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Best Right Angle Drills 2019- Buyer’s Guide Included

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2019)

Most of the times regular tools just don’t get it. Specially designed one’s having to be called in to save the day. For instance, a traditional typical drill may not be able to fit into tighter spots or work well with the awkward angles. This is where a right-angle drill comes handy and this article is going to guide you and convince you that right angle drill is better than any traditional drill, that’s all we are going to talk about here.

Drills are a must have in every tool waistband, whether you are a hobbyist or a professional. Though, they are also large for what they do, and oft-times, you need to drive a screw or drill a hole in a much smaller area. That is where, the amazing right angle drills comes into play, if you are wondering, what’s the difference between these two, let us peek into it; a right angle drill is the kind of a drill whose head sits at a 90 degree angle, this type of drill can reach the places other drills can only dream about. However, this type of drill also comes with a few more cautions than most, while the common drills can’t really reach those smaller corners.

Drills are a very common tool for most professionals and Do it yourselfer alike, but most of the times they can be too large for some jobs. When you just want to drive a screw or drill a hole into a smaller area, it is very necessary to find the best right-angle drill. considering its use is more specialized, there are a very few drills of this type that are simply good at everything. Rather, they often gravitate to one niche or another.

We don’t think there is any full answer to the question that who should use a right angle drill, but anyone who works on floors or joists should be first in the queue. Typically speaking anyone who must drill in a very confined or small space, should get one of these as soon as they can.

There are many people out there, who never use the right angle drill. For those of you that find the best right angle drill, realize what they have been missing all this time. The head of the right angle drill sits at a 90 degree angle so it can easily reach places other drills cannot. There are many different professions where the best right angle drill comes in handy. Some people that frequently use them includes electricians and plumbers. Some car mechanics can also make good use of one of these drills. So, the thing to bear in mind here, is that if you work in spaces where you need to drill in smaller places, then you should consider getting one of these.

This unique and practical power tool is ideal for putting holes through roofs, studs, joists, floors, and even plates in tight spaces. The compact and firm size of the right angle drill makes it a convenient option for those small corners. Bearing in mind the chuck is located at the right angle of this drill’s body, the shape can almost fit anywhere. Many of the best right angle drills come with lots of torque and power.

A right angle drill is not a product you will find in an everyday tool box although you would find it on any professional or handy man’s Christmas list. What makes this tool so special and dear for them? It can reach those spaces that, otherwise, you would never be able to reach like behind joists and beams. Plumbing becomes, some next level easier when using the best right angle drill and electricians even swear by it for any job that forces you to work in an uncomfortable or unnatural position. Some are only designed to be the kind of a tool which makes them limited but still one of the greatest and practical tools available out there.

If you are a professional who makes use of the drills very often, it makes some sense to invest in the best and pricey right angle drill you can find. Generally, you can expect to spend over $300 to $400 for a top of the line model, with a drill this expensive you will receive increased power, light weight

capability and a very slim profile. But if you are a hobbyist or a DIYer, you should not spend this much money on a simple tool, that might be expensive for you, plus, you don’t even need that much power, so you should go for drills ranging from $100 to $150.

Because the right angle drill is a unique and specialized tool, there aren’t a lot of drills to choose from as some other power tools have. We have put together a list of the top three best right angle drill brands available on the market. We hope this article will be able to assist you find the best drill according to your needs.

Best Right Angle Drill (Comparison)

Right Angle Drill Head Size
Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 Cordless Right Angle Drill- Editor’s Choice 3-3/4-inchesCheck Price
DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Cordless Drill 4 inchesCheck Price
Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill 3/8 InchesCheck Price



Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 Cordless Right Angle Drill- Editor’s Choice

best right angle drill

Check Price

Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 drill is different from other D-handle models out there, this cordless right-angle drill is the latest and upgraded development that you should pay attention to, it’s battery feature (cordless) makes this drill super easy and convenient to use. With it’s amazing, sleek and compact design, this drill could deliver up to 100 inches pound of torque efficiently and effortlessly.

This Milwaukee product is super easy to use, it’s very durable, and it’s manufactured in China. The 3-3/4 inches head length is ideal for working in tight spaces, with a 3/8 inches single sleeve ratcheting chuck which provides the maximum durability and versatility in your operation. An electronic clutch with 11 various settings for your complete control in various situations, and a drill mode for complete control in the fastening applications. It’s extended multi position handle provides versatility and convenience, it also has a fascinating feature, the built-in LED light which is super beneficial and helpful when drilling in dark corners, so you don’t have to carry extra flashlight with you. Has a serious 125 inches pounds torque. The package includes M18 compact lithium-ion battery, a 1-hour charger, and a carrying case.

The extended paddle trigger makes it super easier for you to command this drill even while you are using one hand. On the other hand, about the power, this Milwaukee’s drill uses the amazing rechargeable lithium-ion battery to run the drill. You can conveniently check the battery life on the built in fuel gauge. And you also don’t have to worry about overcharging it as well, since it has the overload protection on its battery. This cordless drill from Milwaukee is a big thing that most of the people don’t recognize as much as it should be.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this Milwaukee right angle drill.

Pros Cons
5 year warranty. A little heavy; 8.05 pounds.
11 clutch settings.
Built-in LED lights.



This is one of the most functional and practical unit currently on the market, the Milwaukee 2615 is a great selection for occasional users or for professionals, as it is very sturdy, tough and does its job well. If you are a professional contractor, this might not the right angle drill you are looking for because it can be inconsistent. It’s made of hard plastic, yet this model does include some rubber in the design (still far from being prime quality).

DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Cordless Drill

Best DEWALT right angle drill

Check Price

DeWALT has been a very important name in right angle drills due to their long lasting and high quality products. This is one of the only brands that produce electric tools powered at 20 volts, with a lithium-ion battery and plenty of power, this makes your any and every difficult task gets completed efficiently and quickly. This DeWALT drill offers dual speed limits ranging from 0-60 and 0-2000 RPM which increases user’s flexibility. It is also usable in a vast range of applications.

DEWALT DCD740C1 right angle drill is a must for every tool box. It’s compact size and the two speed transmission makes it the ideal drill to get into all those tight or narrow spaces. It’s perfect for carpenters, re-modelers and electricians alike, this drill can reach points no other tool or grill possibly can. With a total of 3.8 pounds weight, which is ideal for minimizing your fatigue and four inches in length and makes this drill compact and light weight enough to be carried and used in smaller or narrower spaces for a prolonged period without causing anxiety. This model is powered by an Energy Star rated charger which not only prepares your tool with cleaner power but is also healthier for the surroundings. It’s multi-grip trigger brings comfort and convenience, permitting the user to get into tighter and smaller spaces easily.

The warranty offered by the DeWALT is what makes this stand out from most other brands. It has a total of three year limited warranty and features one year free service contract as well. On top of these, there is a 90-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with anything related to this drill. Companies or brands that offers these kinds of protections tends to make a well-built and high quality product that they can easily stand behind.

As another perk, this product also comes with a carrying case and a belt hook plus plastic storage.

Following are the pros and cons of this DeWALT right angle drill

Pros Cons
Easy and comfortable to use. You might experience lack of torque with this one.
Amazing dual speed ranges. More expensive than other budget models.
Compact and light weight.
Useful multi gripped trigger.
Energy star rated battery.



This is the best drilling tool for tradesmen such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and for hobbyists or home DIYers, if you have enough budget otherwise you can always go for other cheaper ones. There can’t be any spot which is too tight a squeeze for this little yet sturdy machine and not only will you be able to reach difficult spaces, but you will be able to do it, so comfortably and without any frustration.

Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

cheap right angle drill

Check Price

This last product on our list is very budget friendly and is inexpensive because it does not come with a battery and is best suitable for home DIYers or hobbyists who don’t need a drill to use it every day or even for professionals who don’t want to go for very expensive tool. It’s long-neck design offers greater advantage when working in those awkward positions and is also very convenient to reach those smaller spots. It is an ideal tool to use with wood working, HVAC installations, or plumbing.

There is some hole boring or fastening applications that a standard drill just can’t handle. Like, sometimes you need to work in the rafters of a crawlspace or under a sink, for those times, you will need to use a drill that can tackle these types of situations, which is a right angle drill that can work properly in those awkward environments. For these situations, use this affordable, Ryobi P241. It’s a powerful and compact drill that has more than enough rotational speed and torque for many houses and professional applications. Above the 130 inch pounds of torque and 1,100 revolutions per minute, it comes packed with features that provides you with maximum comfort and utility.

When you are on your back, or in any other awkward situation, losing your fasteners is the last thing which you don’t want to happen so its onboard magnetic bit tray is designed to keep them on you without worrying about dropping them anywhere where it’s hard to find them. If your work space is a little damp, you will still be able to maintain a grip with the carefully designed hex rubber which is over molded on the handle, granting you maximum grip strength and freedom of movement in the slippery conditions. This P241 also comes equipped with a super helpful, powerful LED that will make your work subjects illuminated, when you need to see them the most. When you are stuck under a sink or a crawlspace, drilling holes with multiple various kinds of bits, you will be happy to have your trusty Ryobi product by your side.

Below we listed some of the pros and cons of Ryobi drill.

Pros Cons
Comes with a super useful, onboard magnetic tray. Not a very ideal drill, if you don’t have a battery that fits.
Great compact sized.
A rubberized over grip for slippery conditions.
LED lights for better illusion of those dark spaces.



Ryobi comes at top if cost is the issue. This product is top rated and have good reviews and is ideal for anyone doing a home remodeling job or for professional electricians and plumbers. It is certainly the best possible tool for the tool box when you find yourself working in very close spaces as it’s compact, tough and very sturdy. Despite of its lower price, the amazing and unique features helps make this product stand out.


The common and best features to keep in mind are generally like any other drill, but there are a few features that in our point of view are more important than others. They are initially designed to get into smaller spaces, so they have a short head and chuck.


This is the very main difference obviously, as this makes this right angle drill stand out from the other ordinary drills. So before buying you will need to check if the profile is low enough that can get into the tightest of spaces which you most probably soon would be working on. This should be your fundamental consideration. Anything that is chunky will only be a waste of time and money. These essentially need to be longer than (around 4 maybe?) and narrower than those traditional drills. How efficient they are going to be depends mostly on this feature, so make sure to take into consideration this one, otherwise it will only be a waste of everything and there is no need for one too.

Power and Torque

Power obviously needs to be considered too, as any drill’s efficiency and work limit is based on this feature, be it any traditional drill or this right angle drill. You must make sure that the power of the drill is high enough to effortlessly do every task you throw at it, you would not want to end up frustrated if the power is not high enough to tackle your tasks. And for that reason, you will need to go for the one which has a good battery, good design and an efficient motor.


The grip is highly important in every hand held drill, as your hand is going to control all the work and if your grip is not tight and controlling, you can’t efficiently do your work but on these right angle kinds of drills it is especially vital. You will need a firm and solid rubber grip to avoid any slipping and the one that permits you to access the trigger with ease and comfort. Remember to check the grip of the drill before, so you don’t have regrets later when the drill slips from your hands because of it’s not so firm grip.

LED Light

Well that’s not the kind of feature which is found in every drill, but you will need to make sure that your right angle drill comes with one. It’s not a very important feature to be taken under consideration but if it comes with one, you better go for that one. But on the same side it is important as you are going to use it in tighter spaces where direct light can’t be reached, so it’s way batter if your right angle drill comes with a built in LED light to provide you with direct light to the exact drilling spot. Because if you are in a small or a confined space, you will want some light to see the exact drilling spot and the more the better. This built in LED light feature will help you not take your torch everywhere you go.

Wrapping it up

A normal tradition drill is great and is itself a very versatile tool but a right angle drill is certainly a better and latest version as it can reach places normal drill can’t even think of. The people who own this drill will not want you to miss out on the opportunity of owning this amazing and efficient drill itself.

There are some power tools that cannot be replaced and becomes a must have because of their next level performance, and this, right angle drill is one of them. If you are regularly working on any areas of fiddly and small spaces, then just spend the money on a high quality, better motor and more expensive drill you won’t regret it but on the other hand if you have to use it every now and then, there is no need of spending lots of money on a very heavy duty and more powered drill, a cheap one will do just fine for your kind of work. We hope you make the best choice and find the one which best suits you and one which you have been looking for quite some time now.

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