Best Backpack For Heavy Loads 2019

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

A backpack is one of the very first piece of gear you will need to get started with your school/college/hiking/camping/travel and for many other purposes. Taking into consideration that you might be wearing the backpack for hours at a time, and for that you’ll want to make sure you pick the correct one.

The best backpacks for hiking/camping/school or college for heavy loads are not cheap but it’s an amazing investment to add to your list that will definitely help you. If money is an issue, these backpacks are super reasonable.

One of our big goal here is to make your life easier when it comes to buying backpacks. We have also reviewed backpacks for heavy books which are suitable for heavy loads as well. So, the following list and list of backpacks for heavy books can be beneficial for you.

Now, it’s the time to talk about best backpacks for heavy loads. We have put together these backpack’s reviews to help you out with the process. For this article, we will be talking about backpacks to carry heavy loads that are designed to help you with multi purposes.

The best backpack is the one that suits and fits you and your needs. For heavy loads you need a backpack with a frame, whether it is an internal frame pack or an external frame pack. Internal frame packs provides strength, potency and a close center of gravity. External support packs are usually better for pretty heavy loads.

The External frame packs also have an advantage of riding away from the body, allowing the air circulation, while internal frame packs ride next to the body. Many find external frame backs to be better and cooler to carry, thanks to the air circulation and that may be an element in the dessert.

Once you decide between internal and external frame packs, which is the next in importance. Get a pack that adjust and fits your body size and feels comfortable. A floppy backpack can be a disaster on your back. After you decide for the external frames, it’s time for the matter of features.

Best backpacks for heavy loads (comparison)

Backpack Weight
TRAVEL LAPTOP BACKPACK by Matien- Editor's Choice 2.05 poundsCheck Price



travel laptop for heavy loads infowizard

Check Price


This travel laptop backpack by Matien is not just for your laptop, it does have an extra compartment for the laptop or your computer, as well as it can store a lot of other things depending on your journey or use. It’s super durable and is made for heavy loads. Next, we have mentioned some of the great features that we’d like you to have a look at.

This backpack has plenty of storage space and pockets, a laptop backpack compartment which is separate from roomy main compartment and can hold Laptop/Computer/MacBook/. One spacious main compartment  can easily fit clothes, snacks, lunch, books, school supplies, and travel accessories.

Front main large organizational compartment with internal zippered pocket or pouches for all of your writing utensils, pocket notebooks, iPad, or keys. Front organizer pocket for quick and easy access essentials, A mesh pocket at the side for umbrellas or water bottle.

It’s totally practical and safe, Men or Women Backpack With a well-built luggage strap on the back which can be inserted and fixed to the handle of trolley case or suitcase for easy transport.

A hidden back anti-theft zipper pocket which provides access to your wallet or passport directly, keeping your valuable items locked and secure. The Theft Proof zipper strengthens stitching design which keeps items privacy, makes your journey more comfortable and convenient where ever you go. Perfect for business trips, international airplane travel, office work backpack, weekend getaways, school or college backpack to carry heavy loads as it’s super durable. It also has a USB charging port and headphones hole; an external USB charger with built in charging cable offering a convenient way for you to charge your smart phone, light and other electronic devices while walking.

Please note that this backpack doesn’t power itself, a usb charging port only offers an easy way in to charge. A headphone jack is convenient for you to listen to your best loved music, hands free on the go. Reflective taps on shoulder straps for extra safety when you are out at night.

It’s also comfortable and breathable. The classic backpack features an airflow back design with soft but thick multi panel ventilated padding for cushioned and smooth comfort, even during extended or increased use or under extra heavy loads, it ensures a proper fit and comfortable all-day use. The wide padded shoulder straps can also be adjusted for a custom fit to alleviate the stress of shoulder or back plus ensuring the backpack sits right where you want it.

It also have a top padded grab handle for a long time carry on. It has a durable and solid material; It’s made of durable, Water resistant polyester fabric with metal dual zippers and strengthens stitching to resist heavy use and harsh conditions, making sure a secure and long-lasting usage every day or every weekend.

Serve you very well as a professional business office work day pack, USB charging day trip backpack, college high school big student book bag for men, women, boys, girls, adults, teen, in everyday life. The ideal gift for your loved ones on Christmas day, special day or as a backpack as a school or graduation gift.

Pros Cons
extremely durable for heavy loads No major one reported
adjustable straps
durable metal zippers
a multi panel airflow back



This backpack has everything you need for your fair number of heavy items, as it is extremely durable, sturdy and tough. It’s super comfortable and possesses a breathable back. It’s made of water-resistant durable polyester fabric with dual zippers which are great for safety, also has a back anti-theft zipper pocket safer for your valuable items. Has a USB charging port and headphones holes perfect for you if you’re always on the go. What more can you ask for? this backpack has EVERYTHING.


Best Backpack for heavy loads

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This Swiss gear travel gear backpack provides ultimate organization, as it has innumerable number of pockets that help you be an organized person. Has separate laptop and tablet’s compartments made of soft and comfortable fabric to prevent your devices from scratch.

The ergonomically formed shoulder straps are made with mesh fabric to hold to your shoulders for longer travel.

SWISS GEAR Travel scan Backpack is basically made from durable polyester fabric and is furnished with a main large opening compartment with sturdy over size zippers, adjustable side compression straps, a heavily padded back panel with the Air flow ventilation technology, a padded contour shaped shoulder straps with a nice mesh fabric and built-in suspension as well as Scan Smart lay flat technology for the ultimate laptop of up to 17” .

The other features built into the case include a highly preservative floating Tablet Safe; tablet pocket, a zig zag file holder, an organizer compartment, multiple internal accessory pockets which can hold a numerous amount of your things and can help you being organized, side accessory umbrella and water bottle pockets, a padded media pocket with a headphone cord port, a webbing daisy chain and carabiner to attach gear to when you’re on the go, a molded top handle, a front quick access pocket and ruminative accent material built into the shoulder straps for extra safety when you might be out at night.

It’s super sturdy, with a great back padding and a deep air flow channel, along with the mesh backed straps which allow for the air flow around your shoulders. The straps are so comfortable. The Heather Gray fabric is the same water-resistant material you will find on good quality backpacks. All of its pockets have large capacity. The top front pocket is roomy and about 7 to 8 inches deep. The side pockets which are behind the water bottle mesh are a whole 12 inches deep and could probably fit a dress shoe on each side, for travelers or commuters.

The inner pocket is super wide, about 5 to 6 inches at the base, and you can stuff a lot of items in there, since the front of the pack is so flexible. There are 2 exclusive partitions, to unify papers or binders. The handle has a solid molded core, which is covered in the fabric and grip handle. The zippers are so smooth, and it’s convenient to open the scan smart lay flat pocket. You can fit a 15 inches laptop on the large pocket, a 10 inches ASUS tablet and a kindle paper white in the tablet pocket. There is plenty of room for a rather larger laptop. The laptop pocket also has a padded arm that secures it from scratches, holds the laptop steady, and the pocket also has good padding at its base.

You would like every feature about this backpack.

Pros Cons
EXCELLENT quality The zippers are not super durable
Great construction and design



Despite of its zippers, everything about it is great. It has a lot of room for your everyday needs; laptops, tablets, books, clothes, water bottle, snacks, and other products. It has a lot of pockets to help you organize your things. We would recommend this backpack for heavy load.


Best Tactical backpack for heavy load

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CVLIFE OUTDOOR is constructed with water proof Nylon fabric. It comes with an outside zipper pocket and a big mesh compartment in it, with 3 detachable molle pouches on front and both sides. A Large cargo with a big compartment in it, a hand carry strap and adjustable shoulder strap, a wide and thick waist belt comfortable for heavy loads and with adjustable chest belt. It’s available in three different colors; AÇU, Black, CP.

It comes with a 12 months warranty. This Tactical backpack is made of water-resistant fabric. The vast and Spacious military backpack has one main large compartment, one front DETACHABLE bag which can also be used as a tactical fanny pack separately, two side DETACHABLE tactical backpack accessories pouches which can be used as first aid backpacks or for other use. This multipurpose backpack can be flexibly considered as a 50 L and 60 L backpack.

The MOLLE system of this military molle backpack rucksack permits you to easily attach outdoor gear, sleeping pads or more pouches.

An adjustable dual density ventilated mesh shoulder strap, breezy waist strap, dual compression straps, rain diverting flaps, and heavy-duty zippers keep your rucksack pack comfortable and secure.

This bag can be used as a school/college backpack, 72-hour emergency kit, bug out bag (BOB), range bag, army camouflage backpack, hunting backpack, 3-day assault pack, survival backpack, hiking, trekking or camping rucksack, and EDC outdoor backpack.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Clip is not too sturdy
Durable material
Outstanding Value



This is a very good backpack. The pack is very large. It also comes with three additional smaller packs that are detachable, Very customizable. Overall the pack feels solid. The fabric is super robust. You will be so happy with all the different pockets and accesses while filling up the backpack as it offers a lot of pockets to help you with the organization. This pack can hold a sufficient amount of gears. It’s super comfortable, and you won’t have any issue with the shoulder straps. The material and everything about it is perfect for its low price.


Following tips will assist you in choosing the backpack for heavy loads.


If you are looking for a backpack that is best for heavy loads, then the very first thing you should see is whether the backpack has a durable fabric or not. You obviously need a backpack with tough, sturdy and rigid fabric, just so it doesn’t break out when you stuff it with heavy items.


The next thing that matters is whether or not it can store or fit in a lot of items; it’s roomy or not. The heavy items you want to put in might need a lot of space, so the bag should be roomy enough just so you don’t explode it with all of the items you need.


The design of the backpack should obviously be of your personal choice or preference, otherwise, what’s the point of purchasing any product or your backpack if your choice doesn’t even align with it? However, go for a backpack which has strong frame.

Wrap Up

All of the above-mentioned backpacks are having all of these essential qualities for heavy loads and we hope they do align with your design preferences. They are extremely durable and some of the great, top most and leading backpacks.

You would absolutely love them once you purchase and use them, without any regrets. Extremely durable to carry heavy loads.

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