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Best Drill Press for Glass 2019

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2019)

Drilling holes in any hard stuff takes efficiency and talent. If you use the wrong tools or techniques, you will, without a doubt, waste materials, time, bits, and your energy. Luckily, talent can be gained. To achieve the best possible results in glass, ceramic tile, metal, and masonry you will need to buy the right tool for it, just so all these hard materials will feel like balsa wood to you.

Making holes in softer materials like wood is easy, just stick a standard drill bit in your drill and simply pull the trigger. But, if you use the same drill on harder materials like glass, metal, masonry, tile, you will ruin drill bits, waste your time and even wreck your work piece.

Hand held drills are extraordinarily versatile tools, but they do have their limits. When you need to use various types of drill bits, in a wide variety of materials, you can’t beat the power, repeatability, and precision of a drill press. Drill presses (they are sometimes called pillar drills) comes in all shapes and sizes, and are available with lots of different features, giving you variety of impressive choices, it’s great to have plenty of choices, but the variety of any thing does complicate buying that.

Drilling a hole in a pane of glass or a mirror is not that hard. The key is to use the carbide bit which is made especially for the glass. Because glass is extremely hard and super smooth, the bit will start to stray, the moment you will start drilling, if you are not using the right bit. You will have to make sure the glass is firmly supported on the back side and start only with a very light pressure on the drill, if you start off with a very high pressure you might crack the glass. Most of the drill bits you use for glass are good and can also bore into metal and other materials.

The basic components of a drill press are relatively super simple, basically, the traditional drill press is consisted of four main parts, the column, base, head and the table. An electric motor is fixed to a gearbox and composed of two sets of stepped pulleys. The number of the steps defines the number of speeds available on the drill press. A v-belt runs between the pulleys, passing power to a rotating spindle, which is called a quill. A drill chuck is fixed to this quill. The chuck is lowered or raised using a handle accessible on the side. The whole machine is supported by the base, the column is normally made of steel which grasps the head and the table and is fixed firmly to the base to provide you an exceptional experience.

When it comes to determining the kinds of model, which are Bench model and Floor model, the length of the hollow column comes into play. The height of bench model ranges from 25 to 50 inches, whereas, the height of Floor model ranges from 65 to 76 inches.

While both models have their own specialty and functionality for different types of tasks but none of them is superior than the other. Bench top models are smaller, cheaper and have less power and are designed for smaller, light duty usage, while Floor models are relatively larger, more expensive, have higher power and are designed for bigger or heavy-duty projects and are mostly preferred by professionals or DIYers on large scale.

If you are a wood worker check out best drill presses for wood working.

Considering both types and other important features necessary for a drill press which should be able to drill through any kind of glass, we did the hard part and compiled the best and top-rated drill presses for glass and other materials, only for your convenience and to help you avoid the mistake of buying the wrong one. Here is a list of top three drill presses for glass.

Best Drill Presses for Glass (Comparison)

Drill Press Built
Dremel 220-01 Drill Press- Editor's Choice SteelCheck Price
NOVA 58000 DVR Voyager Drill Press SteelCheck Price
Foredom P-DP30 Drill Press MetalCheck Price


Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station Drill Press– Editor’s Choice

best drill press for glass

Check Price

Dremel machine is 3 in 1 tool; it’s a drill press, a flex-shaft tool stands and a rotatory tool holder. It’s an articulating drill press; drills perpendicularly and angled holes in 15-degree increments, up to 90 degrees horizontally. It has a tool holder; which holds tools at 90 degrees horizontal for the tasks such as, sanding different shapes, polishing metal objects, and grinding metal pieces. The Flex shaft tool stand permits telescopic adjustment to any height ranging from 16 inches and 29 inches. The Crow’s nest provides an on-board storage for drill bits, wrenches, and other various Dremel accessories. There is an inch and metric marking on base for accurate drilling of any workpiece, be it a glass, wood, metal, plastic or any other material. The packaging includes an Attachment, mounting wrench, and instructions.

The Flex Shaft; 225-01 is a true must have accessory for all hobbyists and other do it yourselves, this Dremel’s 225 Flex Shaft Attachment has a flexible, and a 36-inch shaft that attaches without any extra effort and adds a better and an improved level of versatility to your various project capabilities. It’s ideal for crafts, metal working, hobbies, and a variety of around the house jobs, this 220-01 Dremel’s Work Station easily transforms any Dremel rotary tool into a table top drill press. It can be bolted on to your work bench, and it also has the versatility to operate as a nice tool holder, an exceptional flex shaft holder, and an outstanding drill press.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this Dremel 220-01, 3 in 1 tool.

Pros Cons
Amazing 3 in 1 tool. Instructions for assembly are not that helpful.
Well made.
Heavy duty.
Decent and sturdy.
1-year warranty.



This 3 in 1 tool is unique, functional and practical. It’s made of heavy-duty metal and plastic is very sturdy. It’s various amazing features makes it a must have tool. You can turn your Dremel rotary tool into an amazing mini plunge router and cut perfect and smooth decorative edges, straight slots or rout free hand. It’s Plunge feature let’s you start your cut in the middle of your epic work piece. Gain the precision and flexibility you need to shape, sand and detail a variety of soft and hard woods with the practical Dremel 231 Shaper or Router Table. It stabilizes a hand-held tool by giving an edge guide and serves as a wide work platform when the tool is mounted in the secure position. It also provides an increased comfort from debris and sparks during grinding, cutting, sanding, and other polishing applications.

Give your go-to tools a new lease in life. The A679-02 amazing Sharpening Kit includes three of the most popular attachments; the Dremel lawn mower sharpened, chain saw sharpener, and garden tool sharpener. It permits for sturdy controlled cuts in a variety of different materials; including fiberglass, drywall, laminate, plastic and vinyl siding. This 3 in 1 portable, counter top drill press can be taken anywhere you want to due to its petite size and doesn’t even cost that much, more in more it comes with 1 whole year of warranty.

NOVA 58000 DVR Voyager Drill Press

dvr drill press

Check Price

 NOVA 58000 DVR 18 inches drill Press is the world’s first smart drill Press, merging the best features of drill presses with the latest Art and technology to make your every day projects work more fun, efficient, and safer. This NOVA voyager DVR drill Press is the most versatile drill Press available on the market, it’s so easy to handle the roughness or smoothness of all types of materials, be it glass, wood, metal, or plastics, which makes it a truly cross functional machine. The DVR drill Press is the latest customized DVR application, which is designed to utilize several sensors to deliver superior safety and preventive maintenance features. This efficient and powerful machine can drill through glass, wood, plastic, and metal and presents paramount user friendliness.

The digital variable reluctance (DVR) is a switch reluctance motor with a unique electronic control. The electronic control utilizes a micro processor for Constant monitoring of the environmental conditions and motor to adjust power and power to suit. It includes 50 to 5500 rpm variable speed, an 18 inches swing, 9 inches from Spindle centre to Column, a 6 inches quill stroke, a 2 MT quill taper, a mechanical depth stop, a digital quill depth read out, very helpful digital speed read out and the control, a dial knob for precise and accurate speed adjustment, reverse and forward. The voyager has exacted and precision machining, good bearings, tight tolerances and split head casings all delivering a strong bedrock of accuracy and perfectness. When you couple this with the control of speed and power and intelligent monitoring, this is a highly accurate drill Press.

It comes with a 16 1/2 inches x 16 1/2 inches cast iron Table which is designed for glass, wood working, and has amazing software features such as intelligent speed selection, an auto pilot hole function, an exceptional tapping-assist function, an electronic braking, a load read out and a very productive self start. The onboard sensors for prevailing safety, maintenance and use, includes load sensors, depth sensors, an advanced vibration sensor, and emergency stops. Using the unique and upgraded DVR technology, the direct drive motor is remarkably smooth with No belts or pulleys to vibrate. It’s easy to operate, the NOVA DVR range of machines are the only smart machines out there using latest adaptive control software. The NOVA voyager software can be updated and upgraded via USB port, providing you the ultimate flexibility and functionality. This is the only unit available on the market to offer this safe, future proof service.

The voyager’s ability to optimize speeds and power delivers optimum performance when you use specialty cutters over those traditional drill presses. They are comfortably used specialty cutters such as Circle cutters, forstner bits, Plug cutters and Rosette cutters, moreover a wide range of materials, from wood through to glass, metal, tile and plastics. It’s 16.5 x 16.5 inches table size is designed for woodworking with many clamp positions and slots and can rotate 360 degree and be Tilted from -45 degree through to +45 degree for maximum convenience and perfection. Includes DVR controller and motor, a woodworking Table, drill chuck, manual and fastenings. It’s amazingly designed by Tekna tool International, which is innovating since 1955. It’s backed by a full replacement 2-year warranty on all parts, and a 5 Year full replacement warranty on all parts excluding the motor, consumables and electronics.

Here are some pros and cons of NOVA Voyager 58000 drill press

Pros Cons
Its direct drive motor operates flawlessly. Expensive.
The firmware updates super easily and adds new and updated functionality.
Highly solid unit.
The speed dial and screen are very easy to use.
Fit and finish is excellent.
A 5 Year full replacement mechanical, and 2 Year full replacement motor and controller.



This NOVA 58000 is a very solid unit. The speed dial and screen are so easy to use.  The fit and finish is remarkable, everything puts together well with no issues. It is a very heavy machine, you might need another person to help you with the assembling, the instructions are in depth but most probably you won’t need them as everything goes together nicely and easily. It does not have a belt or any pulleys, so everything is just easier and faster, it is incredible not having to open the side and move the belt. It does not even make loud noises like other drill presses out there. Its interface is very intuitive, and helpful and easy to see. The head casing, table and base is polished cast iron and the shaft is chrome steel. Despite of its higher price, the amazing and advanced features makes it all worth it. Highly recommended.

Foredom P-DP30 Drill Press

foredom drill press for glass

Check Price

Foredom’s P-DP30 is a precise and rugged stand which converts this Foredom flexible shaft power tool into a drill press by tightly and securely holding a hand piece in a vertical position for drilling straight, accurate and exact holes to the specified depths. The tough and sturdy, all metal stand is fully adjustable, has a 2 inches throat capacity, and a stroke length for up to 1-1/4 inches. The work table moves up and down on the post and can even swing away for conveniently drilling large pieces.

The Foredom’s drill presses are designed for use with the Hand pieces; H.30, H.30H, H.44, H.44T and H.44HT. They can be matched with any motor but are specially matched to the Series LX motor for high torque or slow speed applications like wax modelling and stone setting. They also work perfect with Series SR reversible motor which allows drilling into the workpiece (such as bead or a pearl) in the forward rotation and then easily out when it’s switched into reverse rotation without increasing the size of the hole which you are drilling. Foredom drill presses are also perfect for modelling, spot-facing, reaming in wood, and counter sinking, glass, wax, metal, plastic and gemstones.

Below we have mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Foredom drill press.

Pros Cons
Perfect for micro drilling Not meant for very heavy-duty purposes.
Very little price for the amazing features.
Highly accurate.
The spring handle tension is perfectly made.
Very smooth.



As we mentioned above this is a petite drill press, meant for smaller work pieces, originally made for jewellery purposes but is also capable of drilling holes into glass, wax, metal, gemstones, and plastic. It functions great for what it’s made for. It has a very less price for the amazing, several functions and incredible features. Best and highly recommended for people having to work with smaller work pieces.


The following points are essential in choosing best drill press for glass. We also kept below points in mind while doing our research.


The price of any product you are purchasing matters the most depending on your needs. There are plenty of different types of drill presses out there and not every drill press have the exact same features and quality. Now you need to choose the one which best suits you, your needs and your budget. If you are someone who is a professional drill press user and works with it every day should spend a considerable amount of money on it, and go for the one which possesses all of the important features you might need and are helpful for you, but on the other hand, if you are the one who is DIYer or is just going to use it every now and then, there is no point in spending a lot of money on a single product, just something which does not have a very high quality but can withstand your needs. We hope you make the wise decision with this one.


While we are at the important features to keep in mind, while going for the drill press, let us remind you again that choosing the best model type for your needs is very very important. You have the choice of selecting either a floor model or a bench top model. Usually, a floor model is ideal for projects on a larger scale, to give you more accurate results, and this is because of the more extensive spectrum of accompaniments. The Benchtop models, on the other hand, are perfect for smaller tasks, because they are less precise but are also very space efficient and ideal for smaller needs.


A depth stop is an apparatus that guarantees that all openings you make, shares the same depth, providing you a precise and accurate drilling. This option is the most important when you are boring a considerable number of holes and the work piece requires to match up the depths of each hole. If, for example, you need a depth of two inches into any substance you are working on, and a total number of 20 holes at a distance, the depth stop will make sure that every one of those 20 holes has a depth not exceeding or falling short of two inches.


Horse power is basically another very important feature, as this is the one which is going to do all your tasks, efficiently or poorly based on the speed. You would need more power if you have to bore a longer or wider hole through a very strong substance like thicker metals, particularly steel or iron. Or very smooth substance like glass. The more power your drill press possesses, the less stressed the drill bit will be and will make your work shorter of drilling through any tougher materials.

Final Verdict

If you are reading this article, you most probably, by now believe that hand held drill presses can not do every kind of work you throw at them, it’s a very efficient and functional drill but is not capable of providing you the kind of accurate result the drill press can, A drill press is an advanced and upgraded version of a hand held drill and is now used widely in every glass, wood, plastic and metal working shops, side by side people at homes are also preferring these over hand held drills, as they are more professional and efficient and can do the whatever the work thrown at it super quickly. The above-mentioned drill presses are the three top rated and functional drill presses for glass and vary in their price ranges for every kind of budgets you have. We hope you find the drill press which is best suited to your needs.

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