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Best Mattress for New Born 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

The best mattress for newborn can be found on the market, not simply makes your son or daughter’s sleep and rest a lot cozier, but in addition gives a quantity of beneficial features too. In essence, these given products provide the necessary firm support for babies in order to grow physically healthy. While also making sure that they’re able to access safe and restful sleep continuously.

Name Weight
Newton Baby mattress and toddler bed- Editor's Choice 11 poundsCheck Price
Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer 10.8 poundsCheck Price
Colgate Eco Classica III 9.44 poundsCheck Price


Newton Baby mattress and toddler bed- Editor’s Choice

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Started in 2014 and headquartered in New York, Newton Baby remains smaller than average and privately operated. Founder Michael Rothbard can be an industry veteran with history showing a penchant for successfully introducing innovative bedding products to your market.

When he became a father, his focus naturally moved to creating safer, convenient and even more effective sleep solutions for youngsters. The company enjoys a stellar reputation as a result of consistent and excellent flagship product originally launched in 2015: The Newton Wovenaire crib mattress. Though popular and well-received by parents, press and physicians alike, naturally in contrast to personal research and preference. Here are information!

We mentioned the Newton baby mattress is innovative, but what’s amazing regarding it is which the innovation produces a simplification of product design, instead of the usual convoluted layering of multiple materials. Newton Baby has been able to build a creation that is purportedly breathable, hypoallergenic, lightweight, non-toxic, washable, and 100% recyclable—all while being comfortable and safe.

Wovenaire is done within a pool of water, with all the polymer being woven and formed while submerged. It solidifies to a form which fits crib mattress dimensions, which is very lightweight but resilient; 90% of the volume will be air! Only 10% with the entire three-dimensional interior is made in the food-grade polymer. Wovenaire is Greengard Gold certified, and Newton Baby further claims so it doesn’t off-gas or otherwise not leach chemicals which might be harmful or toxic.

Pros Cons
Perfect fit None
Very comfortable for new born
Eco friendly



Newton baby toddler is one of the best mattress for new born. It is eco-friendly, breathable, extremely comfortable for newborn and contains not a single bad review from parents.
This mattress has no reported downside whatsoever.

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Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

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A sturdy, an easy task to clean new born mattress could be the Holy Grail for virtually every busy parent. Moon Slumber’s dual-sided, water-resistant crib mattress certainly has a great balance and features a hypoallergenic cover too.

The mattress uses medical grade fabric to produce a company, safe sleeping surface for infants. After the fresh and a half it is possible to flip the mattress to get your baby over a softer surface. The outer edges of a mattress would be the nearest your child. Rather than using chemical flame retardants which may leak in to the air, Moon Slumber make use of textile design and keep this fire safe. The flame-resistant layer is made coming from a densely woven fabric that naturally prevents fire without depending upon spray treatments.

The inner layer is naturally infused polyurethane foam. The infant’s side may be extra-firm to cut back the risk of SIDS whilst encouraging the muscular development your child must stand independently. The same firm, albeit softer, is needed to the toddler side to make a comfortable sleeping surface.

One thing that individuals couldn’t help but notice on this mattress was the entire craftsmanship. Crib mattresses need to last a shorter time over a full-sized one but there we were impressed together with the sturdy stitching, cover and warranty.

We is able to see the Little Dreamer lasting long afterwards its expected lifespan a proof of the grade of its USA engineering.

Pros Cons
Easy to clean Not breathable
Water proof
Chemical free
Free of allergens



Moonlight slumber is also very best mattress for newborn. It is very easy to clean, comes with water-proofing and free of harmful chemicals and allergens. You will find this mattress also very lightweight.

On downside, it does not offer cooling to your newborn as it is not very breathable like newton baby.

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Colgate Eco Classica III

colgate crib mattress

The Colgate Eco Classica III is usually a GREENGUARD Gold certified crib mattress made from CertiPUR-US certified safe foam. This makes certain that there won’t be harmful air emissions making to get a better sleeping environment for baby. The Eco Classica III is manufactured by Colgate, one third generation family-owned and operated company since 1955. Since a newborn will pay out 70% time around the mattress as well as a toddler spends 50% time about it, it is vital that a crib mattress is really as safe as is possible, which explains why Colgate dedicates a great deal time and energy into creating a wonderful mattress for baby.

Colgate takes pride inside the items which they manufacture, especially crib mattresses. They have come up with dual sided crib mattress design baby grows, they’re hitting their growth and developmental marks. Infants desire a firm, flat working surface whenever they understand push-up, turn, and stand. The solid base supplies the ideal surface for developing and strengthening muscles.

Colgate puts the protection of the child first when they can be creating their mattresses. The firmness enables you to protect baby. With all of regardless, Colgate promises that a child may have the best firmness level for development and comfort. Once they transition to toddler standards, flip the mattress over and they’ll have a softer surface to nap on.

Pros Cons
No off-gassing Round Edges
Easy to clean
Dual sides



College newborn mattress is free of any kind of smells. It is also very easy to clean and made from 100 percent safe and eco-friendly material. Very lightweight and both sides are useable which makes it very good for your infant and toddlers.

On downside, some people complain about it’s edged being rounded instead of squared.

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How to Choose the best mattress for New Born

As can be expected, you will find there’s wide selection of brands, for you to eventually elect to accept. Let us now keep an eye on at one of the most common and popular varieties of the products.

Foam crib mattresses

Generally speaking, these kinds of crib items are most of the most lightweight option you can actually pick for one’s baby. They are presented in varying thicknesses that normally consist of 3″ to 6″. It is highly advisable you choose to buy foam mattresses, which might be sufficiently firm and resilient whenever you exert pressure to them. It is important to get making without doubt the sleeping surface just isn’t too soft in order to easily conform your kid’s shape. This effect is widely considered through the experts to pose possibility factor for potential suffocation as well as sudden infant death syndrome (SID) hazards.

Innerspring crib mattresses

Mattresses which have been built from innerspring systems are simply metallic coils wrapped with foam, padding or perhaps a fabric. You should only be happy with people that integrate superior gauge steel of their construction and show high-quality cushioning. While they are a tad for the high end in the spectrum with regards to cost, these mattresses are incredibly firm and durable at the same time.

Organic crib mattresses

These different types of crib mattresses are crafted while using all-natural or organic materials. This can include cotton, wool, coconut shell husks fibers, food grade polymers, plant-based foam and even natural latex. Organic mattresses are not equipped within the cheap, though the reassurance you will access completely offsets the charge involved. Most standard mattresses currently presented already in the market contain toxic chemicals and industrial compounds, which often can emit toxic gases. Some in the most notable of those substances are flame retardants (notably PBDE), vinyl and in some cases polyurethane foam. While materials for example latex possess a high potential of triggering various allergenic reactions among newborns. So, choosing organic crib mattresses might be ideal for anyone who is worried over your general child’s safety while he or she sleeps.

Breathable crib mattresses

Breathable varieties are already constructed from materials which could facilitate for babies to breathe additional freely during sleep. This is forever the situation whether or not they sleep using faces pressed on these mattresses.

Top things to look for inside best crib mattresses in existence

Naturally, there are lots of factors always remember when evaluating the most effective brands of the items. With the influx of the many brands, that offer crib mattresses, it could be especially challenging to determine just which could be perfect for your wants and preferences. Still, here are a few tips about the most important items you should think on when wanting to invest in a crib mattress.

Appropriate size

These products, outside of sheer necessity, should snugly match toddler crib. This means they must cease any gaps or spaces involving the sides with the mattress as well as the crib’s frame. Should you remember that there’s indeed some space left empty, then this crib mattress is without a doubt too small which enables it to have a increased possibility to cause suffocation or entrapment hazards. With regard to this, the precise sizing of baby cribs and mattresses has now been standardized from the US authorities.

Optimal firmness

The firmer a mattress is, better it might be to produce maximum support on your sleeping child’s body. To check within the exact firmness of prospective products, take the time to press down at their centers too as the edges. If these areas, once depressed, snap back rapidly for their original shape, the mattress you want will definitely cease able to double to the form within your baby when sleeping.


Basically, mattresses that happen to be constructed from high density materials are incredibly strongly recommended. These given merchandise is sufficiently firm to they’re able to provide optimal safety for child as they or she sleeps. Quite a large numbers of foam mattresses makers tend not to list any density info on their packages. But by subtracting the required effort of determining their overall weights, you’ll get a better understanding of precisely how dense they really are. On the other hand, the innerspring variety’s density and firmness will often be gauged through the exact variety of coils they have. Also, the precise gauge on the wires utilized might be an excellent metric to gauge their density. Typically, low gauge coils equal use of thicker wires, which can be considerably more robust and in addition firmer. Ideally, often be for the lookout for innerspring crib mattresses with at the very least 130 coils along with a gauge of 15.5 or below.


The exact resilience of crib mattresses can also be a vital factor consider when you plan to purchase one of these. The quicker something can regain its original form when pressed down, the higher it will likely be. As you might probably already be conscious of, sleeping babies can make a conspicuous dent using a mattress’s foam. This makes it extremely hard for one’s child to change their position, should the crib mattress you ultimately pick retains their body’s shape. To be able to effectively manage this kind of issue, the most beneficial foam instances feature precisely what is termed as ‘dual firmness.’ This construction integrates one additional firmer side made for newborns. While the other softer side means for toddlers.


An ordinary foam crib mattress’s weight does change from 7 lbs. to 8 lbs. Yet, those that are crafted with polyurethane foam can offer average weights as high as 20 lbs. As for the innerspring varieties, they have a tendency being a lot heavier as well as their weights can consist of 15 lbs. to 25 lbs. As you are engaged in choosing the right product for the distinctive needs and inclinations, always bear the subsequent issue at heart. You will ought to hoist it up on one for reds or completely lift off once you should customize the sheets, as well as a heavy mattress can prove to get cumbersome.

Crib mattress covers

Nowadays mattress covers are standard features among most with the brands, that offers these products. Still not all these covers are manufactured equal, and it could be prudent to simply are satisfied with those who may be of immense advantage of the comfort within your child as they or she naps. Typically, always go with crib mattress covers which are waterproof and show exponentially increase reinforced ticking. This particular combination has a tendency to be additional proof against tears, holes as well as wet diapers.


The finest varieties of crib mattresses available, now consist of diminutive vents which might be added to their sides, which might be manufactured to facilitate for unrestricted airflow within them. This feature allows them being freed from offensive odors, even though extended periods of utilization.

Certification seals

All crib mattress brands which are sold within the US ought to fully fulfill the safety standards from the US consumer products safety commission. However, one critical thing you need to know is actually a manufacturer constitutes a declare that their crib mattress is organic, this type of claim could infer to be able to things. Always be sure you know what the term are organic actually means before picking any single product. Additionally, when you choose imported crib mattresses, be about the lookout for Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification seals. This is an international certification that provides the assurance, the crib mattress under consideration is without requiring flame retardants and metallic materials.

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