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Best Drill Press For Home Shop 2019

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

There is a high probability that, you, by all consideration already have a drill, and you might ask, why should you spend your money on a drill press? and we have a very simple answer for that; A drill press provides accuracy and power you can’t get by drilling with hands, it’s more convenient and requires less efforts. For beginners, a drill press is far more accurate, precised than any hand-held drill. It’s perfect for following up repetitive continuous drilling operations, a drill press will permit you to complete your home shop work projects more efficiently and perfectly and with greater precision.

Drill press, also named as a Drilling Machine, is a very convenient and helpful device which is used for producing holes in hard substances more precisely. The drill is grasped in a rotating spindle and is fed into the work piece (be it a wood., metal or plastic), which is usually held in a vise resting on a table. Whether you are drilling hogging out a mortise, hinge cup recesses, cutting a batch of wood plugs or countersinking some pilot holes, a drill press makes easy work of it all. It is a versatile, accurate tool every shop should have.

Talking some further about drill presses, let us add that there are two main types of drill presses; The Bench top model and the floor model. While there are so many benefits of both of them and both are meant for drilling, and both excel in their field, but they do differ in size, power, and other features and you should go for the type which is best suited for your current needs and any future requirements, as it’s not the kind of investment you are going to daily.

Bench top Drill Presses are generally smaller in size, cheaper, and have lesser horse power than Floor Model Drill Presses, which are relatively larger, more expensive, and more powerful. Bench top models are perfect for hobbyists, small DIYers and shopkeepers who don’t need a heavy-duty press, while, as floor models have high power and are bigger than the other one, they are ideal for shop keepers and other professionals who need to work with heavy duty materials.

Finding the best drill press for home shop can be a difficult task, especially if you are not sure where to begin. But luckily, for your convenience, we have taken care of the hard part for you, by compiling a few models that are currently the best in their class. We have also put together a buying guide full of useful tips, and important features you should keep in mind while looking for a drill press for home shop.

The best drill press for your home shop will be based on the type of work you want to do with it. For instance, if you generally take on large projects that demands more height or capacity, a floor drill press might be a superior choice for you than a bench top drill press.

For your home shop work you will need a press which is comfortable, easy and will be able to give you a perfect drilling experience then you should acknowledge some key features before buying the perfect fit. These features should benefit a person to carve the wood, metal or plastic and provide extra comfort for the long projects that they might be working on. Finding a proper machine is very hard and so is the research.

So, if you are looking for the best drill press for your home shop, you can purchase and to add to your collection of tools, there are various factors you will need to consider as you look for the perfect one to fit your projects. These specific drill presses are ideal for home shop but, they work great for any other work, whether you are a home owner or a wood worker or literally just plan on taking your drill to some higher level, looking to set up a long lasting permanent fixture, or any contractor who needs to be capable of taking your gears sideways with you to a work place, there are answers involved in our reviews for each development and usage. If you are working on metal check out our list of best drill presses for metal.

Trust us, it is not easy to find a drill press capable and sturdy enough for your home shop. It should be powerful to penetrate thick wooden objects, heavy duty metal, or tough plastic and delicate enough not to damage them. So, we went ahead and did the harder part and came up with top three drill press candidates for home shop. You will find their feature with pros and cons and a conclusion in the next section.

We compiled some of the best models for home shop down below, so if you are searching for the best drill presses for your home shop, you might find the one here, in this article. You can conveniently find a suitable one for you, from the below list or simply opt for a detailed review if you choose so.

Best Drill Presses for home shop (comparison)

Drill Press Style
Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station- Editor’s Choice work StationCheck Price
Shop Fox W1668 Bench TopCheck Price
General International 75-010 M1 Bench TopCheck Price



Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station- Editor’s Choice

best drill press for home

Check Price

This is a 3 in 1 tool, It’s a drill press, flex shaft tool stand, and a rotatory tool holder. This 220-01 Work Station is compatible with every corded rotary tool and some of the cordless.

This articulating drill press can easily drill perpendicular and angled holes in a 15-degree increments, for up to 90 degrees horizontal. It holds tools at 90 degrees horizontal for various tasks such as sanding different shapes, polishing metal objects or grinding metal pieces. It’s flex shaft tool stand permits telescopic adjustment to any height between 16 inches and 29 inches. Its Crow’s nest provides an on-board storage for wrenches, drill bits, and other Dremel accessories. It has an inch and metric marking on its base for accurate drilling of any work piece. It includes attachment, mounting wrench, and instructions.

It’s a true, must have accessory for all hobbyists or do-it-yourselfers, the Dremel 225 Flex Shaft Attachment has a 36 inches flexible shaft that attaches easily and adds an enhanced level of versatility to your project capabilities. The 220-01 Dremel’s work station transforms any Dremel rotary tool into a table top drill press, it’s ideal for crafts, metal working, hobbies, and a variety of around the house jobs. It can be bolted on to your work bench, and it has the versatility to operate also as a tool holder, drill press and a flex shaft holder. You can also convert your Dremel rotary tool into a mini plunge router and can effortlessly cut perfect decorative edges, straight slots or even rout free hand. It’s plunge feature lets you start your cut in the middle of your work piece.

It’s Dremel 231 shaper/router table provides the flexibility and precision you need to shape, details, and sand a variety of hard and soft woods. It’s handy Dremel Detailer’s Grip attachment is an easy and quick to use extra support for any rotary tool having a threaded nose piece. It shifts the weight of the tool to the palm of your hand for better and improved tool balance and control.

Here we listed some of the pros and cons of this Dremel 3 in 1 tool.

Pros Cons
3 in 1 tool. Not meant for heavy duty work.
Well made.
Nice sized drill press.
Easy to use.
1-year warranty.



This 3 in 1 tool, works great as all three purposes; drill press, flex shaft tool stand, and a rotary tool holder (not meant for any kind of heavy-duty work). It comes with a multipurpose cutting kit; permits for sturdy and tough controlled cuts in various materials; including laminate, drywall, fiberglass, vinyl siding, and plastic. You can also convert your Dremel tool into a high-powered rotary tile cutter, it’s main uses includes cutting around plumbing or fixtures during bathroom or kitchen tile installations and creating mosaics, though, it’s not appropriate for cutting floor tiles. It’s various features and cheaper price makes this drill press ideal for home shop, but if you need a drill press which can do most of the heavy-duty work, this might not be the one.

Shop Fox W1668 3/4 Bench Top Oscillating Drill Press

drill press for home shop

Check Price


It was impossible to not add Shop fox’s drill press in best drill presses for home shop. This SHOP FOX W1668 Drill Press has been specially designed to provide many years of hassle- and trouble-free service. They pay close attention to the details, ruggedly built parts, and a hard-quality control programs ensures reliable and safe operation.

Just like it’s little brother, this 12 speed drill press duals as an oscillating sander that can be used for a skillful and efficient contour sanding. With more power, more speed and more capacity this machine becomes an effective and practical tool for even heavier use. The table has a clearance hole for convenient use while sanding which most of the drill presses doesn’t have. It’s clever and smart design incorporates a dust collection port, so your sanding jobs are less messy and less dusty. With a 3/4 inches drilling capacity in steel you will be able to tackle most of the drilling job.

This shop fox drill press provides 12 Speeds; 250 – 3,050 RPM a round 12 3/8 inches of diameter. It swings 360 degrees, which is a feature absent in most of famous, high quality drill presses. It has a 2 inches of table dust port, sanding drums and an oscillating spindle.

The W1668 provides the ability to rotate the table 90 degrees to both the left and the right. You can adjust the table’s height and tilt to accommodate for work piece’s height or achieve any special drilling or sanding angles for your convenience. You can also completely move the table out of the way and use the drill press’s base as a table for sanding or drilling.

One of the great features of this W1668 13-1/4 inches Oscillating Drill Press is its amazing sanding capability. The drill press can be transformed from drilling operations to sanding operations in literally just seconds with just a very few tool free steps. The Oscillation reduces heat buildup and leaves a super smooth finish while sanding. This drill press is designed for bench top use freeing up your valuable floor space.

Here are the pros and cons of this Shop Fox oscillating drill press.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble. Very heavy, you might not be able to move it very frequently.
Heavy duty.
Works perfectly.
Oscillating sanding drums works perfect.
Amazing Bench top model (saves space).
Easy to use.



The Shop fox have been creating practical and good quality drill presses for years, which lasts longer and are made of sturdy, durable material. It is solid, powerful, heavy and super easy to assemble. The units run smoothly and are not so noisy like other drill presses out there. Although, the assembling itself is easy but the instructions it comes with are hard to understand.

General International 75-010 M1 Bench Top Drill Press

best bench top drill press for home use

Check Price

General International is an Innovator & manufacturer and innovative of wood working, metal working, & air power equipment solutions engineered to increase or enhance performance in your work place and home.

This general international has a high-quality construction, this 75-710 is a durable, sturdy and reliable floor drill press perfect for a home, shop or any home shop. This drill press is equipped with easy to adjust double depth stop for complete control of both down stroke depth or an upstroke travel, and electronic variable control adjusted spindle speed. It’s a must have for any serious wood worker or a metal worker.

It contains a Built-in laser pointer, high-quality bearings, a very functional digital spindle speed display, a heavy-Duty Induction Motor and variable Speed ranging from 500 – 3000 RPM.

It has a Crank-operated rack and a pinion table height adjustment, to help you with accurate results. It has a forced opening line interrupter switch, which requires machine restart in case of any power failure or circuit interruption. It has a tough and sturdy design with cast iron head, table and base.

Below we mentioned pros and cons of General International Bench top grill press.

Pros Cons
Work well. Very loud.
Easy to use.
Built to last.



This amazing bench top drill press is very cheap and totally worth every penny, as it works great, and is made of heavy quality material, it’s built to last longer. It functions exceptionally, you won’t regret this purchase.


Following guide is very helpful in choosing the best drill for your home shop.


Price should normally be the main thing to taken under consideration, as it affects the product you are buying, price affects quality, size, style and modularity. There is no point in spending a lot of dollars on something you are going to use just once or twice, if you know, drill press is something you won’t find yourself using every now and then, go for a cheaper press, on the other hand, if you need a drill press for some serious work, you will need to spend more money and not compromise on quality of the product.


When you are looking into buying a drill press for home shop, focus on its horse power. More is obviously better, if you can manage or afford it. Like the space, a powerful drill can be turned in to a less powerful setting, but a lesser powerful drill will never be able of doing those heavy-duty jobs.

So, to avoid this situation, keep in mind that drill presses run on electricity and while this isn’t normally an issue take care, to make sure it’s power draw isn’t more than your electrical system can handle.


You would want an adjustable speed more than a higher one, which is measured in RPMs. Various jobs require for different drill rotations, and a drill press that goes on a full blast the whole time is almost just useless. Generally, a higher horse power also means a maximum higher RPM, but the opposite is not always true. Many drill presses on the market can hit 3100 RPM, and some can even relatively higher horsepower models max out at that amount.

The change usually comes in its combinations with the stroke or the material; a longer stroke might mean the lower or same RPM and can still translate into a longer hole, and obviously harder materials takes more power to drill through any object at any given speed. Basically, just because the maximum RPM is the same with a higher horse power, doesn’t mean that the drill is worse. It might just mean it uses that higher horse power to drill deeper at the same RPM or keep the same RPM while drilling into tougher materials (like hardwoods, ceramics, metals, and plastics).


This is one of the very simple, but most important feature. After all, you are most likely going to be drilling into a curved wood or need rotation. Greater capacity and a strong clamp for incline are very important things to look for in a drill press.


If you are never a fan of having a tool that only does one thing, specifically if it’s a niche function like drilling. Gladly, drill presses are often able to substitute attachments, so you can change it into a sander or mortising machine (a kind of chiseler), among other things, based on your needs.


Unlike many other things, a heavier drill press is much better than any other lighter one. The heavier the drill press is (particularly from the base, but everywhere else as well) the less it will rattle and vibrate, and the steadier and better work you will get out of it. A light drill press is hard to use for relatively no benefit. They are not made to be especially portable for good reason.

Final Verdict

If you have come this far, you probably have an idea what is a drill press for home shop and why is it important to have one with you, despite of the fact that you own a simple drill? and what comforts does a drill press provides you? They are more convenient and does the drilling job far better than your hand-held drilling machine. All three of the drill presses we compiled in this article are amazing, functional and are made of a good quality material, aside from all the other amazing features, they are all very cheap and affordable. They are worth every penny are a must haves in your home shop. We hope these products and the guide was helpful for you and you found what you were looking for.

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