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Best Barbie House You can buy in 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

One of the most favorite and famous toys of girls are barbie dolls. Barbie items include not only dolls but clothes, accessories, barbie branded goods and most importantly barbie houses. Barbie is a cultural icon and is most famous among children specially girls. Girls love to play with barbie dolls and barbies present a model for them.

Girls are not only interested in barbie dolls but also the things relating barbie most common of which are barbie houses. If your girl has a barbie doll, she’ll definitely need a barbie house to keep all of barbie’s accessories.

Barbie houses come in all sizes and shapes. There is a wide variety of barbie houses and it will not be difficult for you to find one that’ll exactly fit in the space you’ve specified for it.

If you’ve a lot of queries and you don’t know where to start and how to choose, we have made it easy for you to choose by listing some of the best barbie doll houses below that your child will definitely love and want to have.

Name Recommended Age
BARBIE DREAMHOUSE- Editor's Choice 36 months - 10 yearsCheck Price
BARBIE GLAM GATEWAY HOUSE 36 months - 10 yearsCheck Price
BARBIE PORCELAIN DREAM HOUSE 3 years and upCheck Price
BARBIE PINK PASSPORT 3 STORY TOWNHOUSE 36 months - 7 yearsCheck Price


barbie house

When children start to play with barbie dolls and their houses, their imagination turns these into dream houses. This barbie dreamhouse is for children of age 3 years and above. It has so many astonishing features.

To begin with, this house is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It consist of 3 stories and 8 rooms. One of the most surprising and amazing features of this house include working elevator that can be occupied with 4 dolls, a carport and a second-story pool that is simply the most fascinating feature of this house.

The realistic light and sound touches enhance the beauty of the barbie dream house. The frying pan gives the sizzling sound that makes it even more real. The whistling of the kettle, lighting up of the oven and its ticking sound and lastly, flushing sound of the toilet are all the necessary and basic features that can make a thing look real and lively.

This barbie dream house offers more possibilities of fun and play for children by providing a couch that create bunk beds when open, the coffee table, on flipping, changes into bed to create a bedroom for guest. The fireplace turns around to transform the welcoming lair into workplace.

The kitchen sink plays double role by providing one side with barbecue and shelves and other with the oven and recycling bin. The refrigerator not only function to store food but also plays a role as an outdoor food stand. These immense features of the barbie doll house amaze the senses. The house is comprised of 70 accessories that simply makes the house dreamy and make the child surprised and excited at the same time.

This barbie house offer friend’s sleepover, BBQ parties, birthdays, holidays, healthy swimming activities and many other events. There are endless and unlimited words to describe the mesmerizing beauty of the barbie dream house that’ll compel you to buy it for your child. This barbie dream house offers a variety of surprising and simply the most amazing features that one could imagine because with barbie, everything is possible.

Pros Cons
Large in size Cheap plastic
easy to assemble


Despite being cheap plastic used, this product is very reliable. The amazing and incredible features of this product makes it dreamy and unique and catches kid’s attention rapidly. Although, the house is large in size, but it is very easy to build up.

Check Price


barbie doll house infowizard

This barbie house is for children of 36 months – 10 years of age. This house keep girls relaxed. It has latched and carrying handle. It opens into a cute kitchenette, gorgeous bedroom and fixed bathroom. Colorful and absolutely glamorous accessories engage one’s senses.
The house consists of a kitchen with 2 stools, bedroom, nightstand, and a side table. A fixed bathroom with toilet and a shower. Kitchenette accessories include a pan, teapot, plates, utensils and cups. Bedroom accessories include a soft pillow and an alarm clock. Bathroom items include a hair dryer and a bottle of perfume and a vase of flowers.
The latch and carrying handle of the house makes it movable. You can take it with you anywhere and that is the best thing about this beautiful house.

Pros Cons
Already assembled No dolls
Portable Small parts
Easy to fold up


Although, the house doesn’t consist of any dolls and some of its parts are very small and made of cheap plastic which could easily break but overall, it is a very fine house for the beginners and has all of the basic accessories.

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doll houses by barbie

This barbie doll house consists of small parts. It is for the children of age 3 years and above. It weighs 8 pounds. This porcelain dream house is designed in Victorian style with light cord. It includes barbie with a dog and a department 56 booklet. There are two varieties of porcelain house and they come in different sizes. One consist of a dog and is 2-3/4″ x 2-3/4” in size whereas the other variety i.e. porcelain house with trees is approximately 8″ x 8″ in size. And the outer box is approximately 13″ x 10″ x 8-3/4″ in size. It is to remember that these houses are for indoor use only. They also vary in colors.

Pros Cons
Versatile None Reported
Well made


There are no negative points of barbie porcelain dream house. Instead, it offers a wide variety for its consumers. They come in all sizes and colors which attract one’s attention completely.

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Barbie house best

This barbie house comes in 3 deluxe stories of play space which makes it amazing and fun. This house consists of four room and a rooftop lounge. All features of this house looks so real which makes it ultra-deluxe. It also consists of an activate elevator which is used to travel between floors. The roof top opens up with a colorful pop-up umbrella for a really entertaining surprise on second floor as soon as barbie reaches the floor.

The first floor consists of kitchen and a living room. The second floor consists of bathroom and bedroom. This house also provides a closet upstairs for the barbie to hang her fashions. An up- to- date swinging chair opens up in the living room for the barbie doll to swing on the inside as well as on the outside of the house.

Refreshing colors, recent designs and realistic touches add to the beauty of the house. It encourages the children to make up imaginative stories of their own. Tremendous furniture helps in filling the fun.

Additional accessories provide even more play opportunities for the child. This doll house is not traditional rather it is modern and beyond imagination. With this house, imagination can be brought to life. The story-telling ways are uncountable. Additional accessories include towel for the bath, transparent and glossy bathtub. It may vary in colors and decorations.

Pros Cons
Easy to fold up Flimsy plastic
Modern looking
Well designed


Despite being flimsy plastic used, the house is magnificent. It offers new, modern and wonderful features for the children. Pink pasport 3 story townhouse provides many play opportunities and endless ways of story-telling. Also, it is easy to fold up and is undeniably worth buying.

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It is a little bit difficult to choose barbie house than a normal doll house since barbie doll house provides a wide variety of houses each consisting of simply amazing and outstanding features. However, there are some things which will help you in choosing a desirable barbie house.


Space is the first thing you should keep in your mind while choosing a barbie house. Even a slightly large house could be desirable if It is easy to fold up.
If the house is portable, has two to three rooms, changeable accessories and is easy to assemble and wrap up than its quiet desirable. Your child could move it easily in the closet after playing with it without creating any mess.

Some houses are semi-portable. Only their walls can fold up. You cannot move it in the closet but because of the folding up of the walls, you save some of your floor space.
Some barbie houses are designed in a way that they could only fit in the corners. They cannot be fold up but the rooms of the house are designed in a way that they could perfectly fill the corner of the floor. In this way you can also save most of your floor space.


To choose the best barbie house, you should keep in view the features of the house. If the house offers modern, unique and up-dated features, it is desirable. Some of the houses have realistic sound and light touches that enhance the imagination.

Modern features have a lot of benefits. Children enjoy unique and new features. It helps them to learn new things and creates a positive impact on them. It can be rewarding for your child in future.


Barbie houses with additional accessories catch one’s attention more often. These additional accessories often include pieces of furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, etc. It provides more play opportunities for your child.


One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a barbie house is its material. Most houses are made with flimsy plastic and they get broken easily while moving or playing which leaves a bad impression on the buyer.

Large barbie houses have thick and tough plastic with the intention to last long. Portable houses have light plastic which is thinner and can bend easily. They are not reliable.


Large barbie houses with strong and sturdy material and attractive additional accessories can be quite expensive while the small, portable houses with less furniture are cheaper and can be excellent for the beginners.

If your child has already experienced barbie houses, then the large one will be appropriate but if it’s the first time that your child is coming across a barbie house then small houses are reliable. If your child is older, she may want up-dated, modern and realistic features in a barbie house.


We have provided the information best of our knowledge. To conclude this, if your child is older and has experienced many barbie houses, a large and sturdy house with new designs, modern features and additional accessories will be appropriate for your child.
If your kid is young, a small barbie house with few furniture pieces will be reliable for your child. Barbie houses come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials and prices. We have listed some of the best barbie houses with elaborate details which will surely help you in making your decision.

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