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Best Grill for a Boat 2019 (Buyer’s Guide) Included

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2019)

The summer is most people’s favorite time of the year and there is nothing better than relaxing in the sun on a hot day, enjoying cold drinks with good company. To make that day even better you must add food feature to it. And not just any restaurant’s takeout food, but perfectly seasoned pieces of fish, or steak grilled on the best boat grill you can find.

Being out on a boat can be an extraordinary affair whether you are out there fishing or simply out there for the love of sailing, one downside however can be the food variety accessible as you are commonly faced with just having cold alternatives or options.

There is an answer, be that as it may, and that is as a boat grill which will have the capacity to cook all kinds of hot food and improve your boating experience more fun and even better. If you are getting bored or tired of packing cold food or meals for your boating trips, then you might need to think about the benefits of taking a grill on board. There are grills that are made especially for use on boats, some of which incorporates exceptional mounting brackets or wide bases to stay stable on the rough or choppy waters. Rather than holding on to return to land, you would now be able to barbecue from the comfort of your boat. Regardless of whether you’re out for a restful or leisure boat ride or just for fishing, you have the alternative to enjoy fresh and crisp cooked food. Relatively few organizations and companies deliver extraordinary boat grills, in any case, which makes it significantly more important to locate the best boat grill available on the market.

The majority of people enjoy a good barbecue, because why not, there is nothing better than a boat barbecue, the fresh cool breeze makes it even better. A marine grill can easily be mount to a variety of areas on a boat from the railing of the boat to the window above a door and other locations. Mounting a boat barbecue is super easy than you think as many will come with a mounting system like a fishing rod holder mount or a bracket set to connect it to the railings.

Having a gas grill on your boat can alter or transform your boating experience into a backyard barbecue thing, even better. However, boat grills are sometimes super hard to find, and the selection is basic and limited. In this article, we will assist you find the very best boat grill available on the market and help you select the right one according to your needs.

The most important thing which should be taken under consideration is that no matter the type of best boat grill is that make sure it has a double liner. A double liner will secure and protect the metal from getting discolored and shields against gas leaks. Also, a double liner maintains and keeps the outside cool, you would not want to burn your fingers or hands accidentally.

Firing up the grill in between the water has become very popular and well favored over the last few years and are much cheaper than one might expect. They can also mount to a range of boats due to the diversity and variety of mounting kits and brackets available in the market. The silent majority of marine grills are fueled by gas, which is somewhat more expensive than charcoal but offers convenience while you are on your boat. They deliver efficient heat, are easier to operate, and offers the chef cooking food with more temperature control. Marine BBQs are excellent investment to add to your boat and will surely improve your enjoyment on the waters.

Before buying a grill for the boat you must keep in mind that there is a huge difference between your back yard and a boat. Although charcoal barbecue is the ideal BBQ, but you must give these questions a thought that are you really willing to prep the grill and make BBQ or other food on a boat? Do you really want to clean the grill when you are done with your BBQ or do you want to enjoy the time with your friends, family and loved ones? AND is charcoal really safe for your boat BBQ? It might be a lot of work and might not be that safe either.

However, here we have discovered and compiled the best grill available on the market to give you the best marine grill you deserve. So read the following article and check out the best boat grills and make sure you settle down on the best decision so you can sail happily and excitedly and with a stomach filled with extraordinary barbecued food. Below is a list of some of the best marine grills that will easily mount to your boat so that you can enjoy your time with barbecue or other fresh food.

Best Grills For Boat (comparison)

Grill Dimensions
SMOKE HOLLOW GRILL 205- Editor's Choice 15.8 x 26.9 x 11.8 inchesCheck Price
MAGMA MARINE KETTLE GAS GRILL 177 square inchesCheck Price




SMOKE HOLLOW GRILL 205- Editor’s Choice

best grill for a boat infowizard

Check Price


This modified smoke hollow 205 gas grill offers the following features; a 305 inches of cooking surface, a 205 inches removable stainless steel cooking grid, a 100 inches chrome plated warming rack, a 12,000 BTU U burner, an exterior temperature gauge on the lid, it’s Large, an easy reached or access stainless steel drip tray, a Push button ignition, the legs fold in for portability and easy transportation, Locking lid for easy travelling and storage, it uses 16 oz propane canisters, It has stainless steel body, a complete year limited warranty, the modified legs of the grill work with the Arnall’s Grill Bracket Set. Nevertheless, you can still use the legs of the grill when the System is not in place, like at a picnic or your backyard. Simply detach the brackets and you’re good to go. They are easy to install or fix onto the grill, but we suggest two people to put the grill onto the boat. This item utilizes a 1 lb. propane canister, which is not covered. You can buy the extension hose for a larger tank separately from Smoke Hollow. This item is shipped in the authentic original packaging which makes the item visible on the outside of the box. It only comes in Stainless Steel. There is a small amount of building required with this item. If you are not sure which product is best for your boat, keep on reading and analyze and see for yourself.

This smoke hollow grill is a grill with 305 inches of cooking surface, great size for lots of cooking. It’s a portable gas grill, modified to work on 1.25 inches square pontoon railing.

Pros Cons
Easy to mount on your boat latches might not be assembled correctly, you have to bend out the latch part and add the spring into it so they can work properly
Great finish and fit
Fantastic quality
Works great



It’s a good quality grill compared to some others out there. It’s easy to install or mount on your boat, and a great size to cook lots of meat as well. Another amazing thing about this grill is that it’s not only used or best for the boats, but you can also use it while you are on your picnic or in your back yard as it’s multifunctional because of its portable and transferable features, you just have to detach the brackets and you are good to go. It does cost a few dollars but it’s totally worth it.



grill for boat

Check Price


Extreme Marine Cuisin art BBQ Grill comes with pre-installed brackets perfect for your boat railing. The feet of this grill are modified and reconstructed for the Arnall’s Grill Brackets. The brackets are made of solid Zinc electro plated steel. It conveniently fits your boat rails with 1.25 inches square railing. It will for sure not scratch or mark your railing. It comes off and on really quick and it’s portable. This awesome grill is perfect and amazing for your boat, it defeats the competition hands down. It has a stainless-steel burner and a drip tray, easy carry handle, locking lid, and a larger cooking portion than Coleman’s Perfect Flow portable grill are some of this grill’s benefits. The Cuisin art has a solid mount for the propane tank, not a breakable wand. The grill only weighs 18 pounds which is not heavy at all. Enjoy this grill anywhere. You just have to simply unscrew 4 large knobs off the bottom and drags the grill off the brackets. The grill comes in the authentic original box from Cuisin art. You will find the Arnall’s brackets pre-installed at the base of the box. It can turn a short outing or trip onto the lake into a great opportunity for a cookout.

If you are looking for a compact grill, then this model might be perfect for you. It has a 145 square inch cooking or grilling area with foldaway legs making it very convenient to use and store. Despite of that its smaller grill, it’s still able to cook a lot of food and can accommodate or fit up to eight burgers. It can be put up immediately and instantly and has a porcelain enameled plate which will prepare your food to perfection.

Pros Cons
Professional well-made product The igniter might not work properly
Extremely dependable
Stylish design
Prevents flameouts
Compact grill
Super easy installations



This extreme grill looks so good, works well and can easily fit your boat, It can cook everything from steaks to hot dogs with no issues. It also cleans up very well if you spray the grate with oven cleaner at the end of day and wash off with a pipe. This grill is amazing and spectacular. It might be a little expensive, it can fit your boat’s rail perfectly. People will ask about this every time you are out on a lake. Legs can easily fold for storage right in the boat under storage. It heats up well unlike other grills, can cook several hot dogs and 4 burgers at one time easy. It also cleans up great. Highly recommended, you’ll be impressed with how sturdy and tough the bracket holds the grill. You just need to do good cleaning every so often to get the grease off the inside bottom completely.


best marine grill

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This grill was invented and designed for economy without giving up functionality. It’s made of 100% mirror polished stain less steel, which will give you the durability, safety, and performance required of a boat grill. It’s highly well planned and efficient radiant plate heat distribution system in co-occurrence with convection heating technology to attain hot, even temperatures while using lesser of fuel. It comes to the required temperature very quickly and is great and amazing for sizzling steaks or just grilling up some burgers and hot dogs.

The patented spinning turbo tube allows you to adjust the control valve inboard, outboard, right or left wherever it is most convenient and suitable to you. This design also permits for quick and easy safe fuel canister changes even while grilling. The turbo tube in combination with the newly designed burner virtually eliminates or removes blow outs. The grill effortlessly and quickly disassembles without tools for easy clean up. It uses standard, disposable 1 lb. A propane containers or adjusts to on board CNG (natural gas) or LPG (propane) systems. Magma provides the largest selection of mounting options and attachments to customize your grill to your boat.

Fuel canister is not included in the grill. It requires grill mounting hardware for complete installation, and a mount is sold separately. All of the replacement parts are promptly available.

The stainless steel comes with the combination of easy to clean grease catch pan or wind baffle. The Hinged lid won’t slam shut while you are cooking and has a stay cool handle with air cooled supports. Before lighting the indexed bowl, you can easily rotate the lid and can use it as a windshield in gusty or windy conditions.

It uses the usual and standard one-pound propane tanks and the mounting procedure for the grill is sold separately but it can be used unaccompanied as well. It has an outstanding control against blowouts and uses a hi-tech distribution system for the even and perfect cooking of your food.

Pros Cons
Easily rotatable lid You might need to cook your food on lower heat as the higher heat makes it super-hot and might burn your food.
Stay cool handle
Perfect size
Cooks evenly


Magma gas grills for boats are extremely popular and this is a very unique design from Magma which is made from polished stainless steel and has an effortlessly easy to clean grease catch pan. Its hinged lid is designed to not slam shut while cooking and had a handle which will stay cool and at its place at all times for maximum comfort. If you cook out in the boat a lot and use a grill regularly in the summers. You might need to find the perfect grill which fits your family’s demands easily. It also easily cooks on a lower heat, which is amazing for grilling pork chops and chicken slowly without over cooking them. The hinged lid is a great improvement and addition because you no longer need to worry with the metal cable keeping the lid on board. The best improvement is the stay cool handle, which can easily be rotated to prevent it from the wind.


We have listed the buyer’s guide below to assist you in choosing the one of the best marine grill.


When it comes to selecting up a good boat gas grill, you definitely have to make sure that the grill is made of rust resistant and high-quality materials. You will for sure end up doing boat barbecues in different locations and weather conditions, so picking a well-built product is most important. Most of the Marine gas grill products which are also included in this list features a double liner of stainless-steel housing on the inside part of the shell, which helps a lot to protect and safe guard the product versus discoloration and grease leaks. This covering, also keeps the outside cooler and increases the toughness and durability of the grill, making it more suitable for salty water environments. Always keep in mind to read the materials used in building process, just so you end up with a durable and suitable product for your situation.


You definitely know that you will use this grill only a few times during the summer, so avoid overspending. Only because it looks good and has all of those cool features it does not mean that it’s better than other relatively cheaper grills. A boat grill is just a piece of metal used to make food, so spend wisely.


Well, this relies totally on your preferences but normally most of the BBQ grills for boats are gas powered models, propane or compressed natural gas. Usually, charcoal boat barbecues are picked by grilling fan who likes the ritual of building a fire to get the coals going and for the exceptional and special flavor the charcoal gives to the food. Propane powered grills are used by the boating and fishing enthusiasts on a large scale because of their several benefits and advantages when it comes to being used in the lake or sea. They may cost some additional dollars than charcoal models, but they don’t require any arrangements or preparations, delivers the heat more evenly in windy conditions, offers a better and amazing temperature control and are easier to clean on the boat.


How are you going to utilize the grill? Do you grill just to eat, or do you enjoy cooking? If you enjoy grilling then you should without any doubt go with the charcoal, otherwise go with the quicker cleaner gas or electrical options. Gas is probably better and preferred by most of the people, in case you do not have electric power on your boat.


If you sail a lot, then you probably want to mount your barbecue on the rail or on the push pit. When you do so, you will have more space or are left on the boat and your grill will easily be accessible. The other choice is to pick a grill that you can plug into deck sockets or rod holders of your boat. The extension length for sure depends on the design of your boat but an 8 inch extension is normally enough to position your BBQ boat grill outboard. The third and last choice is to pick a grill which doesn’t need any mounting at all. You can place it on the table or on a small corner of your boat, wherever you feel, it’s safe. This option is also preferred by many other boaters because you can take the grill with you on the land and skip that need of mounting it on your boat.


Are you keeping your grill on the boat or are you taking it to your home? And if you are keeping your grill on your boat the size is not that big of a deal or a problem, but if you don’t, you should rather go with something smaller or even medium size grill will be a good product for easy transport and travelling.

Wrapping it Up

Having the top-quality food on a boat can be a rare and unforgettable experience, especially if you are the type who craves warm food. Having a grill on your boat will be able to make your outing or your fishing trip more comfortable or it might be able to make your party even more amazing and cool.

Nothing smacks or beats a nice day out on the water with a grill to treat or feast on your catch and other favorite foods. With one of these boat grills you can have a memorable and fun experience on every boating trip or outing. These grills uses a shining plate to preserve flavors of a traditional grill. They are easy to clean and mount as well.

These products are attractive, durable, and are the ones model that allows easy and convenient mounting to the rail of your boat. They are all reasonably priced and are great for your day out on the water. We have mentioned their details along with their pros and cons which will definitely help in choosing the perfect one for you. So don’t just wish for the best boat grill, go get yours today. We hope you pick the best boat grill, Happy Grilling!

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