Best Commercial String Trimmer 2019

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2019)

Using a string trimmer for lawn maintenance generates a finished browse property. It can be used by professional landscape maintenance crews or homeowner. Both residential and commercial properties ought to be mowed and kept up frequently. Using a string trimmer either before or following your rototiller work helps offer the lawn a clean professional look.

We have listed some best string trimmers in this list for professional use. So, you can choose the best commercial string trimmer for your job. However, homeowners can use commercial string trimmers as well for bigger lawns and better trimming.

Commercial String Trimmers Comparison Table

Name Type
Tanaka TCG27EBSP- Editor's Choice Gas PoweredCheck Price
EGO Power+ ST1500 cordlessCheck Price
ECHO CST-58V4AH crodlessCheck Price
Hitachi CG23ECPSL Gas poweredCheck Price


Tanaka TCG27EBSP- Editor’s Choice

commercial string trimmer

A commercial class trimmer is an excellent selection for individuals who have a major lawn or consist of a lawn maintenance company. With this product, you don’t have to be concerned about the appliance digesting when confronted with thick weeds or tough grass.

The trimmer includes a commercial grade 2-cycle engine that certifies maximum consistency and sturdiness.

Being the most effective string trimmers, this model also carries with it an aluminum clutch housing that prevents the clutch from overheating.

Another fantastic aspect that creates this model one of the better weed eater would be the lined solid steel drive shafts that decrease the vibrations drastically to improve the consumer comfort.

Pros Cons
Commercial grade powerful engine None
Less vibration mechanism
Ergonomic design



Tanaka TCG27EBSP owns 2-cylinder gas engine which is powerful and certified for commercial string trimming. It has machinery which controls the vibration and assists with accuracy. Also, it has ergonomic design which means you are not to bend your back or put a lot of pressure on yourself while trimming lawns.

No one reported any major downside about this machine. Hence, it is our editor’s choice and one of the best commercial string trimmer.

Check Price


EGO Power+ ST1500

best cordless string trimmer

Doing yard work can regularly be difficult notably if you don’t have the top string trimmer. However, it is possible to make simpler by use of this trimmer, that acts just as one edger.

This model is included with unconventional features and comfortable design so that it is user friendly for both commercial and use at home. Featuring a 56V battery, this trimmer are able to offer with all the current power you’ll need in working with stubborn weeds inside a limited time.

The powerful battery also extends its runtime, and thus you do not possess to help keep recharging it.

Another excellent feature that includes this weed consumer will be the extended shaft that enables it to find yourself in tighter spaces along with the ergonomic handle, which can be very comfortable to support.

Pros Cons
Powerful Batteries Batteries are expensive
Sturdy Built
long lasting



EGO ST1500 is cordless, brushless string trimmer which is best for both commercial and residential use. The batteries are very powerful and can last for ¼ acres trimming. It has strong built which makes it worthy of investment as it is going to last longer in terms of its life.

On negative side, replacement batteries are not cheap and can be very expensive if you are on tight budget.

Check Price



cordless commercial string trimmer

This is the most effective string trimmer if you are trying to find an excellent trimmer make use of when controlling tall and thick weeds into lawns.

Unlike other models out there, this model features a unique brushless motor that’s the opportunity to provide greater power and long runtime.

Featuring a flexible speed trigger, either adjust the pace for maximum speed to handle thick weeds or reduce the rate while confronting soft grass, extending its runtime.

Likewise, this model is sold with variable cutting strip that allows you to cope with tough weeds and grass without difficulty. We also love the ultra-modern echo speed feed line advancement which allows for fast and simple top up.

Pros Cons
Best for edging batteries require regular recharge
strong built



This string trimmer can convert into edger quickly. Echo CST has well built quality and it is inexpensive compared to many other brands with same specs. So, we pretty sure it offers outstanding value to its users.

Echo string trimmer comes with very powerful battery, but the issue is that it needs to be recharged more often.

Check Price


Hitachi CG23ECPSL

gas powered commercial string trimmer

Starting with the 22.5cc clean trigger two-stroke mechanism, this model will give you with great performance while producing minimal emission.

Another fantastic aspect that accompanies this model would be the 69.6 inch lengthens that plays an essential role in lessening fatigue from fatigue.

To minimize fatigue further this model is included with ant vibration system that cuts down on the vibration, allowing the consumer to work with the appliance longer without much hand weariness.

his model is sold with an s-start recoil starting system decreasing the force that you need to make use of when starting the engine. Moreover, this model is backed by a lengthy warranty so that you can keep with relief understanding that forget about the is protected.

Pros Cons
Discharge less gases Lacks Trimming head quality
Extremely powerful
Anti-Vibrant system



This is one of the powerful and best commercial string trimmer as well for keeping yards and lawns clean and beautiful. It has low emission engine which is not as dangerous as other gas operated machinery. It also has less vibration function which keeps your hand steadier and prevents it from getting tired quickly.

One issue was reported to us that the quality of it’s trimming head is not good. So, we recommend using some other good quality trimming head.

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Safety Tips for String Trimmer

Using proper safety measures and wearing protective clothing will assist users of string trimmers be safe and comfy both during and following job.


When employing a weed eater, those should wear long pants without the need of cuffs. They should be crafted from fairly heavy material for top skin protection. While using the string trimmer, generally known as a weedwhacker, grass, rocks and debris will fly up via a flight. The legs certainly are a likely target for cuts and bruises if left unprotected. Long-sleeved shirts may also be helpful, although less critical.


Steel-toed boots are imperative. String trimmers can reduce through sneakers and cause serious injury. The user should make sure to maintain the equipment far enough from the feet.


Wearing work gloves or gardening gloves is vital when employing a weedwhacker. They protect the hands from blisters, calluses and chafing. They should be waterproof and durable. Poisonous vegetation can be another hazard encountered when conducting landscape maintenance. Poison ivy, vines with thorns, insects and flying debris can all damage the hands.

Safety Glasses

Eye protection from flying rocks, airborne dirt and grass is significant when operating a string trimmer. Either goggles or glasses are appropriate, and therefore are ordinarily a case of personal preference. Designer models and tinted styles are offered that you can buy.


While raining can be done, it isn’t recommended. Not only does it sling wet grass on concrete and make a mess that’s hard to clear, what’s more, it sticks to clothing, embeds in hair and fuses onto anything in their path.


String trimmer heads rotate counter-clockwise. The user should walk along with it off to the right. This prevents debris from blowing or turning up rolling around in its path. The weed eater should swing backwards and forwards in regard to foot a good idea to pack up grass and weeds. A weed is any sort of vegetation which is where it’s not said to be. Avoid hitting plant material. It will damage woody ornamentals and flowers. It can damage bark, tear foliage, shear leaves and will kill plants.



We have spent around 18 hours to gather this list to help you choose the best commercial stringer trimmer for professional or residential use. Usually, Gas powered string trimmers are best for commercial use, but you can use cordless one as well if you are not trimming a lot of lawns and yards.

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