to get the any title you want in your library.

Discounted Pricing

This is also one of the best feature. Depends on your plan you can get any title for 30 percent less than listed price.

Daily Deals

There are plenty of book deals you can find on audible which makes it more attractive to use.

Keep your Titles Forever

Even if you cancel your membership you can keep your library items forever you do not have to return them, and you can listen on any supported device with audible app.

No ads

You can enjoy listening your books without any annoying ads stoppages.

Book Exchanging

Not want the title anymore, also not interested in purchasing you can exchange it with any title. it’s free and easy.

Free Trial


Audible Memberships and pricing

It starts with free trial for new members and offers 3 type of membership after trial period. The most popular and best one us gold membership, the second most popular is Platinum and the last one with minimum features is audible channels.

Gold Membership- Best for One/Two persons

You can either sign up for monthly or yearly membership. Gold monthly costs 14.95/month with one credit and 149.50/year for annual gold membership. Yearly Gold membership comes with 12 credits per year.

This membership do offer free exchanges and 30 percent discount on additional titles as well as access to original podcasts.

Platinum Membership- Best for People with heavy Usage

Platinum plan costs $22.95/month or $229.60/yearly. No matter which one you choose. You will get 30 percent discounted pricing on further titles. Also, free book exchange. Platinum membership offers 2 free credits/ month or 24 credits yearly.

Audible Channels Membership

For minimal usage you can get channels membership. We do not recommend it because it does not offer any features but costs only $4.95/month.

Supported Devices

Audible nearly supports every device for listening your favorite audiobooks. You can download audible free app on your computer, iOS, android and even windows devices. No matter if it is cellphone or tablet you can enjoy the audio books on the go.

They even support visually impaired devices.

You can also listen your audiobooks in your car. If you have car stereo which supports apple car play or android auto you can listen directly from your dashboard. (Well Android auto and CarPlay reminds of best car stereos which we also reviewed here).

Customer Support

They offer nice and timely support you can contact Audible support team for any kind of questions via email, Phone and even live chat.


Pros Cons
Largest Book Library Does not allow you to purchase additional credits
Cheaper compared to other audio books marketplace Cannot gift credits
Free trial
Cancel membership anytime
Free Credits

How Does Audible Works?

Before we conclude our review, we want to shed light on how audible works. So, you can understand this review easily.

You get the one credit with gold membership or two with platinum membership every month. You can use that credit to grab any title you want despite its pricing. We have seen titles which costs as low as $5 and as high as $40 (Estimated, there can be low or higher pricing).

To attain the maximum benefit we recommend you spend credit on expensive title you want and if you want to purchase additional titles you should spend your money on less expensive titles. But, it depends upon you.

If you commute, workout or just love listening to books you can audible. Gold membership and one credit is enough for people who have busy schedule and listens only small amount of time. But, if you want more titles you need to purchase them.

Compared to other marketplaces Audible offers 30 percent discount on titles with gold or platinum membership. But, other Audiobook services does not offer that, and you have to pay the full price.

Audible also have plenty of free titles in their library as well for their members which you can access by going to channels in your account and on bottom you will find audiobook collections.

Audible working explanation in short

  • Sign up for free Trial
  • Get Free credit. Decide if the membership is right for you or not.
  • After Trial sign up for paid membership (Gold is best)
  • Spent monthly Credits on getting new titles.
  • Build your library or listen
  • Purchase additional titles if you want
  • Access free Titles in your member’s area by visiting audiobook collections.

That’s It!


Till to date, audible has the largest library and it is inexpensive if you compared it to other marketplaces because you get 30 percent discount on titles. Access to original premium podcasts and you can start everything with free trial which truly helps you understand if the audible is good or bad for you.

In our experience, the audible worth paying for. Best membership is Gold one it costs around $!5 monthly or around $150 per year. Comes with every feature with largest audiobooks library in the world.

On downsides, you can not purchase additional credits. Also, so far, they do not have the option to gift or receive credits from other Audible members.

Our final opinion? Yes, audible worth it because it offers a lot of features and possess the largest marketplace of audiobooks. If, you compare it with other audiobook services you will find audible on top.

This is the end of our audible review. We spent a lot of time learning and using audible to provide the honest and non-biased review to our readers. So, if you want to appreciate do it by sharing it with other peoples. So, maximum people can get benefits of honest information.

Free Trial


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