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Best Grill for Apartment Dwellers 2019

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

Grilling is actually so simple, you don’t need anything so fancy. You could really just take a wok and a grill grate and fill it with some charcoal and cook in that. But grilling in a city, especially the ones which are dense, normally gets a little more complicated, since space is at a premium, and there’s a severe fire code that dictates how and where you can legally get your grill and chill with others. Though the red tape doesn’t mean that your hunt to grill is impossible. But it turns out that you don’t even need all that extra stuff to make the freshly grilled burgers, and sausages and hot dogs of your dreams a reality, even if you don’t have a big back yard.

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When it comes to grilling in apartments, there are a few things to keep in mind, the strict laws, which states that grills must stand ten feet away from anything flammable (which even includes walls of your apartments) and the fact that Apartment dwellers don’t have any outdoor space. We have found the perfect grills for apartment dwellers or wherever your summer face stuffing may take you.

Don’t let your small apartment stop you from making your favorite grilled dishes. You only need to find a compact grill with some good safety features. To save you the inconvenience of looking for the right product, we are introducing the best grill for apartment dwellers.

If you are searching for the best functional grill for your apartment, then you are at the right place. Whether you plan to use your grill for indoor or outdoor purposes; your apartment, on your patio, in your yard, balcony, outings, picnics or just anywhere else, these grills comes with amazing features to meet any grill master’s requirements. You can find a grill best suited for your apartment or other needs to fit any cooking style or any budget. They can work using propane, gas or charcoal, and few of them even work using electricity. Doesn’t matter how you prefer to fuel your fire, either way you can find the perfect grill to feed your family and friends a perfect grilled food for years to come.

Barbecuing in an apartment, or on a petite patio or balcony can be a challenge. Still, there are ways for apartment dwellers, condos, townhome and others to enjoy the taste of fresh barbecue in their personal spaces. After all, we firmly believe in the universal and basic right to grill, and because of that we are going to help you find a grill appropriate for your apartment.

This article will assist you determine what to look for in the best grill for your apartment, based on your personal preference and your apartment’s safety. We will touch on some tips and rules for barbecuing as an apartment dweller.

Basically, we will narrow down some of the distinct and practical features of a few grills that we think are the best grills available on the market for you to choose from. For respective style, we’ll discover the pros and cons, and make suggestions for the best grills for apartment dwellers. The ultimate goal is to get you grilling as soon as possible in your apartment.

However, if you are living in an apartment, sometimes you need to hold fast or surrender your personal preference in the most important feature of any grill; it’s fuel type, as some of you might want to go for charcoal because it gives perfect, juicy taste to the food but using charcoal grill in your apartment is dangerous and risky and is prohibited in most of the places by fire brigade departments, governments or by that specific society’s heads. But you do have other fuel options which gives almost the same results, as most of you might know by now.

Gas and electric grills. These types are little pricier but less risky than charcoal, one of the very main reason why they are expensive. You obviously can use both of these fuel type’s grills, but hence gas grills are mostly preferred by apartment dwellers because they are way safer than other grill types, we will discuss some of the best gas grills for an apartment dweller with different and unique features.

So without wasting any more time let’s get right into the grills we have gathered for your ease, along with their pros, cons, and a conclusion, we’ve also made a guide for you to have a little more knowledge about what kind of grill is best for your apartment with an overall final conclusion.

Best Grills for Apartment Dwellers (Comparison)

Grill Dimensions
FUEGO F24C PROFESSIONAL Propane Gas Grill- Editor’s Choice 24 x 24 x 47 inchesCheck Price
CHAR BROIL PERFORMANCE 300 24.5 x 42.9 x 44 inchesCheck Price
WEBER STEPHEN Products Lp Grill 32 x 33 x 26 inchesCheck Price


FUEGO F24C PROFESSIONAL Propane Gas Grill- Editor’s Choice

best grill for apartment dwellers

Check Price


This fuego professional grill has 525 square inches Of grilling surface (with a 415 square inch of main grilling surface and 110 square inches of separate warming surface) which has an ability to grill 20 quarter pound (4 1/2 inches of diameter) burgers at once. A compact 24 inches x 24 inches (with lid closed) foot print perfect for an apartment, a small patio or balcony and it can easily be assembled in less than 30 minutes by screwing only 20 screws. It has a combined 26,500 BTU per hour Dual zone burner system for indirect and direct grilling, and it reaches temperatures to 500 F in just 5 minutes and 250 F to 700 F overall temperature. A hinged 45 Degree lid design to avoid reaching over the hot fire and super easy and convenient to clean drop through residue removal system which makes clean up a breeze. It features a perfect clasp door close system, a hinged propane tank storage door, the non-marking industrial hoops and an electronic ignition.

This fuego professional grill has user friendly features to enhance your grilling experience. You only need a box cutter and a Philips screw driver to get started, with the use of just 20 fasteners, you will be able to get grilling in no time. As for its compact design it easily fits any patio or balcony. If space is not your concern, the casters makes it convenient to move around your backyard. It will take only 5 minutes to preheat the grill to 500F, perfect for searing or steaming steak.

The coordinated burners allow you to cook over indirect or direct heat, and overall temperature ranges from 250F to 700F.The hinged lid, strategically angled at a 45 degrees, prevents you from reaching directly over the hot grill.

As in most of the propane grills, you don’t have a particular place to put your propane tank, conceal the unsightly propane tank beneath the grill where it easily rests on a tank hook.

Pros and cons

Following are the pros and cons for Fuego professional propane grill.

Pros Cons
Easy assembly. Propane consumption might be a little extra.
Sleek design.
Ergonomically designed.



This fuego professional gas grill is ideal for your apartment as it doesn’t have to deal with charcoal and is safe for your apartment too. Propane tank can easily fit under the cylindrical area under the grill, its hinged lid makes it easier for you to grill variety of food for your friends, family and loved ones. It’s also perfect for large gatherings as it provides a broad 525 square inch of grilling surface. The gas makes it super safe but to make your grilling experience even more secure make sure to have easy access to water in case, you need it.



Best Char broil grill for indoor use

Check Price


Char broil is one of the very popular brand in grilling, because of their distinct, functional and long-lasting grills. This char broil grill is also safe to use it in your apartment because of its fuel type. It has a very sleek, amazing and functional design, and has side support for easy prep and to rest your food, on both sides, in case you don’t have any extra shelving’s to prep your food on, and they might come in handy while you are warming up.

The grill has 2 burners which delivers 24000 BTU’s of heat across the total 400 square inches of grilling surface including 300 square inches of primary cooking on porcelain coated cast iron grates and 100 square inch swing away rack on top of it and features porcelain coated iron grates. The Stainless-steel lid and UFC provides stylish design along with durability and features a lid mounted temperature gauge for extra added heat control. The electronic ignition for reliable and fast startups. The metal side shelves can easily fold down if you don’t need them. A very convenient access storage cabinet to store propane tank and other accessories. The grill sits on 4 casters, two of which can be locked for mobility and stability.

The cooking surface measures 15.9 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep, with porcelain coated iron grates, which are rust resistant, and helps prevent food from sticking to the surface and are super easy to clean. On the inside of the grill, there are two stainless steel top ported burners which are strong, durable and delivers strong cooking performance’s electronic ignition system for reliable and fast startups with a single push of a button (unlike the case with charcoal grills), the two metal side shelves for extra added workspace are made of durable and high-quality metal. Super convenient storage cabinet with door to provide easy access to the propane tank without it looking odd and keeping it out of sight. The four wheels are amazing for easy mobility, two of which lock and offers easy movability and the ability to keep the grill in place. It measures 42.9 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep and 44 inches high which is an ideal for apartment dwellers.

Following are this char broil 300’s pros and cons

Pros Cons
Wide grilling surface. Low temperature might produce uneven heat.
Swing away warming rack.
Side shelves.
High quality grill.
Cabinet for tank and other storage.
Wheels for easy mobility.



Grill great food for family and guests with this Char broil 300 gas grill. The two stainless steel top ported burners are long lasting, side shelves are perfect if you not at all or have less shelving other than the grill’s shelves, these shelves provide ample prep or work space, and easy fold down when not in use or for easy storage. Its amazing material prevents food from sticking and make cleaning better and simpler. Its removable grease pan is for easy removal and cleaning. The stainless-steel lid provides style and durability. It has all of the amazing features suitable for apartments and for your convenience, you won’t have to deal with flare ups which can spoil your walls. For extra safety keep the grill 10 feet away from the walls.


WEBER STEPHEN Products Lp Grill

best grill for apartments

Check Price


Weber LP High-Performance Grilling System sets a new standard in the world of grilling. This contemporary grilling system is based on over 30 years of grilling experience, passionately considering the wants and needs of the people of grilling community. Each component is uniquely designed for easy use and to provide an unmatched satisfaction to your grilling experience.

This grill is composed of four key components; from The Infinity Ignition, High Performance Burners, Flavorizer Bars, to Grease Management System, these components ensures that every aspect of your grilling experience is convenient and reliable, from when you lit the burners to the general maintenance of your grill.

This GS4 Grilling System includes two high-quality stainless-steel burners with porcelain enameled flavorizer bars, and the new Grease Management System reduces the risks of dangerous flare ups and also makes grease removal easy for you. The porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates provides 380 square inches of cooking space with 114 square inches of tuck away warming rack overhead. The Infinity Ignition makes sure that by turning the knob, the gas will quickly ignite and start each burner with ease, and it’s backed by a generous warranty. The Stainless-steel side prep shelves features integrated hanging storage hooks for all of your barbecue tools.

The best and the most amazing part about this grill is that it comes with 10-year warranty.


The reversible cooking grates permits you to be even more creative with your grilled dish. The comparatively thin side of the cooking grate is perfect for delicate food such as shrimp and fish, while the wider side generates a thick sear mark enhancing flavor of your food and to give you best results. The sleek open cart design gives additional room and accessibility of your grilling tools in a unique style. You can use the side tables to keep seasonings, platters and tools within your arm’s reach, the hooks on the sides adds for easy access and organization where you can easily hang your essential grilling tools.

Here we have assembled pros and cons of this grill

Pros Cons
Unique and sleek design. Assembling takes a little time.
Easy access.
High quality stainless steel which prevents your food from sticking.
High performance burner.
10 year warranty.
Unique and sleek design.



This Weber Stephen gas grill is perfect for many occasions, it’s ideal for outdoor and indoor both purposes. An ideal size for family meals and other gatherings. Its amazing features makes it flawless for apartment dwellers. The tuck away warming rack keeps your food warm or entirely toasts burger buns, as your special meal grills below. The unique Tuck Away feature, which you can’t find in every other gas grill, allows you to fold it down when you are not using it, providing excellent optimal grilling space and convenient grill storage. The best part about this grill is that it comes with 10-year warranty.



Following guide will aid you in buying the best gill for your apartment.


When you are looking for a grill ideal for your apartment, it is best to start by keeping in mind your budget range, and then sort out which features you really want, and which are the ones you can live without and are not so necessary. The good news is that you can get an amazing and great grill on a reasonable budget. The grills for apartment dwellers featured in this article are affordable. Tabletop grills and gas grills tend to be less expensive, and as you start adding stands, higher quality materials and other extra features the price obviously goes up. Also you need to keep in mind that most grills do not come with a cover or fuel, so you will have to pay additional money as you kit out your new grill.


The next preference when looking for the perfect grill for your apartment is determining the size you need. You should consider before how you plan to use your grill, and where you will use and store it. There are various components to the size issue. Obviously, there is the overall dimensions and style of the grill, both when prepped for storage and when completely ready to use. You would not want to discover later that your grill is too big to use in your apartment. Cooking capacity needs to be taken under consideration and decide what you plan to cook on your new grill. These grills are most suitable for making meals for up to 1 to 4 people, depending on the size of the cooking grate. A tabletop model will be able to hold about half of the food and food items that a larger grill can handle. If you prefer to cook large cuts of meat like whole chicken and racks of ribs, you might need a bigger grill. Get the grill big enough that has the features you want the most.


This can be a little tricky to judge it’s quality from the product descriptions, but the reviews will usually give you some best insight information of the overall quality of the materials of your grill.A well-built and constructed grill will obviously last longer, and stand up to the abuse of weather and heat better. Comparatively less expensive materials, like thin metals and cheaper bolts and screws, can damage and wear out faster than high quality materials, and might be more difficult to put together. Look for products that have porcelain enameled lids, cooking grates and fireboxes as a sign of their overall quality. Also, check out the product’s warranty, and see which replacement parts are available for the grill. One day every grill will wear out, you can make a cheaper grill last for years if you take good care of it.


Ahhh, the fuel type is a Classic BBQ battle. While there are many folks who states that “real” BBQ comes from cooking over charcoal and wood, but these grills are not everyone’s cup of tea, as they are hard and not so safe to use. Go for the fuel type that best matches your interests and preferences, cooking style AND living space (most apartment owners don’t allow it as it’s not safe for apartments). Charcoal grills are the most difficult, common, and tend to be less expensive than other gas or electric grills. And by using a charcoal grill you will get the true feel of BBQ, playing with some hot coals and creating cooking zones is such fun and creative game. But on the other note, you also have to deal with lighting up the coals and storing the hot ash for safer disposal. Gas grills are now a very popular subdivision due to their ease of use. You won’t possibly get the exact same flavor as a charcoal grill, but you have the option to use a smoker box to replicate it if you care and wish. Gas grills mostly run off of a tank of liquid propane that you can refill locally, though you can convert some to run off your home’s natural gas line. Electric grills are a newer trend and option, and most of them produce results as good as any other gas grill. They use the electric element to produce the heat needed to grill your food. Lower priced electric grills mostly suffer from a heat problem, as the thin walls of the grill rarely contain the heat as well as a higher quality grill. For tabletop grills, this won’t matter that much, but for larger electric grills you might want one with more power to compensate with. Another downside of any electric grill is that you need to plug them in to a grounded outlet, and many patios and porches might not have them available. And In that case, you will need a special extension cord that can handle the watts of your grill.


This one will depend on the portability and size of the grill you want. If you also plan to take your grill for outdoor purposes as camping, tailgating, or others then a tabletop style grill should be your design of choice. Many grills comes with a build in stand that holds the firebox and the lid at a comfortable height. They usually have storage or shelves built into the stand, and have wheels so relocating them is convenient and easier.

The expensive grills will have high quality caster wheels with integrated locks, so they stay in place while you are grilling. You would not want to see your grill roll off a porch in a windstorm or just start moving while you are grilling, for that purpose locking wheels are very helpful. Some grills also have a pedestal style stand, and many of them contains an enclosed cabinet that can hold grill tools, supplies or a propane tank. Others do have an open shelf with easy access to accessories or drip trays. When it comes to design, you have a lot of options to choose from, so pick the style you like the most and that matches your living space and other important needs.

Overall Conclusion

We hope you have the perfect grill of your dreams for your apartment. These grills are a great option for your quick family meals or if you have friends or buddies over at your place and are also suitable for experienced and beginners similarly. We have assembled grills with a great range of prices and with the kind of feature you could want or need, from warming racks to side tables.

They are available for every fuel type and includes tabletop and standalone models. These grills for apartment dwellers can do everything from grilling hamburgers to grilling meat or steak. The sky is the limit. So without waiting any further let’s get grilling.

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