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Best Backpacks For First Graders 2019

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2019)

Here you will find best backpacks for your first graders. We searched more than 20 of the leading and most popular backpacks for elementary school kids; specially for first graders, to gather the ones that would carry stuff for daily use, and be comfortable to walk around, and keep your first grader’s books and assignments neat and organized. These backpacks have amazing build quality, which features a better and useful internal organization, a very durable external water bottle pockets, and a visible reflective strip for safety, plus they are less expensive.

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All the backpacks, we have assembled are among the highest quality kids backpacks. They last for so many years and are comfortable and proper sized for young kids. We have also collected backpacks that have particular characters on them, for those kids who want a specific character on their backpacks. Only those companies which makes quality backpacks for kids; and our limited assessment on their bags, we are confident that they will sustain for a long time. So without further ado let’s check them out.

Best Backpacks for First Graders Comparison)

Backpack Weight
MIFULGOO KIDS WATERPROOF BACKPACK- Editor's Choice 1.8 poundsCheck Price
SEQUIN SCHOOL BACKPACK 1.2 poundsCheck Price
WILDKIN 15 Inch BACKPACK 0.8 poundsCheck Price




bags for first graders infowizard

This cute and endearing backpack is made for elementary or middle school boys and girls, as it is available in different colors; Black with chest strap, blue with reflector, camo blue, dark blue with pencil case, dark red with pencil case. It’s made of Polyester, extremely durable and tough fabric. It’s a perfect size for first to third grade elementary school kids or kindergarten kids, the main large compartment is separated by a divider, 2 front zip pockets, 2 pockets for water bottles on the sides, has padded shoulder straps and tough handle. It has vivid colors and a camouflage pattern. It has a Water resistant, polyester Fabric, good for Schooling/ camping/ Hiking/ Climbing or cycling.

It has different styles for different specifications and different Sizes. Select the Right Color for your first grader. This is the best waterproof backpack. We, ourselves bought it 3 weeks ago for our first grader. It really helped put it on the test, since it’s been raining a lot for past few days. My son doesn’t really take anything heavy except for the towel, his lunch bag and his jacket in it. I have read some other reviews about the zipper being broken but ours has not, it seems perfectly fine and strong to us. We have even attached key chains on all zippers. I

t’s really cool inside and out. We will definitely buy more for our other toddlers once they start school and obviously recommend you try it too because it’s worth the money. It’s Lightweight, cute and durable at the same time. It is easy to wash, and it looks new after the wash. It has plenty of room for lunch box, a few books and has multiple useful pockets inside.

My son uses this for first grade and it is perfect size. Contains adjustable straps for kids of different heights, would definitely buy and recommend you buy it. It might be the Best backpack ever for your first grader. Has Nice colors is Waterproof and perfect for Elementary school. It Can easily fit folders and books. I would have granted more than 5 stars if I could.

Pros Cons
water proof handle might not be too tough or sturdy
extremely durable



Who on this earth would try this bag and not recommend others the same? It has everything your first grader would need for their school. Everything about this backpack is perfect for a kid of elementary school, in spite of that faulty and poor handle. It has a lot of space and can fit in plenty of things, which makes it perfect for your kids.

 Check Price


best kids bag

Sequin school backpack is so sparky and adorable for your little ones, specially your girls. It is in excellent quality, it looks great even after you use it for a long time, all the sequins will be in their places, you don’t have to worry about its quality, you don’t have to worry that the sequins may fall off, this backpack nails the sparklines and liveliness. It has reversible sequin and has a high-end polyester.

The main large compartment can be used for books, binders, magazines and files, a padded laptop sleeve also in the main compartment which can fit up to 14 inches of laptop, an inner zipper pocket, also in the main compartment for stationery, cards or other smaller items, a zipped pocket on the front, perfect for accessories like; notebook, snack, phone, pencil case or key chains and 2 side pockets for umbrellas or a water bottle.


Glitter Sequin Star backpack is made of glitter mermaid sequins with star pattern on it & high-end polyester which is flip able. Just a swing of your hands to draw pattern or write letters of your own choice to show your own style. This double way sparkly sequin backpack has a foam padded bottom, foam padded back, foam padded shoulder strap, rectangles with cross stitching and double stitching to make sure shoulder straps will not rip off, as kids often don’t know how to take care of it. A Large magic teal and purple reversible sequins backpack is perfect to be used as travel backpack, school book bag, casual day pack. It’s ideal for vacations, work, party and other outdoor activities. And flippy sequin backpack is an amazing and wonderful must have gift for girls, boys, kids, teens, students in holidays, children, New year, Christmas, Birthday, Back to School, and so on.

Pros Cons
An amazing glitter flipable sequin school backpack Its color might fade after few washes so avoid washing it frequently.
sturdy outer



This backpack without a tiny doubt is PERFECT for your kid. It is in great and amazing shape; its color is perfect for both girls and boys of elementary school. Your kid will definitely fall in love with this backpack. It will be your best and great purchase ever.

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This cute little and adorable backpack is best for both little boys and girls, it is available in lots of different colors and different prints, dinosaurs, fishes, butterflies, cars, whales, mermaids, cupcakes and lots of other kid’s favorite things. Your kid will be the talk of the playground with Wildkin 15 Inch Backpack. It has eye catching patterns and has functional design which comes together to make this backpack a fun addition to your child’s travel and school essentials. It has padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back which provides a comfortable wear while the durable top handle is perfect for hanging this backpack in a locker before heading to class.

It’s the perfect size, so fill it up as much as you need. This 15 Inch backpack is just a right size that means you can bring all your school supplies AND your favorite snack, this backpack is perfect for practice, school, and travel. Its two zippered different compartments and interior pockets and pencil holder make organization a much better and easier project, so your kid can find what they need in a minute. It’s ultra-durable and is super easy to clean, they have designed their 15 Inch Backpack to confront even the toughest, homework filled school days.

It’s Made from sensational and super durable 600 denier polyester fabric with an interior moisture resistant nylon lining, the 15 Inch Backpack is efficient of handling anything you throw at it from both, inside and out. If things get a little too sloppy and messy, just spot clean as needed and leave it open until it’s completely dry. It helps you travel in style. It’s featuring vibrant and playful patterns. Your kid will absolutely love this fun new addition to their school or travel gear.

Pros Cons
Amazing patterns Doesn't have a side pocket for umbrella or water bottle
comfortable to carry around



It is one of the best backpack and has amazing reviews about it. In spite of the fact that doesn’t have side pockets for umbrella or a water bottle, but it’s perfect anyways, it can fit a lot of other things, your files without crumbling them, notebooks, pencil case, other stationery items and can fit a small water bottle in it.

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Following tips will help you in choosing best backpack for your little kid.


The design of the backpack you are giving to your first grader is obviously important. It should definitely align with their choice and personal preference. It should base on what they like or dislike when it comes to the design or the pattern of the bag to help them feel interested in their studies.


The bag your first grader is going to use in his/her school should have a lot of space in it, it should be roomy and vast enough to fill in all the essential items, your kid might need.


Durability of the backpack is most likely the most important thing along with the all the other features. Because if the backpack is not durable enough than what’s the point of spending all that money?


When you let your kid out in the world, your kid would definitely want to have things which goes with the fashion, otherwise, your kid will definitely feel inferior and might be the one being bullied by other school mates, unfortunately.

instead of focusing on the negatives, let me talk about the fact that every parent would want their kid to have the best things in the market, so why not buy something which is in fashion.

Wrapping it up

All of these backpacks, we mentioned above are some of the most top-ranking backpacks and are absolutely PERFECT for your First grader. They are super comfortable to carry than other backpacks out there. Their thick cushioned straps and soft back padding and supportive strap makes them an excellent and superb choice for your kid who walks or even rides a bike to school, so if you are looking for a better fitting and comfortable backpacks, you’ve finally reached a right place for it.

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