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Best Backpacks for Heavy Books 2019

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2019)

College courses require a lot of unneeded expenses that are adequate enough to just skip on, but a proper backpack is definitely not one of them. Carrying those heavy books all day and all around, in just any backpack is not suitable for your shoulder, your back or to yourself. On the other side, backpacks are a necessary accessory to protect your back throughout the school or college year. It’s also something you can or might use for many years even after college.

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Backpacks are the safest way to carry the extra book load mandatory for university level courses. This is because they evenly distribute the weight of their components across the shoulders, back and hips. The ideal backpack should have a high storage capacity, a better compartmentalization, and as a matter of course, a style you would not mind rocking every day. But very few backpacks can provide you with all of these without dissatisfying in one of the category. In particular, the backpack with the excessive and highest carrying capacity is also the bulkiest.

To find the backpack that’s best suitable for you, you will have to prioritize attributes that suit the needs of your typical class load of heavy books.

To make it easier for you, we have compiled some of the great backpack choices covering all styles. This includes packs for mass storage and light weight day packs alike.

More or less, nothing makes it okay for anyone to have to carry around 800 pages worth of text book material, but these awesome backpacks make it a whole lot easier with super comfortable straps and having the features supporting lower back.

Read on underneath to discover our favorite picks for the best backpacks for heavy books. You will definitely thank us later.

It’s that time of the year where you are looking for that perfect backpack for your school/college to carry those heavy books, but with so many great backpacks available to pick from it’s hard to decide which one you should pick up.

In order to make selecting a great backpack for college or school a little easier we have done the research and set up what we think are the best backpacks for heavy books.

Our decision to list these as the top backpacks for college/school for heavy books is based on the backpack’s design, durability, functionality and mobility. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Backpacks for heavy books (Comparison)

Backpack Dimensions
VASCHY UNISEX CLASSIC SCHOOL BACKPACK- Editor's Choice 11.8 x 5.9 x 16.9 inchesCheck Price




Best backpack for heavy books

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It has multipurpose pockets, a backpack built with laptop section which fits most of the laptops, lots of functional pockets are available for storing your iPad, laptop, tablet, books, phone, clothes, umbrella, power bank, folders, pen, wallet, bottle and stationery. It’s so practical and super safe.

A luggage strap can be thrust and secured to the handle of suitcase or trolley case. Two quick access pockets on the front, glasses pocket and card pocket on the shoulder strap. This backpack is good for both men and women, perfect for riding, work, business, back to school, travel, hiking, short trips, or to carry heavy books as they are durable. It’s superb compatible.

This backpack with padded sleeve laptop compartment pocket, could protect your laptop and tech electronics accessories from scratches, perfectly. It also has a USB and Headphones port. With a USB charging port and head phone jack expanded on the side of the backpack and built in charging cable and head phone cable inside, provide benefit to charge your phone and listen to music while travel walking work or on your way.

But this backpack doesn’t furnish power bank. A Water proof fabric for unforeseen light rain, But it can’t stand the heavy rain. A Travel ruck sack also made with tear resistant durable nylon fabric and its dual access zipper allows for added extra safety and easy access.

The multi compartment design permits students to easily organize and separate everything they need during a standard school day for easy and quick access to their must have items.

Pros Cons
Practical and safe side pockets might not be too sturdy or durable.
Extremely durable
Best for heavy books



This backpack is best known for its reliability for its distinct design. You will never have to be anxious about a caught zipper, as this backpack uses modish and stylish straps to secure a wide opening on the top. This makes it easier to load your backpack when you are in a rush. The top flap shuts with sturdy magnetic pin clips.

The pack is entirely padded, and fleece lined in its characteristic pinstripe design from inside. The pack can expand to hold three large and heavy books plus other smaller items. Those who have an above the standard average heavy book load may prefer this backpack.

Yorepek backpack has a separate laptop sleeve inside and along with that, it does offer enough extra padding to secure the laptop from drops. The shoulder straps are padded and contoured with air mesh, making this pack comfortable and nice.

This is the kind of bag that is a walk in the park to carry around, all day. It is the one that can last against years of usage and manipulation as well.


Girls backpack for heavy books

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Mocha weir backpack has an amazing material; Smooth metal zipper and Premium Canvas. Contains a lot of pockets in inner compartments; a small note or Purse pockets,3 pockets for pens or other stationery and a separate laptop compartment.

The Outside Compartments includes a zipper pocket which is invisible and two side pockets.

This High capacity backpack can easily accommodate a 14 inches laptop computer, books, wallets, iPad, magazines, iPhone, etc.

The side pockets can effortlessly put a water bottle and an umbrella.

The style and design is definitely remarkable; the simple and fashionable design with fresh colors makes every day lively and different. This sturdy and tough canvas backpack has padded straps for easy comfort, a padded cushion protection for tablet or laptop and padded cushion to protect your back when you carry something heavy, unfortunately you have to carry all those heavy books, which needs a tough and sturdy backpack.

This backpack has fashionable and refining design. The backpack is famous for its fine and exquisite workmanship. The premium canvas is waterproof and wearproof. A thick breathable strap design, which can easily hold most of your daily necessities including your heavy books.

Its design is made with plenty of capacity for your everyday need and extra books. It has reasonable, practical and scientific compartments, which easily makes your goods lay in the backpack efficiently. Specially equipped laptop compartment can carry your laptop/tablet easily.

The design of this cute fashion backpack is modern, polka dot and Aztec-reminiscent, great for school or college going students. It is a great and considerable combination of both patterns. It’s a very nice quality backpack with a great range of colors; something for everyone. The shoulder band is well expanded for additional coziness.

It’s also washable; wash it with clean water with normal temperatures, not with hot water, wash it separately with others to avoid staining.

Pros Cons
Super durable for heavy books Could use more pockets for a better organization
Light weight
Great print



The backpack also has two side pockets, plus a laptop section for laptops up to 15 inches, which lays out fairly decent padding for it. It also has a drop sleeve for sun glasses, assuring they won’t get scratched up against your other school supplies.

Some of you might want more than just one main compartment/pockets to organize all of their supplies. However, this backpack is more geared towards being a mid-sized travel companion or ally to carry along the essentials and your heavy books.



Men's backpack for books

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Kemy’s men’s canvas backpack has an old world feel to it, which you can definitely use for whatever purpose you need it for. It has the only, main compartment which helps you find things super easily without worrying about the multiple compartments and pockets.

It’s an outstanding solid bag, the magnet clasps are exceptional, and it can easily fit your 15 inches laptop, books, switch, lunch, and plenty of other items. It comes in so many catchy and old school, vintage colors; Brown, chocolate, gray, khaki, beige, black blue, coffee and olive green.

Kemy’s vintage canvas backpack, a whale of a canvas and authentic leather trim, gives it a very stylish and distressed looking. A Vintage leather ruck sack, a padded laptop sleeve and padded straps, will for sure sit comfortably over your back and keep all of your electronics within protected and safe and secure from falling or slipping out or getting any scratches.

A remarkable leather men’s travel book backpack, with a large capacity and a vast compartment which can fit 15.6 inches laptop/15 inches Mac, iPad Pro and other accessories, including school books and school supplies, camera, folders, binder, textbooks and many more.

Great Men’s canvas leather backpack, rugged brown leather belts and top zipper, copper hard ware, functional pockets, magnetic snaps, classic design that can never ever fall behind kemy’s men’s travel backpack is perfect for college school, office, campus, weekend trips, gym, weekend adventure, carry on (on a plane), camping, the cruise, hiking, the jungle, day activities and airline travel as a practical sack.

Pros Cons
Sturdy material May be a turn off for magnetic snaps (some people do like it, as it offers quick attachment capabilities).
Looks great
comfortable straps



You will never have to be concerned or panic about the things you can’t find in multiple compartments as it offers a single compartment or a caught zipper, as this backpack uses stylish buckles to secure a wide opening on the top.

This makes it super easier and convenient to load your backpack when you are in a rush. The top flap closes with tough and sturdy magnetic buckles. If you are a vintage lover, this particular backpack is made for you as it gives you that old school vibe.



If you want to find a perfect backpack to carry your heavy books, the very first thing you need to check is obviously the durability. The material or the fabric of the backpack is important to check if it’s capable enough to carry your heavy books without ripping the backpack off.


After the durability comes the style, so you need to find the backpack which is stylish enough, and of your personal taste and style which you won’t mind rocking on around your campus or anywhere else. Style is obviously one of the important factor or point to put under consideration, as you can’t just buy any other backpack out there without even liking it.


Another very important factor is the space. You definitely need some extra space or room for your heavy books. Additional space would be perfect for the extra load.



As we mentioned above the very important points to keep in your mind while you are searching and looking for the best backpacks for heavy books. While listing and looking for the best backpacks for heavy books, we kept those key points in mind to help you with the amazing and astonishing products. All of the backpacks we mentioned above are super durable, functional, roomy/spacious, safe, and stylish; perfect for heavy books.

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