Best Grill For Beginners 2019

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2019)

Grilled barbecue is totally a god given joy. Well, that might be an enlargement, but it surely is so tasty. Once you take a bite of that original authentic grilled meat, you cannot stop thinking about it.  And once the craving starts, you will find yourself making your way to the nearest grilled barbecue joint every now and then, But what if you keep craving for that juicy, grilled meat? You can’t just keep visiting the local grilled barbecue joint. The most practical way to break down that craving is to make your own grilled meat and to make your own grilled meat or anything else grilled, you will need to buy your own grill. If you have never tried using one, you can go for an electric or gas grill because it comes with the same benefits and taste of charcoal grill, with less inconvenience. So what are the best grills for beginners?

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Buying your first grill can be so overwhelming given the number of choices and options you have. As a beginner, you will need to balance easy service with cost and the performance while keeping one thing in mind that you might be upgrading equipment after a while or maybe totally giving it up (we hope this one never becomes the case).

Barbecuing might be an intimidating task for anyone who is new to grilling or smoking, and if you are in a position where the use of a grill or a smoker is totally new to you, you may find yourself making little mistakes which will not give you the best food results. And to help you with that, we are going to share some of the best grills for beginners available on the market which are specifically designed to help every new griller have a smooth and easy use of it to avoid havocs or any bad results.

As you are just about to start grilling and not have any idea about how you would actually get right into it, you should consider a lot of things, it’s just your start to the grilling world, so before you have a tight, strong and a little professional grip on grilling, you need to purchase a relatively cheaper grill available out there. Look out for the grills which obviously functions well but are cheaper than a larger professional one, as you can always upgrade later once you get your hands-on grilling.

Determining your main source of heat for your first grill doesn’t only come just by your personal choice, you need to take a lot things under consideration. Obviously, you can always go with charcoal even if you are a beginner but most of the people even who can’t be called beginners anymore prefer other fuel types as they are relatively easier and convenient to use, plus, they even taste almost the same, juicy, fresh and tasty, there might be a slight difference, but most people tend not to focus on that minor taste difference. Electricity grills are most commonly used grills for everyone these days, be it a beginner or a person who has been grilling for years now, as it’s so convenient and cooks evenly. Same is the case with propane and natural gas.

Each of the grills covered in this article are the solid choices for beginners. But the problem is how do you choose which one is right for you? These grills are the most convenient and easiest to use giving you the blaze to work at your best comfort with it. Their designs are also very simple and unique, best for the beginner, so the new comer to grilling won’t have to stress about how to assemble the grill or how to use any specific or certain part of it. They are so easy, straightforward, and convenient to use.

This article is based on their convenience, price, size, build material, warranty and extra added features. We look forward for you to have a great time with grilling. So keep on reading this article to know more about grills their features, pros and cons, a guide and then a final conclusion. So without further due, let’s get right into it.

Best Grills for Beginners (Comparison)

Grill Weight
TECHWOOD INDOOR and OUTDOOR (Electric BBQ) Grill- Editor’s Choice 12.3 poundsCheck Price
ELECTRIC BBQ Grill (RACLETTE Grill) By King 12.4 poundsCheck Price
SUNCOO BBQ Charcoal GRILL N/ACheck Price



TECHWOOD INDOOR and OUTDOOR (Electric BBQ) Grill- Editor’s Choice

best Beginners electric grill for BBQ

Check Price


This Techwood Electric BBQ Grill has enough room for over 15 servings of delicious meats, kabobs, veggies, hamburgers, steaks and so much more. It’s light weight and unique design which is paired with the interlocking hood and bowl and stay cool handle makes this grill convenient for you to carry to gatherings, outings, picnic or parties. It’s High temperature powdered paint ensures that it’s finish will last for a very long time. Enjoy delicious and mouthwatering grilled food with this versatile and portable electric grill.

It’s large enough to grill a meal for your whole family or friends. It comes with so many great features including these; It’s size, shape and style makes it ideal for condos, balconies, small places, apartments and more. Its primary materials combines plastic and stainless steel. Its shape is unique and perfect for whole chicken; round. It has suitable temperature control. It has voltage of 120 V or 60 Hz and 1600 Watts of power.

This electric grill is portable, which means you will be found grilling everywhere with the convenient interlocking Bowl and hood. It comes with a vast circular 240 square inches of grilling area, which lets you make more than 15 servings for large groups of people; family, friends or close buddies. This is grill is totally apartment approved; It’s perfect for patios, apartments, balconies or other areas where charcoal or propane cannot be used, plus, you will never have to worry about the flare up has an adjustable temperature control; the easy changeable temperature control makes it easy to set the right amount of heat for whatever you are going to cook.

Here are possibly most of the pros and cons of this touchwood indoor and outdoor electric grill

Pros Cons
You won't have to deal with messy charcoal. Does not have longer legs.
No more open flames.
Won't have to carry heavy propane tanks.
Great quality.
Great size and style for a beginner.



This Techwood electric grill is ideal for beginners for so many reasons, and let’s start it with the fuel type, Electric grill is the best suited for beginners to prevent them from extra inconvenience. It cooks great food and makes juicy and tasty food, it’s a perfect round sized grill with a very cool and unique design. No charcoal means, less mess and easy cleaning. It’s made of great quality of stainless steel and plastic. There is nothing bad about this grill which should hold you back from purchasing it, As it’s so affordable for a grill.



best cheap grill for beginner

Check Price


This electric BBQ grill has an amazing and unique design, It looks a lot like the grills which Asians use for making BBQ. It comes with a powerful 1200 Watt of heating element, the skilled raclette grill is perfect for meats, vegetables, seafood, cheese and so much more. It’s amazing and great for family get together and for other indoor grilling, a raclette party or even for everyday use. It offers a large cooking surface with nonstick coating which easily serves the whole family with healthy, flavorful and tasty raclette or other meal.

The plate can heat up evenly and quickly. Its nonstick coating allows for more sliding or drifting and less cussing while grilling food. Eight amazing raclette dish holders with totally heat proof handles which also have nonstick coating works great. The top plate is better and made for meat and veggies while sauces and cheeses would do perfect on the bottom plate. It is also working great for keeping your food warm or drizzle the melted sauce or cheese onto the freshly and juicy grilled creations. It has an easy adjustable temperature control, you can evenly cook up the meat, vegetables and seafood. It also has visible indicator light and non-slip feet for safer and better use.

It comes with 18 months limited warranty.

This electric grill is the finest way for getting friends and family to have a perfect raclette party. You don’t have to worry about the fire pit because it would never make a mess in your kitchen any more, with this astonishing electric raclette. And it’s super convenient for everyone to cook their food on the top plate and bottom by paddles. It will definitely save your time and make your friends and families enjoy healthy, flavorful and tasty raclette meal.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this electric BBQ grill by king

Pros Cons
Great considerable design. might take a little longer to cook as it does not have very high heat.
Limited 18 months warranty.
Super affordable.
Comes with two; top and bottom plates.
Perfect size; large enough to cook meal for your whole family.
Easily washable.
Very budget friendly.



This electric grill has all of those amazing features a good grill should have. The amazing design is basically inspired by Raclette’s traditions where, one of their classics were boiled potatoes with melted cheese; cheese on the bottom. But you can obviously cook variety of other food items, that was just one of the dish they enjoyed. It does come with 18 months limited warranty, which is great, in case you get delivered your product with a part missing. It’s very budget friendly and works great for everyone, especially beginners. Totally worth buying.


best Charcoal grill for beginners

Check Price


In the introduction, i mentioned that charcoal grill is not usually beginner’s preference, but there are definitely lots of people out there who do not want to compromise on the taste of their food. Although, other fuel type are much more convenient, but they don’t taste exactly like the meat grilled on charcoal, because at the end of the day, it’s charcoal. And for that reason, it was way important to add a charcoal grill, cause totally deserving to be in this article, as so many of you would want to start grilling with charcoal, if not you obviously have other two options.

A charcoal grill is both beautiful and practical, which allows you to enjoy outdoor time with friends and family. It’s made of durable steel; this rust proof grill will give you years of re use.

Its construction is durable; as it’s made of high-quality steel. It’s rust resistant, cold rolled steel makes it way more durable. The two rolling wheels which are installed at one side of the bottom makes it convenient to move. The cover is completed with a thermometer for easy reading. The shelf on it’s one side is designed for putting grilling tools, spices, and plates. The grill also includes a large stationary side shelf for easy preparation, an easily removable, oil brushed charcoal grid and an attached ash tray for convenient clean up, and wheels for easy movement.

It’s made of heavy duty and powder coated steel to increase durability. The high-quality cooking grates retains heat evenly which helps to lock in the juices and make your meat more tender and softer. The cover is also equipped with a thermometer for easy reading and to make you aware, so that the food won’t overcook.

Following are its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Charcoal fuel type means, tasty and juicy food. Charcoal might be a little messy and hard for some of you to clean.
Side shelf provides easy prep station.
Wheels make it easy to move.
Durable construction.
Convenient to use.



This charcoal grill has an amazing heat control, has an adjustable vent for better air flow as required. The charcoal pan with holes, allows air to circulate, makes the coals get hot faster than just a flat one, and enhances grilling efficiency. The two rolling wheels installed at the bottom provides easy movement, and bottom shelves for food and plates. This charcoal grill might be your grilling dream which just came true. If you are a beginner and always prefer charcoal grilled food over others than this might be the one for you, as it’s not even that pricey for its size.


Down Below are some essential points for choosing best grill for a beginner


The durability of any product you are going to purchase matters a lot, obviously. You are going to lose some money, so the product in place of your money should certainly be durable. And especially your grill, which you might be found using every now and then. You might want to replace your grill later on, because for now you are going to buy it only as a beginner, But the durability should be one of the very main thing to look for.


As a beginner search for a grill which is easy or convenient for you to use. Because you would not want to see yourself trying to assemble it or struggling to figure out how to start grilling with an even result. To avoid all of that extra stress, make sure to check out if the grill is easy to use or not?


The size obviously does matter while you are searching for a perfect grill as a beginner. You might not want to purchase a very big grill, as you’ll just use it for your family, friends or close buddies. Yet, a very small size won’t even be a good choice, so always go for the grill which has a medium sized grilling surface.


Budget, without any lies or doubt should be on top of everything. As for now you are purchasing one to get your hands-on grilling and end up wanting to own a bigger and better grill. So there is no point in spending a lot of money on something you know you might upgrade later in the future opt for something which is neither too heavy on your pocket which makes you regret later, nor too light which ends up with a very weak and rough products which might make your money a total waste.

Final Verdict 

As a beginner or new comer into the grilling world, you may not know which grill to buy. As in this article, we compiled grills of varying fuel sources. The overall goal was to find the best grill for a beginners, which are super easy and convenient for them. Though charcoal is not really very convenient for a beginner to use, but the reason, that we decided to add that one in the article is because there are so many food lovers who don’t want to compromise on taste. All of the grills we put together in this article have their own amazing and different, features and styles, likewise. But for buying a grill as a beginner be sure of the fuel type you are going for and then make the best decision out of it.

Needless to say, every fuel types have their one distinct place obviously and it’s up to you to choose your starting point, we gathered the fuel types and overall grills with amazing features and quality.

Happy Grilling’ Folks!

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