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Best Floor Drill Press For The Money 2019

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2019)

Describing a Drill Press cannot go without saying that this instrument has a lot of variables that contribute to the full drill press function and exactness. Usually it can be explained as a drill head mounted on a column which can in turn easily be fixed on a part of some immovable object, for instance; a work bench. This drill head is designed, to be moved on up, around the column as needed, by handles. Considering that the drill axis is fixed and do not bend or deviate due to jerks (which usually happens in a normal hand held drill), it can give a very precise and neat cut or bore in the intended object.

If you have never thought much about the drill presses. Not out of any particular undervaluing reasoning for them, but just never saw the need to buy one. Until, as a sideline, you will try to fix some old heirloom furniture (missing legs of table or chairs, broken spindles of rocking chairs, these sort of things) and quickly learn the error of your ways and might feel the need of a drill press.

If you ever want to know what actual depression and frustration feels like, struggle drilling properly sized, spaced, and placed holes in something without any help and without any proper equipment. It is truly painful for real.

What is Drill Press?

Basically, a drill press is a big table with a clamp and an attached drill. It sounds so simple, and it actually is, but it’s incredibly necessary for doing any kind of accurate and exact drilling. There are a lot of things which you just can’t do with just your hands, a power drill and a flat surface. Something that holds a tiresome or heavy piece of wood or metal at its place and puts the holes exactly where you want them is an exceptional and beyond price tool.

The drill press might not be the well-known or fanciest tool in the work shop, Anyhow, it is one of the most practical and effective machines that you could possibly invest in. It offers excess advantages and should be an essential part of any comprehensive tool kit. If you are new to working with any kind of drill presses and wants to know the ins and outs of these machines, then this detailed guide is especially tailored for you. In this article, we will go over everything that you need to know about the drill presses, and we will assist you choose the best drill press available on the market today.

What are Advantages of Drill Presses?

The advantages that a drill press allows compared to its manual counterpart are fairly obvious and apparent. Drill presses have substantially more powerful and have the capacity to drill much larger and deeper holes with a little to relatively no effort. Moreover, drill press machines are often functional, versatile and can be used for various applications that extends beyond drilling. For a more detailed look at what a drill press can deliver to your work shop, here are some of the major benefits of using these effective and practical tools.

More Accurate Than Hand Drills

Drill presses are more accurate than hand drills, if your work needs the utmost precision and accuracy then you can’t go wrong with any drill press machine. In a simple contrast with hand drills, the holes that are made by the drill press are uniformly spaced and have the definite, exact and same proportions.

They are significantly safer than hand drills

When you are using a drill press, the last thing you need to worry about is an injury. It’s features like; the variable speed and the clamp that firmly secures the wood to the surface and ensures an even and smooth operation at all times and an overall safe work environment.

They boost productivity

A drill press has the capacity to raise your output at an industrial scale. It can make exact identical cuts multiple times with one initial setting. This is especially perfect, if you are running a smaller work shop and have to meet a certain level of production every day.

Types of Drill Presses

When it comes to drill presses, there are two most popular options; first one is Benchtop drill press and the other is floor mounted drill press. Similar with almost everything else, each one of them has its own set of positives and negatives. Down below we have mentioned their features and what to expect from both types.

Benchtop drill press

This is the most common type of drill press and is mostly the preferred option for most small work shop owners, or for home workers. The main benefit of the Bench top models is the fact that they don’t occupy a lot of space in the work place. They can be mounted on a work bench with comparative ease and the entire process is very spontaneous. The central drawback of this drill press is its height restriction that it imposes on you. This makes vertical cutting relatively displeasing compared to the alternative drill press. It’s not really meant to all that heavy duty work.

Floor drill presses

This is the typical option of choice for mostly professionals and experienced, regular hobbyists, or Diversities floor mounted drill presses are constructed to handle the heavy duty cutting that stands in need for immense vertical power and un-restricted height. They boasts a substantially higher amount of horse power and are adequate for cutting through a vast array of materials that ranges from light wood to reinforced metals. They are also more definite, precise and have the capacity to drill exact and much deeper holes. The only in-convenience of using floor mounted models of drill press is their bulkiness and sheer size, but this is more than set off by their high performance.

Why Floor Drill Presses?

In this particular article, we are going to talk about only Floor drill presses, they are much better and efficient than bench top drill press. If you need a powerful drill press in your shop, one that can effortlessly handle large projects with ease, and which also comes with lots of accessories, then a floor standing drill press is your best bet and a great solution. Floor drill presses proposes the power, capacity and speed to handle both large and small projects with comfort and surpasses bench top models in everything except for the portability.

Floor drill presses are the building tools that are most under-appreciated yet play a vital and major critical role when it comes to construction or wood work. Like a strong movie character, the drill press appreciates and enjoys less glamour and glory but still holds a central role in the world of construction and building. Drill presses are oftentimes precision tools that are used to drill holes, generally at exact locations with the same and exact depths.

There are different drill presses available in the market with different shapes and sizes depending on their place and type of use. They range from the smaller, less expensive bench top models to the big, more expensive floor models. Floor drill press is available in different price ranges depending on its size, durability and quality. The Floor Drill Press Reviews in this article are designed to make the process of buying and researching this tool as easy and convenient as possible. We have assembled all the information required to help you find the best floor drill press in comparison to your specific needs, with different price ranges and quality.

Power, reliability, accuracy and customers feedback are some of the main factors that were taken into consideration when we rated these top three drill presses. These handy power tools are a must have for any serious wood-worker and along with a table saw, which are considered to be the most important tools in the wood workshop.

There are hundreds of new floor drill press models available in the market and many of them have some of the innovative and enhanced features you might have never heard before. Hence choosing the best floor drill press for you is a difficult task, because you cannot know how they will work until you try them for yourself. You need to be very careful with these products as most of them usually suck! But still, we found a lot of interesting models which are worth spending your money on.

Knowing how important and useful it is you should break down and shell out for a drill press. Once you get started with that, you might use it all the time, doesn’t matter if you need it because are just a hobbyist or a professional worker. It’s a very useful tool, if you are a hobbyist, or someone who doesn’t work with wood (or metal) very often, a smaller or relatively cheaper one can make your life a whole lot of easier. But before purchasing a good drill press, you should do a little research to figure out which one is best for you, luckily, for now you don’t have to do all of that research, as we collected all of the information and everything else you need to know before going for a drill press and the key features you need to keep in mind.

Hopefully we can help you save some of that extra research time.

We have compiled three best floor drill press in this article, while keeping in mind every feature and everything else to pick up the best floor drill press for your convenience.

Stick around a little longer, as we will explain some important features and other significant information about the drill press to prevent you from future regrets.

Best Floor Drill Presses (Comparison)

Floor Drill Press Motor
JET 354170 / JDP-20 MF 20 Inches Floor Drill Press- Editor’s Choice 1.5 hp motorCheck Price
WEN 4225 Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press 13 Amp Induction MotorCheck Price


JET 354170 / JDP-20 MF 20 Inches Floor Drill Press- Editor’s Choice

best floor drill press for the money

Check Price


Jet 354170 floor drill press is a great choice for professionals as well as for home wood workers, the Jet 354170 JDP-20MF is a 20 inches floor drill press which spins bits up to 3/4 of an inch with 12 various speeds ranging from 150 to 4,200 rpm. It’s also equipped with a built-in work lamp, an adjustable tension spindle return spring, and hinged metal belt with a nice pully cover. A drill chuck and key are also included, and it’s backed by a two years of limited warranty.

This Floor drill press has a 1inch of drilling capacity, a 1 1/2 HP,115 / 230 Voltage motor which is single phased, and a sturdy hinged metal belt along with a pulley cover coupled with quick and fast adjustment motor mount, which allows rapid changing of spindle speeds. It features an adjustable tension spindle return spring and a built-in work lamp (bulb is not included). It’s dimensions includes 19 inches length x 33 inches width x 67 inches height.

The Jet 354170 has a smooth traveling table which raises and lowers at the turn of a crank to exactly where you want it to be. An angled drilling is super easy, thanks to the rotating, a 45 degree tilting work table that also features a quick release clamp. It’s 1 1/2 horsepower motor can run off either 115 volt outlets (it comes prewired for this) or a 230 volt sources, and it provides a 12 drill speed ranging from 150 to 4,200 rpm which is a high end speed. If you want to change the speed, you just have to flip open the hinged metal cover, dis-engage the motor, then slip the belt onto the right pulley, and boom, you are back at work in a flash, using it is literally a breeze.

The 354170 has a 1/2-inch diameter an external positive depth stop with three exceptional nut locking feature for quick adjustments. It also allows an adjustable tension spindle return spring, with the spindle supported by well-made and high-quality ball bearings. Other features includes an on and off switch located on front of the drill press head with a built-in working lamp, which is not the kind of feature available in a lot of floor drill press out there.

It comes with one Jet 354170 JDP-20MF drill press (table, table bracket assembly, head assembly, column, and base), chuck and key, drift key, arbor, with assembly and operating instructions.

Below we have mentioned some of the pros and cons of this JET floor drill press.

Pros Cons
Table goes up and down smoothly. Not meant to tilt forward and backward.
Heavy duty well-made table.
Tech support is excellent.
Amazing customer service.
Overall, heavy duty specs (pully, body, base) meant for Professional purposes.
2 year warranty.



It might be a little pricey and big for you, if you need it for your little house work, or are a DIYer, it’s overall a very heavy duty press, with amazing features ideal for a professional worker. It has a big heavy, and sturdy table which provides an excess space for you to work on.

Its belt system is literally a piece of cake and is very nice. I have no trouble  while adjusting it, it’s super quick and fast to adjust. The chuck is good and massive. The screw depth limiters do rattle out of place a little bit, so it would have been better if they more stable. If you are looking for a well built and nice floor drill press, this might be the one for you. A little pricey but worth it.


shop fox floor drill press

Check Price


Shop Fox W1848 has been specifically designed to provide years of hassle and trouble free service. They pay close attention to details, it’s ruggedly built parts and a rigid and tough quality control program allows safe and reliable operation.

Their two other ever popular products; W1667 and W1668 Oscillating Drill Presses now have their BIG brother; The W1848 Floor Model Oscillating Drill Press. Just like their bench top versions, this drill press features their different and unique oscillating spindles for easy and efficient contour sanding. You can convert from drilling operations to sanding operations in literally a matter of seconds with just a very few tool-free steps.

One of the great features of this Model W1848, 13-1/4 inches Oscillating Drill Press is its amazing sanding capability. The Oscillation reduces heat buildup and also leaves a nice and smooth finish when sanding. This model; floor drill press adds extra capacity and weight for a rock solid, heavy duty, durable build.

The W1848 allows for the ability to tilt the table 90 degrees to both the left and the right side. You can easily adjust the table’s height and tilt it to accommodate for work piece height or to achieve special sanding or drilling angles. You can also move that table out of the way and easily use the drill press base as a table for sanding or for drilling. This drill press includes an amazing 3 piece spindle sander drum kit with a mandrel and 80 grit sanding papers to fit the 1 inch, 1-1/2 inches and 2 inches drums.

This 122 pounds Floor type drill press is also backed by a 2 year warranty.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this Shop Fox’s floor drill press.

Pros Cons
Solid material. The column that holds up the table in place and also supports the drill press, is itself painted. So the paint might come off when you will move your table around. It would have been better if it was left bare paint.
Parts fir together perfectly.
Very powerful and strong motor.
Heavy duty.
Very nice, flat milled table, no ridges.
Clear assembling instructions.



This an amazing tool for the money. It is solid, heavy and powerful and in spite of the fact that some lackluster finish details, it performs great and very well. It’s super easy to assemble and everything fits perfectly. The assembly instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It’s a great drill press, is accurate and heavy. It is obviously very well made and has very little runout, easy to set up, this is a HUGE drill press, Be aware.

WEN 4225 Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press

best floor drill presses

Check Price


Do you remember when power tools were actually very powerful? This WEN 15 inches 8.6 Amp Fluctuating Speed Floor Standing Drill Press brags a full four inches of stroke capacity, granting users to drill through materials for up to four inches thick. You can adjust the variable speed ranges anywhere from 280 to 1000 RPM with the simple and easy turn of a lever, or also from 1000 to 3300 RPM with a quick belt adjustment.

There is a digital readout that reports the current RPM of the machine for extra and increased accuracy when you are drilling. The 12 inches by 12 inches cast iron table revolves around for up to 45 degrees in both; left and right directions while the laser pointer provides precise holes. The chuck with Morse no. 2 spindle taper accepts bits ranging anywhere from 1/12 to 5/8 inches in size. The WEN 15-inches Drill Press adds a lamp to illuminate the work table and cast iron construction to a limited vibration during the operation. Whenever you want to drill with laser precision, Remember WEN.

Adjust the onboard flexible and adjustable work lamp to brighten your work piece with maximum precision and visibility in any light conditions. Fix the depth adjustment knobs to limit your spindle travel for exact, accurate and repeatable drilling operations. It has the LED screen which displays the current speed of the drill press, so you have an idea about the exact RPM at every single moment. It’s laser light specifies the exact and accurate spot that the bit will travel through for increased precision while drilling.

The tough and sturdy cast iron base prevents wobbling and walking during operation with tough bolt holes to secure this drill press to the floor. It’s 15 inches swing and 4 inches stroke helps you drill directly through the center of a circle measuring up to 15 inches in diameter and 4 inches in thickness. This WEB variable speed floor standing grill comes with 2 years of warranty.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this WEB drill press.

Pros Cons
Operates smoothly. Lacks Spring Quality
Good quality chuck. shipping can be slow
Drill depth and the quick adjust depth is really good.
High quality, sturdy material for its price.
2 year warranty.



For this price, it’s a good tool. It’s set up and assembly easy enough that you can do on your own. But here’s a word of caution, The head unit is a little heavy, get someone to help you. Don’t forget to grease up the crank gear for lowering and raising the table, and put some oil on the column, it will help while swinging the table around the column. A dap of grease in the stop collars top and bottom is very helpful when the rack jams up. The other floor drill presses with the same prices, does not have variable speed, and doesn’t have the goose neck light.


Following buyer’s guide intended to provide you better insight while shopping for best drill press for the money.


When looking into purchasing a drill press, note down it’s horse power. More is usually better, as long as you cannot afford it. As Similar to space, a powerful drill can also be turned to a less powerful setting, but a lesser powerful drill will never be capable to do those heavy duty jobs.

Adjustable Angle

This is one is the simpler of all, but most important feature. After all, you are likely going to be drilling into a smooth curved wood or need some kind of tilt. A greater capacity and strong clamps for incline are important things to look for.


Drill machines varies or ranges from small units that can be mounted on a bench top to the large models that needs to be placed on the floor. Before committing to any purchase, you need to have an open and clear idea of how much space you can allocate to this drill press. This will assist you to decide about whether you have a place to store it or not.


Unlike hand drills where petite, compactness and a slim design are mostly favored, drill presses needs to be large enough to accommodate the sizable and desired pieces of wood that have to be drilled. Up to that extent, the metric that lets you know the extreme size that the unit can handle is known as the throat depth. More specifically, this area actually refers to the space between the drill bit that is basically attached to the spindle and the post that holds the head of the machine. shortly, the bigger the throat’s depth is the higher capacity of the drill press is.


Despite of their main drilling function, there are a number of drill presses out there which are equipped with any extra components that enables them to serve other various purposes. A prime example of these types of drill presses are some of the units that can easily be converted into an oscillating spindle sander.


Needless to say, any tool or machine that is geared toward industrial or professional use must be sturdy enough to handle the constant exposure to the elements of the workshop and all of that rough use. The frame should be intensely solid, and all the parts should be powerful and well-attached to it. As far as its built quality is concerned, the base requires to be completely flat just so you can get the most accurate drilling possible. Also, avoid those models that are mostly made from plastic as they are not so durable. This material is highly liable and unreliable, which compromises the quality of your work as well as the functionality of the drill press machine itself.


Assembling any power tool might not be a challenging or difficult task for a professional, but for most newbies, it can be quite overwhelming and disturbing. If you, by any chance happen to fall in the latter category, it is recommended that you avoid drill piece machines that doesn’t come with any pre-assembled parts and needs you to mount the unit from scratch. Moreover, you should always check if the manual, covers the assembly process in a comprehensive and detailed way.


A good warranty is an important factor in overall machinery that a lot of people tend to neglect. Even if you are buying the most durable and high quality option available on the market, you still need to be covered by a warranty that covers parts and service for a minimum of twelve months. It’s always good to have a little safety and protection.


This factor is wholly dependent upon every person’s budget. However, you should keep in mind that the power tool marker is not the perfect place to look for bargains and that the drop off in quality between the premium models and the entry level ones is fairly extraordinary. With these drill press machines, you get exactly what you paid all that money for, and the bigger your budget is the more productive, efficient and effective the tool.

While the prices for the good models range from extremely low to extraordinarily high (from $50 to $50,000), we have compiled models ranging from $ 300 to $1500. Bench top models tends to range from about $50 to about $500, while floor models ranges from around $350 to $1200 on an average due to their versatility. The highly expensive industrial models are entirely different beasts and are used for industrial or professional purposes and haven’t discussed them here. Now with different price ranges in your mind, choose the best suited one for you.

Final Verdict

If you have come this far, you have a great idea about floor drill press, the features to look for before purchasing a drill press. We not only have discussed about floor drill press but also about bench top drill presses, to help you give a better idea, as to which one’s better for your needs or requirements. Taking under consideration your budget, your needs, and the important features you need to go for the one which is ideal for your needs. We hope that all of the information you want to know about best floor drill presses, we have listed to help you pick the best one. Good luck!

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