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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Repairs really are a necessary portion of any home which makes having tools a necessity. A rolling tool bag would be the convenient method to maintain charge of your tools and allow you to have complete entry to the tools where and when you need them. This is needless to say if we are discussing a small number of tools.

In this article, we have listed some of the best rolling tool bags you can get. So, without any further delays let’s check them out.


Rolling Tool Bags Comparison Table

Name Dimensions
Rolling Tool Tote 18 In- Editor's Choice 19 x 10 x 20 inchesCheck Price
Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag 19.8 x 16.3 x 11 inchesCheck Price
XtremepowerUS Tool Bag Organizer 18 x 10 x 15 inchesCheck Price
Stark 20" Rolling Wide Mouth Tool Bag 21 x 21 x 12.5 inchesCheck Price
DeWalt DGL571 Roller Tool Bag 19.5 x 13 x 16.5 inchesCheck Price


Husky Rolling Tool Tote 18 In- Editor’s Choice

husky rolling tool bag

If you are looking for durable, water-resistant yet inexpensive rolling tool bag then nothing beats Husky tool Tote.

It has telescoping handle with very good grip, quality of wheels are very good and offers very smooth mobility. The compartment of Husky Tool tote is large enough to carry all kind of tools also gives you easy access. Moreover, it comes with 7 internal and 11 external pockets for storing various kind of tools. Built quality of husky rolling tool bag is also plus point because it is made of an excellent water-resistant material. It also has carrying handles in case, you not want to roll it. The compartment is protected with dual zipper also features two tape measure circlets.

Pros Cons
Durable Limited warranty
Easy to move



Husky GP-43196N13 18-inches is one of the best rolling tool bag available in the market. It is very durable, has nice wheels which are easy to move, and its pricing makes it more attractive than other bags as, it costs under $100. Plus, it offers a lot of pockets with very large compartment.

On downside, claiming its warranty is very difficult. Even though, it comes with 3-year limited warranty, but company has not made clear statement which and what is covered in their policy.

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Tradesman Pro Rolling Tool Bag

professional rolling tool bag

If, you are professional or very enthusiastic about keep tools inside bag which is moveable than you are going to love this one. Tradesman pro offers a lot of space and powerful 6-inch wheels to move your bag easily. The wheels are powerful enough to go through rough terrains.  It offers 24 pockets and very spacious compartment for ease and adjusting your tools without any hassle. The color of compartment is orange which is designed for easy visibility. As, Tradesman pro is professional rolling tool bag you can easily put large tools inside its compartment as well. Metal frame built and up to 100 lbs. storing capacity makes Klein’s Tradesman pro an excellent rolling tool bag.

Pros Cons
Professional design Quality of zipper sucks
Long handle
Easy to move
Sturdy built



Klein tools is a very reputable brand amongst the market. Tradesman Rolling tool bag them is also no exception. This is one of the most awesome tool bag you can get for storing and carrying your tools. The long handle makes it grip nice, 6-inch powerful wheels can move it anywhere including rough lands. Metal frame makes it very sturdy.

On downside, quality of zipper is very bad. Zippers of tradesman pro cannot last more than a year which makes it very frustrating if you are frequent traveler.

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XtremepowerUS Tool Bag Organizer

tool bags moving

This wide mouth Rolling tool bag organizer is made from polyester material which is also water-resistant. Moreover, it is even cheaper than Husky Rolling Tool Tote 18 In which makes it very budget friendly. It has telescoping handle which is durable and offers good grip. Wheels are even, and you can maneuver them easily. As, it has wide mouth you can expect spacious compartment which is accessible via dual zipper.

For storing small tools you can use its 9 outside pockets or 10 internal pockets. As, it is an organizer tool bag you can easily adjust and place your tools according to your own needs and accessibility.

Pros Cons
Spacious Pockets are flimsy
Long lasting
Suitable for working men



One of the best budget friendly rolling tool bag. It offers a lot of space and quality built for long term use. XtremepowerUS rolling tool bag is even suitable for working men.

On downside, the pockets are delicate and not very suitable for heavy tools.

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Stark 20″ Rolling Wide Mouth Tool Bag

 wide mouth rolling tool bag

Stark Elite 20- Inches rolling tool bag offers plenty of space for storing your tool sets. You can store plenty of separate tools as well inside this wide mouth bag. From hand tools to Compact power tools. Stark Elite also has divider in it.

This bag also comes with dual zipper for easy opening and storage. Telescoping handle quality is very good for movability it has three plastic wheels. It has 14 internal pockets, 5 dividers and 8 external pockets.

Pros Cons
Well-constructed Not right for regular use
Large compartment
Suitable for storing and carrying plenty of tools



If you are looking for a tool bag which is twice the size of husky then, stark elite can be your best choice. It is well constructed and possess a very large compartment for storing bulky tools sets to power tools.

Though, we mentioned it is well constructed but not good enough for regular use. Many people reported that, if you use this rolling tool bag regularly it does not last longer. So, if you want to get the max life out of it avoid using it for daily work.

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DeWalt DGL571 Roller Tool Bag

DeWALT rolling tool bag

One thing you will second that DeWalt is a brand which is very famous for its products because of built quality they offer. DGL571 rolling tool bag is superb as well in terms of its quality. No other rolling tool bag in/out of our list offers excellent wheels.

But, with DeWalt DGL571 you are going to get an outstanding quality of wheels which makes it very easy to move. However, this bag is not for heavy tool storing. It has magnetic flipping zipper for quick access of tools. DGL571 also has telescoping handles similar to many other rolling tool bags but dgl571 lacks in handle quality. This rolling tool back also has LED light for finding your tools in dark. You can power its light with AAA batteries which comes in the box.

Pros Cons
Sturdy Handle is very fragile
Reputable Brand
Best for home/pro use



This rolling tool bag is also an excellent option if you are looking to store and carrying tools from one place to another. It can hold small to medium tools. However, some people reported that they even manage to add large tools, but we are not sure about that. DeWALT is reputable brand so, that’s also works in the favor of this bag. DGL571 is suitable for both home and pro use.

On downside, telescoping handle feels very weak.

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Rolling Tool Bag

Rolling tool bags are ideal for people who are always on the run like students moving to dorm houses, contractors or carpenters moving from a single site to a new and electrician who wishes to organize his bulky personal tools.

For Vehicles

If you work with vehicles, the rolling tool box or tool chest is very large and intensely necessary. The sheer weight with the tools has me overwhelmed with the size and volume of tools that you have to have and gaze after. The rolling tool box should have been built with a spacious interior to the shape on the tools. You should also hunt for drawers with small slots for washers, drill bits, tap and die along with things. You should buy an instance with enough drawer space that this wrenches and screwdrivers are separate with adequate room. Power tools use up a lot of space so that you will need some large drawers.

For light tools

If that you are working with a smaller scaled rolling tool bag, there are many important factors to think about when purchasing which to buy. The first thing to think about is the wheels. They must be sturdy and huge enough to transport a heavy load. Remember, they are carrying all of the weight. Next may be the handle. Be sure that it’s going to be able to pull the strain without coming apart. Third will be the fabric. Canvas is a superb choice as they are rawhide that’s heavy enough to take care of just about anything. Plastic is generally not as good an option since it may crack or break in the stress of heavy loads.

For Electricians

If that you are working primarily inside the electrical field, your needs for a roiling tool bag are slightly different. You will be needing more pockets for your smaller gadgets you utilize on every job. But you have saws as well as wire strippers, screwdrivers, small and big. Look for the place to keep the tape clean and neat.

 For Technicians

Tech people use a rolling tool case they take it to all of the clients. You can guess that while using small sizes of screws and rubber washers, plus memory chips, switches and plugs, our technicians must be well equipped practical. Larger components were carried inside the trucks just in case they would be needed. There is nothing worse for just a customer that is trying to run payroll or some other time critical software package to hear, “…sorry, I don’t develop the piece I need to fix your personal machine. I’ll be back tomorrow.” That just are not allowed. If you might be running a business, give your people the know how they need to be capable to satisfy your customers and them happy. A wheeled tool case is only one way to help to make sure that happens.

For Home

If you do have a small apartment or even a large home, repairs are a normal sequence of living. Having a well-equipped rolling tool box is a brilliant thing to obtain handy. Having the tool chest stocked while using correct sorts of tools can make your life along with the repair jobs far easier.

Also consider following tips for ensuring your choice.

Check the wheels

Most rolling bags sold on the internet and local shops have fancy designs and appear durable. However, the standard foundation its them is around the wheels. I feel you’re paying more to the wheels compared to rest from the bag since if an individual of them breaks then you definitely won’t be competent to move the bag comfortably.

See to it that this wheels in the bag are roller-blade style and huge enough to fit pressure from heavy loading. It could possibly be possible to look for the maximum loading the bag can handle to obtain a good feel the quantity of tools is it possible to pack inside. For web shops, you cannot check the wheels physically nevertheless, you can read customer reviews for tips.

 Check the handle

Next to your wheels, I think the handle is one with the most common troublesome areas for these bags. Check the materials used in manufacturing the handle – aluminum, plastic components, steel etc. Some bags could be cheap because materials found in manufacturing it are cheap also. You could be ripping yourself off in nodding to this deal!

Check the Fabric

Nylon or strong polyester are some from the fabric commonly employed in most rolling tool bags. You need to verify that the bag you’re eyeing at meet your quality standard. Pockets beyond your tool bag are constructed of nylon nets while inside compartments are made from polyester and nylon. Some rolling bags use canvas fabric. This is also a great choice since canvas grade cottons are utilized in duffel bags, golf caddies along with other bags fit for rough usage.

Check the Price

The price point is likely to make you a cheerful or miserable buyer. It’s a joke. However, I believe that you will never lose anything (but gain something) if you search to the best deal – quality and competitive price.

Final Verdict

Rolling tool bags are vital in modern day for storing and carrying tools and stuff from one place to another. Above, we have listed some of the best rolling tool bags available in the market. We also, added informative guide so, you can choose the best rolling tool bag without hassle.

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