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Best Grill for RV 2019

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2019)

Grilling has always been an essential part of any RV camping trip. Grilling is the thrill and sensation of the great outdoors, whether you want a barbecue or roasted chicken parts, you can without any fear, depend on a grill when it comes to going out with an RV with your family or friends and cooking food in the exceptional outdoors. Camping, tailgating and hiking are never complete without a decent and nice barbecue party.

Because of its portability and ease and simplicity of use, most of the people would want a gas grill to take along with their RV. Gas grills are very portable and convenient and if you have an RV gas grill, you can cook anywhere you want with perfection and ease. The RV gas grills have a lot of benefits when it comes to even cooking, faster heating and faster ignition.

In contrast with charcoal grillers, gas grills are faster methods of producing even heat for better grilling of your favorite food. They ignite quicker and easier than traditional charcoal heating and they also distributes even heat spreading in contrast to charcoal grills. The RV gas grill is also very necessary if you want to save time while grilling food for lunch or dinner. What else? you also reduce your carbon foot print if you use the RV gas grill instead of a charcoal grill.

Grilling and RV-ing almost go hand in hand on every occasion. When it comes to grilling or being on the road, it’s vital that your equipment’s and gear are reliable. The last thing anyone could want is to pull out their grill and have a little break, either putting off their meal or changing plans all together. To make sure this never happens to you, we are going to take a look at a handful of the best RV grills available out there and narrowed down which is best for you.

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To make a clever decision, it’s always recommended to do your homework first and learn about any model you have your eyes on. By good fortune, we did our homework, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

For each model currently on our list, we are going to review the main features and what makes them stand out from others. We know that when it goes down to it, it’s never how it looks, it’s only about how it performs.

We have gathered 3 best RV grills and these recommendations are chosen based on their portability, cooking flexibility, value, and quality. If you are a tailgater, RV’er, camper, or even live in a small apartment then these grills favors to offer the best bang to cheer you up when preparing meals. Nearly every RV grill on our list can easily be stored in RV basement or in the trunk of a vehicle.

The heating power of the RV gas grill should always be considered. This determines an overview of how fast and easy your food can heat up due to the heating power and how much time you can save when it comes to grilling anything, from hot dogs to barbecue to steaks.

Make sure to look for the number of burners included in an RV gas grill. You will most probably find an RV gas grill that has 3 to 4 burners, but it is proposed that you should use only half of them so that you do not devour plenty of gas on the route. The RV gas grill’s burners should be of high quality and if they are stainless steel in material, that’s a big plus.

The RV gas grill should have a simple and easy to use ignition and controls. It is common to find an RV gas grill that has electronic ignition which is a very straight forward and convenient thing to have in any camping or picnic cooking adventure. This includes to overall ease and convenience of use which should be concentrated on the recipe of the grilled food instead of the hassling controls of the RV gas grill.

There should always be high portability with the RV gas grill. Up to a certain point an RV gas grill will have easy to action wheels that makes it movable from one place to another. The wheels must be highly flexible and larger wheels to give you better mobility between locations, making them truly ideal and perfect for the great outdoors and even for RV camping. A high-quality protective lid is very essential in keeping the food safe while maintaining great space in your area. When you fold the RV gas grill down to a smaller size, it should easily store down.

A plus factor for an RV gas grill should have side tables, shelves and other conveniences. You will find a lot of RV grills that have side tables which can either be detached or folded along with the structure of the RV gas grill itself. They are made from enamel coated steel or stainless steel depending on your grill’s price value and materials.

The built material of the RV grill should be highly durable, it’s a plus point if it is mostly stainless steel. If you want an RV gas grill that you want to be your companion for life, you should clearly get something that is made from preferably more of stainless-steel parts to dodge corrosion and keep it resistant to weather disturbances. Full stainless-steel RV gas grills are usually very expensive, so you should also get your budget ready for this particular grill.

Storage capability is also very important in any RV grill. A grill should be easy to fold down to all of its components and all of its side table and stand must be as collapsible as possible to save some more space in your storage area of your RV or home or even in your car trunk. If you plan to camp out in an RV, it is highly important and recommended that you get a space saving grill to feed you well and also save extra space.

And at the end, also make sure that the RV grill has a grease catching tray or mechanism at its bottom. Catching grease is highly important and necessary in any grilling process so you have a mess free operation and activity wherever you stand, and the grease tray should obviously be easy to remove and clean up.

In a world full of so many portable RV grill options, it can be a little hard to pick the diamonds from the rough. We have assembled some of the best of the best for your convenience. Let’s read some of their features along with their pros and cons with a final conclusion to help you pick out the best ones from the market.

Best Grills For RV (Comparison)

Grill Dimensions
WEBER 50060001 Q 1000 LIQUID PROPANE GRILL- Editor’s Choice 20.5 x 27 x 23.5 inchesCheck Price
CUISIN ART CGG 220 Everyday Portable Gas Grill 26.2 x 15.1 x 16 inchesCheck Price
WEBER 1520 Propane Gas Grill 12.2 x 21 x 14.5 inchesCheck Price


WEBER 50060001 Q 1000 LIQUID PROPANE GRILL- Editor’s Choice

best portable grill for RV

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Grab your Weber Q 1000 propane gas grill and hit the waves with your friends or loved ones or on an RV trip with this portable and easy to carry grill. It’s small enough to go wherever you go, with enough grilling space to create a quick meal whenever you want and wherever you are.

It’s one stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU per hour to heat 189 square inches of total cooking area and it has cast aluminum lid and body and porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates. It comes fully assembled out of box. It’s dimensions with lid closed 14.5 inches height x 27 inches width x 16.5 inches Depth. The infinite control burner valve settings and push button ignition uses disposable 14.1 oz or 16.4 oz Liquid Propane cylinder which is sold separately. The grill must be preheated with burner on high temperature for 10 to 15 minutes.

This grill not only has a great performance and sleek styling, but also adds new aesthetics that are both fun and functional, which includes larger grip handle and control knobs, an ergonomic side handles, a sturdy and tough front and rear cradles plus the intimate Weber Q logo branded in the lid. Its Split grates permits for a grate or griddle cooking combination. The durable but light weight cast-aluminum construction of the Weber Q 1000 makes this portable gas grill the perfect tailgating or RV companion.

It’s mostly used on the go due to its petit size, it runs on disposable Liquid Propane cylinders, but can be a stationary, or a stay at home grill also, which makes it multipurpose. An optional Liquid Propane adapter hose for hook up to a 20 lb. tank is also available as an accessory. The reliable and easy starts are assured with the simple to operate push button ignition. Burgers, brats, meat, steaks, are easily handled, but a broad variety of other foods can also be cooked at any temperatures from low to high. You just have to dial-in the proper heat setting by altering the infinite control burner valve.

Here we have mentioned some of the main pros and cons of this weber RV grill

Pros Cons
Nice petite sized portable grill. the relatively low heat might limit its utility.
Easy to clean.
Cooks evenly.
Light weight.
Well-made grates.



It’s a great and well-made grill. Usually the other grills, specifically for RV only have full power on and off but this one comes with a range of control over its temperature. It uses the cast grill as the main heat source which is an amazing quality. You won’t have any flame ups or burning of the meat. You’ll need to pre heat the grill to warm up the cast iron plates for about 5-10 minutes, for best results. They are super easy-to-clean plates as they are shiny, smooth and enameled. It can easily fit in your RV without interfering. Though it has a relatively low heat, but it might not be a great issue as it’ll just take a few more minutes. Worth the money.



CUISIN ART CGG 220 Everyday Portable Gas Grill

gas grill for rv

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Cuisinart portable gas grill is designed for RV, backyard use, camping, tailgating, and some more. It’s 240 square inches, porcelain enamel cast iron grill grate offers enough grilling space. This grill comes with a single 15000 BTU burner with Twist Start electric ignition and precision temperature gauge. It also has Pair of removable 10 by 10 inches side tables, a heat resistant stainless-steel lid handle. It measures 26 x 18 x 19 inches in transport mode and weighs less than 40 pounds.

This Cuisinart everyday portable gas grill has a powerful 15000 BTU’s burner that performs like a sizeable professional grill. It has a twist electric ignition start that effortlessly lights the stainless-steel loop burner, a precision temperature gauge that supports you manage the heat, and a minimalist heat resistant stainless-steel handle on the hood. This grill will get hot enough to attain a nice sear on a steak that is grilled to medium or medium rare.

The enameled cast iron is the top material to grill on because it heats up swiftly, emits heat evenly to eliminate hot patches, and cleans up smoothly. The Cuisinart portable gas grill has an ample 240 square inches enameled cast iron grate with enough room to grill steaks, burgers, and other tasty foods for two to four people or maybe even more. It heats up rapidly and has the features you need for a hassle-free grilling adventure.

The grill sits easeful on a picnic table or anywhere during your RV experience and includes two removable 10 x 10 inches side tables that allows more prep space and a nice place to keep your tools on. They are strong enough to hold weighty plates of food, beverages, and cooking tools. The side tables are not permanently attached to the grill but clips securely to the handles on both sides and are removed when transferring the grill. It’s a sensational little grill that makes a great gift.

Here we listed some of the pros and cons of this particular Cuisinart grill.

Pros Cons
A sleek design. The drip pan assembly is a little tough to get in and out, not super convenient to clean.
Perfect sized grill.
Sturdy side tables for extra space.
Even heating.
Excellent multipurpose grill.
Built to last.



This Cuisinart Portable Gas Grill is made for all of the places where you love and enjoy grilling the most. It fits perfectly into the trunk of a compact car and assembles in few minutes. Its grills have cast iron grates because they heat up evenly without any hot spots. This Cuisinart has a roomy 240 square inches grate that delivers a generous amount of cooking space. The flame tamer is a metal plate which is designed to distribute heat uniformly and catch fat drippings while food cooks, it’s placed between the flames and the cast iron grate. The grill’s high-performance design is ideal for RV.



WEBER 1520 Propane Gas Grill

weber gas grill for rv

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This Weber Gas propane gas grill comes with a super convenient and an easy to use push button ignition system. It comes with amazing porcelain enameled flavorizer bars. It’s pivoting legs locks the lid in place for extra added safety. This grill allows a 160 square inches of cooking surface on the triple nickel-plated cooking grate. The porcelain enameled coating avoids rust and fading, and it uses 14.1 OZ propane cylinders.

It’s perfect for picnics, RV, tailgating or the beach, this Weber gas grill is portable, convenient and easy to use. The petite, space saving design includes a porcelain enameled lid and bowl, a glass reinforced nylon handle and nickel-plated legs that hinges to lock the lid in its place when you are traveling. It features a 160 square inches, a nice triple nickel-plated cooking grate, the grill makes cooking easy and quick with a simple push button igniter, Weber cookbook and the utilizes Weber Flavorizer system. It also uses a disposable 1-lb.

This Weber’s gas grill adds convenience and ease to the fun of RV, camping and tailgating. This compact unit has an exceptionally generous grilling area, broad enough to fit four medium steaks. The push button ignition system makes lighting fire easier than ever, and the consumed heat distributing flavorizer bar makes sure that your food grills evenly and efficiently every time.

You can cautiously lock the lid into its place with the pivoting legs and take this light weight grill around in one hand. The Built-in lid hangers allows you to rest the lid on the side of the grill to conceive an effective barrier against the wind. The triple nickel coated steel grate is simple and easy to clean, and the porcelain enameled steel lid and the cooking box are built to last longer.

Below we’ve mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Weber propane gas grill

Pros Cons
Perfect petite sized grill, easy to carry around. The lid's handle gets hot, you'll need a glove to carry it.
Rapid ignition system.
High quality porcelain material.
Made to last longer.
Easy to assemble,
and Easy to clean.



This petite grill is easy and clear to put together and works great for RV or your trip to the beach and then also as a backup for your regular grill. It heats up rapidly and cooks well and even food. The cooking surface is, obviously, not so enormous, to grill food of a lot of people, but you can definitely cook in stages when you need to grill some more. It’s undoubtedly not big enough to replace your full-sized grill, if you are all serious about grilling, but it is super functional, convenient and works very well for whatever it’s made for; lesser people and easy to carry portable grill. Highly recommend this.



We have listed following buyer’s guide to help you choose best grill for RV.


You need to know materials your grill is made of, and how well it’s constructed is very important when considering its lastingness. While looking for a grill to accompany you on your adventures, lightweight materials should be used to keep its weight down, nonetheless this may mean that the grill is less stable in its construction.

The stability of the grill is a key factor when it comes to safety, so you need to be sure that the grill and stand are stable. Usually the grills that are welded will be more stable than those which are put together with nuts and bolts. The materials like cast iron, cast aluminum, an enameled steel and a stainless steel are best when you are considering the durability of the grill.


How portable a grill actually is, depends on how heavy it is, as well as it’s physical size. When you are camping, you will tend to barely have enough room for everything you are taking along, which means you need a grill that won’t take up that much of a space.

The grill which is small enough to carry around, should always be preferred over the ones which are heavy and not that easy to move around.


The grills that are easy to transport will usually be refined to operate with the small camping size propane cylinders. Some grills allows adapter hoses that can be bought so that you are able to attach your grill to a 20-pound propane tank rather than the smaller ones out there. If you are the DIY type person, you can make your own fuel substitute to save some extra money.


Grates are the panels that fits across the surface of your grill providing you an amazing space for grilling. They play a vital role in keeping the heat, even in the cooking area. Grates can be made from different materials, which includes chrome, cast iron, nickel, and stainless steel. You should prefer to go for grates which are easy to clean, and the food doesn’t get stuck on it.

Stainless steel grates are super easy to clean; the cast iron grates which are covered in porcelain enamel works well though the porcelain may crack or get dents.


The majority of gas grills includes spark ignition systems. The ignition system may run on a battery or might work through the friction of pushing a button or simply turning a dial to get a spark, depending on the grill type. Commonly, there will be a manual ignition hole on the side of the grill, just in case the starter fails.


All in all, we have assembled some of the best grills for RV and mentioned some of the main features you need to keep in mind while looking for the RV grills, obviously with your personal preferences and the purpose you are purchasing it for. From the above-mentioned list of top grills you should go for the one with the best convenience and functionality, whatever you’re buying it for. These grills have unique and sleek design, all made of high-quality materials, incredible and practical for RV, and are some of the high rated RV grills on amazon. We highly recommend these products, as they are made to last longer and are affordable.

Happy Grilling Folks!

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