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10 Best Essay Writing Service Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2018)

You may have searched or heard about best essay writing service before. There are plenty of companies that offering essay writing services. And, they charge averaging from $400 to $1000 depends upon the research, unique words count and summary.

What if we tell you that you can get your essay writing service starting from $5 only. Yes, you read it right.  We have gathered the cheapest but best essay writing freelancers who are willing to write for you without digging holes in your pocket.

If, you interested in getting the best essay writing services without over paying. Stick with us and you will find the best essay writers in this list.

Essay Writing Service Ratings (Based on Buyers)
Research, essay writing service by simple ideal 5/5Hire Now
Essay writer US- Editors Choice 4.9/5Hire Now
Muturi 1994 (cheapest essay writing service) 4.9/5Hire Now
Emma Smith Essay writing service 5/5Hire Now
JennyGrey1 Research and summary service 5/5Hire Now
Super Essay Writing Service by Earnest Wilde 5/5Hire Now
Lines Editing service by Cldraughon 5/5Hire Now
Essay Writing Service by CalliJana 5/5Hire Now
Essay, Poem, Story writing service by Sasha 5/5Hire Now
Research and Essay writing services by Prince Essay 5/5Hire Now

Research, essay writing service by simple ideal

best essay writing service reviews

The essay writing service of this freelancer starts from $5 only and the maximum pricing is $50. You can simply give them any topic you want, tell them the style you want in it and they will finish it before the deadline. This freelancer has rating 5/5 means no one found any flaws in their services which makes them one of the best essay writing service provider.

The top features of their essay writing services are excellent sentence structuring, the flow of words is spot on, the writing done by this freelancer was free of grammatical errors. You usually do not need proof reading when you will use this essay writing service.



Simple and ideal is one of the cheapest, excellent communicator and excellent essay writing service provider. This freelancer has no flaws in their writing, Maybe minor ones but not noticeable. The service starting from $5 only and has the reviews rating of 5 star. Make them stand on the top of best essay writing service.

Hire Now


Essay writer US

essay writing service

The number 2nd on our list is essay writer US. This writer offers plenty of options. You can count on him for writing essays, term papers, reports, dissertations, multiple questions etc.  The work done by this freelancer is plagiarism free. He had done more than 102 essay writing services and has rating of 4.9/5. Which is excellent in our eyes.

The essay writer US can write according to formats of Harvard, APA and MLA. He claims to have more than six years of experience working in academic. His essay writing services start from $10 and can go up to as high as $20.



He made his name as a best essay writing service by providing the excellent writing, support and unique content with additional research and references. You certainly can count on this essay writing service. The content had no plagiarism. The content was thoroughly researched and had all the necessary references. For $10 you can get up to 275 words out of him.

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Muturi 1994 (cheapest essay writing service)

cheap writers

We don’t know have much info about this freelancer, but she is expert in topics of history. She can write another essay’s as well. Her service only costs $5 for one essay. We think that she is offering the cheapest essay writing service out there because in $5 you will get essay as well as additional research, references and citations.



If you are looking for any topic related to subject of history, then look no further because she can do it efficiently in $5 only. We highly recommend her essay writing services for history related topics but not for other subjects.

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Emma Smith Essay writing service

hire essay writer infowizard

This essay writer known as Emma smith. She has 5/5 of rating and she can indeed help you in getting your work done.

She has a empierce of 4 years in writing. Also, her work is 100 percent free of plagiarism. You can use her service for researching and summarizing books, newspaper, articles or any kind of thing there are no limits.

She is also expert in writing styles of APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford.  So, you can count that covered for you as well.

Her services start from $5 only. You can get unlimited revisions, 200 words in basic package of $5. The other two packages costs $25 and $50. For $25 package you can get up to 1000 unique words and for $50 you can get up to 2000 words from her.



Essay writing service by Emma smith is top notch. You can get high quality research, summarization and up to 200 words in just $5. The service is cheap but there is no doubt about quality as it is above par. Certainly, you can attain a lot of benefits from this best essay writing service.

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JennyGrey1 Research and summary service

research and summary

Jenny is also offering one of the best essay writing service out there. She has an experience of 6 years in researching and summarizing. You can get any type of work done from her by paying nominal charges.

Her services also start from $5 only. Which includes revisions and 100 words. For Further requests and information, you can contact her without any hesitation.

She is also very responsive in answering queries and her support is top notch. Upon contacting, she replied us under 1 hour. She also has 5/5-star rating.



Research and summary service by Jenny Grey is very good. She has 5-star rating. Not a single customer is unsatisfied from her. She has a lot of experience and knows what she is doing. Her support is also very responsive.

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Super Essay Writing Service by Earnest Wilde free info for a better future

The essay writing service by this seller starts from $35. You can count on this guy for writing high quality essays. The features of this service are high quality writing, Excellent references, spellchecking, proofreading and guarantee of 100 percent unique content.

Earnest Wilde deliver your order within 2 days.



No doubt, essay writing service by this freelancer is high quality. He also offers quick delivery to meet the emergency deadlines. The only drawback is that he seems to expensive as you can get similar or more services in same pricing.

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Lines Editing service by Cldraughon

essay writing service

This is not an essay writing service but proof reading service. Why we mentioning it? Because, you possibly may need someone to proof read your essay and this is the seller you can trust on.

She offers excellent proof reading services. She can assist you in structing the paragraph in right way. You can count her for sentence flow, right word choices and more.

Pricing of her services are also simple $15/1000 words editing. $75/5000 words and $85/5000 words but additional line and copy edit.

She has served more than 90 customers and her ratings are 5/5.



She does not write essays but offer editing service which sometime necessary to make your paragraph structure, wording and flow flawless. The service is not expensive like other proof readers and editor as she only charges $15 for 1000 words or less.

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Essay Writing Service by CalliJana

essay writing services reviews

This freelancer offers multiple writing services which includes essay writing, blog posts, social media handling. She offers three kinds of packages basic, standard and premium. The basic package starts from $20 which includes topic research and writing only. If you opt for standard package you can get research, writing and up to 3 revisions. The premium package which costs $50 includes Topic research, data chart, complete writing, references and citations.

She is very experienced in handling writing jobs. You can assume the quality of her services by her 5/5 of rating.



If, you are looking for a professional writer then this service is an excellent option. She offers multiple writing options. Including blog posts and social media handling services. Her essay writing services are also top notch and does not disappoint at all. But her services are expensive compared to others. You can find cheaper essay writer in our list.

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Essay, Poem, Story writing service by Sasha

essay writing

If you are looking for essay writing service and deadline is very near you can count on this writer. Sasha can provide you complete essay within 2 days. She does not only offer essay writing but also, speech, business proposal, Poem and story writing as well.

Sasha offers three kinds of packages. Basic package starts from $15 which includes complete essay writing, topic research and up to 3 revisions. Standard package costs $20 only in which you can avail essay story, poem writing as well as editing services. The most expensive package costs only $75 in which you can avail everything from first two packages and lengthy essay or story writing services.

Editing and writing skills are very good and her ratings are also also 5/5.



writing services by Sasha are very good. You can get anything from speech to complete story. She also offers editing services which are include in package of $20 only. The drawback which is not very harmful but still her writing is not precisely native.

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Research and Essay writing services by Prince Essay

best essay writing reviews by

Prince essay has 5/5 of rating as well. They offer topic research and essay writing. Their services start from $5 only. This seller also offers three kinds of packages. Basic package only costs $5 which includes topic research, 300 words writing, Citations and up to 2 revisions.

The second package costs only $20 and you can get up to 1000 words along with topic research, References and up to 4 revisions. The final package offers 2000 words, References, Citations and up to 6 revisions. The premium package costs $55 only.



This seller offers excellent essay writing services. They focus only on essay writing which makes them outstanding. More than 36 people reviewed their service and not even one is unhappy. They are the one among those who offering cheap but very professional and best essay writing services.

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Things We considered while Reviewing Best Essay Writing Services

We always try to provide best and most honest information to our readers. So, we gather the as much as possible information for you fellas. Like, every review and informative articles we considered every aspect which can influence you to choose the best essay writing service.

The following Things we considered

  1. Price

Price is the biggest factor in everything. Most of us looks for an essay writing services but we fail to order it because of its expensive pricing. We have gathered the cheapest but most professional essay writing services here. As, we also considered the factor that most of the students look up for essay writing service and we know how tight the budget can be sometimes. But, no worries anymore because if you have seen our list you can figure out that you can hire an essay writer for as low as $5.

  1. Quality

There is no benefit of anything if it has no quality, right? Yes, that’s why we not compromised on the quality. No doubt, the services we have gathered are cheaper than the essay writing service websites, but that does not mean they lack quality. These writers offer the same or more quality than many expensive websites out there.

As a matter of fact, many websites buy services from them and then resell it to you for expensive prices.

  1. Customer Experience

The final thing we considered while reviewing is customer experience. See if, customer is not happy then no matter what kind of services and pricing they provide it’s useless. As, you can see above in our list all the sellers we mentioned are not only cheap, have quality services but also able to keep their ratings top notch.

I don’t think so, we have mentioned any single service which has less than 4-star ratings.

This is the end of this topic friends. We have tried to share our best possible knowledge about essay writing services. We always try to provide useful and as much as possible information to our readers. We also have shared some tips about hiring the best freelance writer

If, you like information we provided here please do not forget to share it with others.

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