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Best Backpacks for Grad School 2019

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

For most of the people, the decision to go to grad school and pursue higher education is quite a big deal. And we don’t think that anyone can disagree with the perception that it’s one hell of a commitment. In order to get ahead on that commitment, the best thing you can do is to compose yourself fully. That means mapping or laying out an educational path, gearing up your finances, and actually attending all of your classes on daily basis. It also means assembling the appropriate gear to help you through your grad school, days.

Now, the question is, what’s possibly the most fundamental piece of gear any college student needs? A backpack, certainly. It’s not just a box in which you are going to carry all of your notepads, textbooks, laptop or tablet, pens and papers, and everyday carry gadget but it is also an organizational tool that will help you stay on the top of your game.

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And if you are serious about school (which you obviously should be), you should take your backpack seriously, too. That means you need to ditch the old single pouch drawstring backpack and pick up something with a little more functionality, like anything on the list we compiled below, for instance; following are the best backpacks for grad school/college in the market these days, both functional and comfortable.

In this post, we have collected our top picks and the top most best backpacks for grad school. If you are, or about to be a grad school student this is specifically for you, some of the best grad school backpacks, based on our survey of actual grad school student’s preferences, and if organization is your number one priority (should be a priority), these are the backpacks for you.

Best Backpacks for Grad School (Comparison)

Backpack Dimensions
VASCHY UNISEX CLASSIC SCHOOL BACKPACK- Editor's Choice 11.8 x 5.9 x 16.9 inchesCheck Price




Vaschy backpack for college

Check Price


This vaschy unisex classic backpack allows you to bring your whole office, whether it’s your books, laptop, files, and whatever else you need to carry, wherever you go. It’s imported. It has high quality light weight durable denim fabric and a Smooth Zipper. Its main large compartment has a double zipper closure, an exterior zipper pocket, pockets for water bottle and umbrella on both sides, a padded iPad or Laptop pocket, 5 interior pockets of different sizes, an adjustable padded reinforced strap which can fit a 15″ laptop easily, and a water-resistant backpack cover.

It actually hangs nicely and comfortably on your shoulders and your back. You can organize your tools with the help of differently sized pockets. There is plenty of room for your cellphone, keys, wallet, etc. The pulls on the zipper allows it to slide smoothly and easily. The padded laptop compartment can fit your device snugly while the main section is best for holding heavy text books. The Vaschy school backpack is a heavy-duty backpack suitable for those who like casual backpack.

It has durable material so, it’s recommended for students who often bring their textbooks and notebooks to their college. Similarly, Shoppers will find ease and comfort with the use of this backpack for their regular grocery shopping, as it’s made of a very durable denim.

Pros Cons
Durable denim Can catch dirt easily but it is easy to wash
Plenty of storage
Space for heavy textbooks or notebooks


The vaschy unisex classic school backpack is perfect for students who are about to enter grad school, it’s a point where you would require an upgrade as your course and study style is about to change a whole lot. It’s waterproof, if it rains the color of its exterior will turn darker while the inside will be dry, so you don’t have to worry about it, if it changes its color.

The backpack is made of a thick material which will hold up well. It’s strong and durable not thin and flimsy. Overall, the bag is roomy but doesn’t look huge. The padded laptop compartment has a strap which helps fasten the iPad or laptop, so it doesn’t move. The 4 smaller pockets inside the backpack helps make the best use for any school going person. The straps are very well cushioned making them comfortable for you to carry around. Its cost is reasonable too, so we would definitely recommend.


Best Backpack for Grad School

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If you are tired of using the same backpack as everybody else and want to go for a different and unique backpack, if you want a professional and neat look, if you want a bag that helps assist things effectively but also forces you to reduce what you carry.

You will be pleased with this backpack. It is available in four amazing colors; solid black, heathered graphite, brushed indigo, sage green. If you are tired of your disorganized huge backpack. It will certainly serve you well. As a persistent traveler, if you are seeking for something neater, tidy and a bit denser, it’s assuredly a perfect fit. You should certainly prefer this backpack over others, mainly due to its storage features, mainly the huge and stiff garage at the bottom and the front organizer panel which allows you to separate small items and open them up easily to get them.

All external zippers, inclusive of bottom garage and the front pouch are great. The compartment for the laptop has vertical space left at the top for notebooks or magazines, even with the bottom pad in the place. The bottle holder is a bit smaller than an ordinary size. The sternum straps come off which is good for making the look of the backpack even neater.

There’s also a fair amount of hard padding throughout. If you are looking for a slim and compact bag, more professional looking than fits perfectly to your requirements very well. It’s a great bag to consider if you are looking for a slim, unique, and neat bag that organizes things very well. This eBags professional slim laptop backpack can fit laptop of about 15.75″; separate sleeve for tablet, two water bottle pockets. Side and top carry handles.

It has easy access compartments. Breathable and comfortable, removable and adjustable sternum strap, and padded air-mesh back panel.

It’s ideal for the day to day commute or occasional travel, this laptop backpack offers uttermost organization with pockets to hold lots and lots of travel essential. The e Bags Professional Slim Junior Laptop backpack offers a smooth, professional look that makes it perfect for work, school, or travel, and it’s made from durable twisted dobby fabric with an Air mesh padded back panel for all day carrying comfort.

The interior incorporates a lockable laptop compartment and a tablet pocket, while the exterior brags a crush proof compartment to hold fragile gear. It has all of the amazing qualities a good backpack should have.

Pros Cons
best for casual wear Not a backpack for someone looking to store more than single days’ worth of clothes
more space than you imagined
easy to organize
light weight
good material



The look of this bag is great for a casual wear and it is slim. It’ll give you a neat and professional look. It will definitely help you organize things well and also force you to keep things simple. Its price is super reasonable, so we definitely recommend this.


backpacks for grad school

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Head off to your work or school with your items in this cool backpack. This Backpack is made from heavy duty cotton canvas and it features a medium, efficient shape with two top handles for hand bearing and adjustable backpack straps that make it comfortable and easy to carry.

This backpack includes main wide-open compartment to hold books, folders, binders, and laptop, plus exterior front zipper pocket(s) and side pockets to hold your cell phone, flash drives, pens, mints, keys and other small regularly used items.

The Top grab handle, a padded back panel and a convenient shoulder strap offer adaptable, comfortable carrying options to suit your style. It has an easy access to the items available in there, a unique opening with wrings inside and double zipper closure, makes the opening wide and offer convenient access, easy way to stuff your books, clothes, lunch box, camera bag or other necessaries.

It is really cute and stylish, yet also a great size for a backpack. As a grad school/college student, you’ll need to be able to fit your notebooks, lunch, water bottle, and laptop and other accessories inside. This bag will fit nicely on your back. What’s really great about this backpack is when you open the main pocket, there is wiring inside, the stitching that makes the opening wide and easily accessible to whatever you have inside, can easily fit a 15-inch laptop, very sturdy.

Pros Cons
Has easy access Comes with a dark interior which makes it hard to find things in low light
Long lasting
Looks Cute


It does have some cons, but they are normally not given that much of an importance, as they are commonly neglected points. All in all, it’s a great bag and perfect for a grad school student. You would want to put your hands on this backpack instantly as it’s not even pricier.



Following are few tips to obtain excellent backpack for school and college.


By the age, you are about to start your life in a grad school, you are already into fashion and style. Now that it’s the time to choose a new backpack, the backpacks we mentioned above are totally in and trending in the market. You should not miss these backpacks.


You would certainly want to have a backpack which can store or fit in everything you might need for your graduation school. The backpack you need for your grad school should be roomy enough to fit in all your important documents and accessories.


What’s the point of spending money on a product which is not durable and sturdy enough to hold your things. The quality of the backpack should be one of the main priorities. Durability is the main aspect in any backpack.

Final Note

Now that you know what points to keep in mind before buying a backpack, and you have the list of the backpacks, you know what exactly to buy. We’ve given some of the amazing, top most, trending and leading backpacks, you can select from, of your own choice. These bags hardly have any cons and these cons are almost neglectable would not want to grab these backpacks? having all of the amazing qualities. You won’t regret these purchases at all.

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