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Best Grill For Pizza 2019- Buyer’s Guide Included

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2019)

When summer starts it brings a great number of fun trips and activities. Summer is obviously of 3 months and we can’t wait to pack and enjoy every single day of these holidays. But there’s one thing we humans are always delighted is to eat and drink outside more than anything. Eating outside obviously means grilling, grilling is basically cooking food not on stove but over an open flames to get some real and exciting experience.

If you have decided to upgrade your outdoor space in these summer holidays, You should Definitely consider a new grill or any other device which can easily go with you outdoor cooking plan. The options we have got are more assorted than ever and it can also help you to realize almost any comestible dreams your heart desires. From your traditional options to lavish devices we have gathered a list of perfect grill or outdoor oven for you to enjoy these summer holidays.

Living in either a small space or high-rated apartment building where you might think grilling can be a slow burn to your places, never fear, we have recreated the grilling experience with quite new and improved options. With these new and improved options you can enjoy your indoor grilling.

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Grilling a pizza sounds difficult but it is way easier then baking a pizza and it’s not even time taking. Every single person these days must be aware of the taste of baked pizza but there are just few ones who are aware of the taste of grilled pizza

If you want to try something different or exciting this summer, you should definitely try the grilled pizza. The thing which makes the grilled pizza different from baked pizza is the smoke and heat of grill it totally enhances the taste as well as the look of your pizza.

Grilled pizza definitely beats the stuff which arrives in a cardboard box full of steam. the technique or way to cook grill pizza is not same or boring as baked pizza, You don’t have to spend time to cook both sides of the dough. Honestly speaking the taste of grilled pizza you make at your home is hundred times better then the pizza served at restaurants these days.

It just takes a little focus and practice if you get the one main tricky part which to cook bottom and top at the same time then you can easily grill pizza anytime anywhere. The grills we offer can be used outdoor as well as indoor so just don’t worry about indoor grilling, You can eat grilled pizza anytime you want. We offer you the grills which are easy to use, and you don’t have to waste time in putting the grill together, because if your majority time is wasted in setting up the grill then when will you cook and enjoy your food. Setup time of the grills we offer is lesser and grilled pizza takes less time as compared to the baked pizza.

In a wood-fired oven, you roll the pizza directly onto the stone inside the oven, and there’s a flame that climbs along the ceiling, so it cooks it super-hot on top and super-hot from the stone on the bottom.

These grills can also work in extreme weather conditions. You would definitely get something new and different to taste instead of eating boring tastes of baked pizzas.  The size of grills should not be an issue because you can easily grill pizzas as much as you want in no time. The grills we offer are of highly stainless steel and you can use this grill for quiet long time and these grills are even easier to clean. You will have something different and mouthwatering to eat this summer. Outdoor pizza grilling is also one of the new and exciting trend these days which spices up the parties. With so many outdoor pizza grills you can easily grill pizza because of their different features. If you keep following factors in mind while searching for a pizza grill you can definitely find the perfect grill for yourself with no regrets!

Best Grills For Pizza (Comparison)

Grill Dimensions
WEBER 14401001 ORIGINAL KETTLE Charcoal Grill- Editor’s Choice 38.5 x 22.5 x 27 inchesCheck Price
WEBER 15301001 PERFORMER CHARCOAL GRILL 43.5 x 29 x 42 inchesCheck Price
WEBER 741001 ORIGINAL KETTLE 22 Inches Charcoal Grill 25 x 20.5 x 38.5 inchesCheck Price



WEBER 14401001 ORIGINAL KETTLE Charcoal Grill- Editor’s Choice

portable grill for grilling pizza

Check Price


This Weber 22 inches diameter porcelain enameled bowl and the lid with a cooking area of 363 square inches comes with high quality plated steel hinged cooking grate. It has an aluminized steel just one touch cleaning system with removable and high capacity aluminum ash catcher. A rust resistant aluminum damper and two glass reinforced nylon handles with amazing and functional tool hooks. It’s assembled dimensions are 38.5 inches by 27 inches by 22.5 inches. It’s available in three different colors; Black, Copper, Green.

It’s one touch, easy cleaning system provides hassle and inconvenience free cleanup of charcoal ash and waste by swiping it into a high capacity and removable ash catcher. You can easily control the temperature of your grill, without lifting the lid which is a very practical feature in a pizza grill, by easily fixing the dampers, and closing the dampers entirely will cut the oxygen flow to help extinguish the coals. You can easily arrange charcoal on its fuel grate for either direct or indirect grilling. It’s cooking grate is super easy and convenient to clean, it retains heat, and is helps to easily adding charcoal while grilling.

The heat shield on the handle helps you prevent your lid handle from getting too hot or inconvenient to use. The angled lid hook permits you to easily hang your lid on the side of the grill to keep away from placing it on the ground. It also contains hook to help you hang your grilling tools, such as tongs and spatulas, on the hooks to easily reach them and for an organization of your work space. Its durable wheels permits you to effortlessly move your grill around the yard or anywhere else and can withstand the elements.

It features a 363 square inches of cooking space, this Weber Original Kettle consists of a heavy gauge, porcelain enameled lid and bowl for toughness, durability and long grill life. This grill features a factory assembled stainless steel only a single touch cleaning system, a hinged cooking grate and a mobile removable high capacity ash catcher to make indirect grilling better and easier. The built-in lid thermometer lets you to monitor your grill’s temperature, and the bowl handle incorporates an integrated tool hook for convenient and easy storage. The lid handle features a heat shield for comfort and legs have a spring clip or a push pin system for quick and easy assembly. You will need to buy a pizza grill’s kit perfect for this grill’s size, to make it work better for while making a pizza.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this Weber original kettle grill.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble. You'll need to buy a pizza kit to make it work best for pizza making.
Sturdy and high-quality look and feel.
Convenient ash catcher.
One touch easy cleaning.



Unlike most of the other grills or electric products which are super hard to assemble this one comes with very clear and easy visual instructions. The ash catcher and the interior blades which are made to open and close the grill’s bottom are amazing and brilliantly designed and they are also effortless to install. This Weber grill has a lot of practical and functional features and is perfect for grilling pizza, once you have all of the other pizza kit essentials, and if not for pizza you can grill other amazing food items of your choice too. It’s durable and sturdy material will make this grill last longer than you would expect. All of the above-mentioned features, it’s multi functionality and its Cheap price makes it all worth the investment.



best weber grill for pizza

Check Price


This charcoal grill from the same brand’s grill we mentioned above have almost the same features, but what makes it different is its unique style and some other features helps it really stand out from the previous one.

It’s attached table on the side helps you easily prep your food or easily slice your fresh pizza on it. It’s not available in other colors, but this color really suits and blends with its surroundings. It has a 22 inches diameter, a porcelain enameled bowl and a lid with a vast cooking area of 363 square inches. It has a gourmet BBQ system hinged cooking grate. It comes with 3 tool hooks for easy access or quick approach to your grilling tools. This Weber’s charcoal grill has aluminized steel one touch cleaning system with removable, a high capacity, and an aluminum ash catcher. It has a tuck away lid holder, a rust resistant aluminum damper and one glass reinforced nylon handle. It’s assembled dimensions are 43.5 inches by 42 inches by 29 inches, perfect for making pizza or for making other food items.

The sturdy, easy to clean, plated steel cooking grate reserves heat for even and consistent grilling. The heat shield on the handles helps prevents your lid handle from getting very hot, and difficult to carry. The porcelain enameled bowl and lid retains heat for harmonious temperature and even cooking. It’s finish prevents cracking, rusting, and peeling while resisting high grilling temperatures. The tilt lid hook grants you to conveniently hang your lid on the side of the grill to avoid placing it on the ground. Its durable wheels permits you to effortlessly move your grill around the yard and will fight the elements.

Immerse yourself in the sound of cracking briquettes and the wealthy, inviting smell of smoke. Stay loyal to the modern version of the kettle that started everything, the Original Kettle. It’s invented by Weber’s founder and has been loved around the world. This is the true essence of charcoal grilling.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this charcoal grill

Pros Cons
High performance. Not so easy to assemble.
Makes great tasting food.
Great quality.



WEBER 15301001 charcoal grill is easy to use. It’s a great charcoal grill, if works as deliberated, at the bottom you can pull back and forth the lever to drop the ash or litter down the bottom of the hole. You can use it to control the temperature for easy air flow, it’s an open ash pan. Despite of the fact that this amazing affordable grill is a charcoal type, it’s so easy and convenient to maintain and clean.


WEBER 741001 ORIGINAL KETTLE 22 Inches Charcoal Grill

best grill for pizza

Check Price


To control the temperature of your grill, you can easily adjust the dampers, without lifting the lid. Closing the dampers completely will entirely cut the oxygen flow to help extinguish coals. Porcelain enameled bowl and lid retains heat for even cooking and consistent temperature.

The tilt lid hook on the side permits you to conveniently hang your lid on one side of the grill to avoid placing it on the ground. The durable and sturdy wheels allows you to effortlessly move your grill. The heat shield prevents your lid handle from getting to hot. The single touch cleaning system provides inconvenience and hassle-free cleanup of charcoal ash and other waste by swiping it into the rust resistant ash catcher, and its ash catcher is super convenient to clean.

The Kettle grill has a total of 363 square inches of wide cooking space. It comes with 22 inches diameter plated steel cooking grate, rust resistant vents. The bowl and lid are porcelain enameled with glass reinforced nylon handles and heat shield to prevent it’s outside from getting too hot. The aluminum ash catcher and aluminized steel one touch cleaning system are one of the very main features for these weber charcoal grill. It measures 22 inches long by 25 inches wide by 38.5 inches high.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this particular product

Pros Cons
Nice petit charcoal grill. Assembling instructions might not be that easy.
Easy to clean.
Lid and bowls don't get too hot.
High quality.
Durable wheels



This Weber grill is a very nice petite sized charcoal grill. It’s made of a very high-quality material. It’s every feature is practical and functional, and better than the previous one. It’s made of very durable and sturdy material and is made to last longer. This purchase is totally worth the money.



Following Features will assist you in choosing the best grill for making pizza


The first and main factor to keep in mind while choosing the best grill for pizza is its fuel type. The fuel type of grills are of three types the one which works with gas, second one works with charcoal and the third one works with propane liquid. The charcoal fuel type is quite dangerous to use so if you want to be relaxed while grilling make sure you choose the fuel type which works which propane liquid or gas. Using the grill which works with charcoal is not easy to use because charcoal heats only the bottom part of the pizza so we would not prefer you to go for charcoal grill. To choose best grill try to get the grill which works with gas or propane liquid.


If you want to choose the best grill, try to get the grill with convenient burner because adjusting temperature in grills to make pizza is the basic thing. Choose the grill whose burner is easy to tackle because if you can’t set the temperature for pizza you can’t grill the pizza either the temperature will be very high or very low.


So there are three to four types of materials we’ll see while choosing the grill. You’ll see materials which includes brick, clay, stone and steel. The one with brick clay and stone takes time to heat up but they can stay hot for long time period which can be 12 hours maximum too. The grills which is made up of steel material is basically electric powered and they can be used as gas grills too. Each grill has different warm up and cool down time. The grill made up of steel works more accurately as compared to other materials.


While choosing the grill for pizza, consider how much people you will be serving the food. The smallest size of the grill can serve up to four people. Medium sized grill can cook pizza for good number of people. The large size of grills are basically used in restaurants to grill pizza for large number of people. So if you’re serving for few people go for the small grill or even you can choose the medium one too.


Each pizza grill works with their own heating method and advantage. The grill which are gas powered controls the heat like a kitchen oven. The grills which works with charcoal is quite harmful, but people enjoy it more to properly enjoy the outdoor grilling because of the smoke of charcoal. The heat source of electric powered grill works with electric panel. You can maintain the heat in electric grill by using electric panels. Electric and gas grills are easy to use, and you can easily maintain the heat with these grills.


While choosing your grill for pizza make sure you measure the space where you will put the grill. Because if the grill is larger than the space it would not be easy to place because grills need good space. The area of the grill should be equal to the area available for grill in your house either outdoor or indoor.


In this article we have made the list of grills along with features but choosing the best grill for pizza will take time and you need to put these factors in mind which are given above to get the ideal grill. These grills are easy to use, and the setup time of these grills is less so you can spend more time in grilling your pizza and you can enjoy your outdoor grilling. We have made a list of few grills and you can choose the one which will suit you and you prefer would be easy to tackle. Just try to get the one main trick of grilling and then you can easily go with grilling stuff. This is totally going to be a different and exciting experience on these summer holidays. The money you will spend on getting this grill would be worthy.


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