Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

You are probably known that tennis racquets comes in different sizing, different weight and string types. If, you are truly enthusiastic or want to make difference in your game then choosing the right one is crucial step you need to take.

Know that, in the end preference is your own. You can choose the lightweight or heavy one whichever suits your game and your way of playing. However, lightweight racquets are good for swinging and easy grip also very suitable for beginners. As, the topic already gave you the idea in this article we are going to discuss the best tennis racquet for beginners.

We have spent around 22 hours in researching to ensure that you choose the best tennis racquet for your perfect game as a beginner. Now, without any further delays let’s check them out.

Name Head Size
HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet- Editor's Choice 115 sq. inchesCheck Price
Babolat Pure Drive 100 sq. inchesCheck Price
Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet 100 sq. inchesCheck Price
Prince Textreme Tour 100 sq. inchesCheck Price
Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Team 100 sq. inchesCheck Price

HEAD Ti. S6 Tennis Racquet- Editor’s Choice

tennis racquet for beginner

Ti. S6 is already strung tennis racquet for beginners. Head size of this tennis racquet is 115-inches and only have 1-inch head heaviness. It offers beam of 28.5 mm and pattern of string is in dimensions of 16 x 19. The grip is good with extra long length of 27 ¾-inches. Moreover, it is one of the lightweight racquet which gives you easy movements and swing while playing tennis. This racquet only weighs 8 ounces.

Pros Cons
Comfortable grip Not suitable for heavy usage
easy to swing
Offers great control


Ti. S6 is one of the best racquet for beginners because it offers very comfortable grip, its lightweight makes it very easy to swing and gives you enough power to play the right strokes without much struggle.

You are not going to like this racquet if you are going to use for playing for longer hours. Its strings are not very strong and cannot handle the playing of long hours.

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Babolat Pure Drive

Pure drive tennis racquet

Pure drive by Babolat comes unstrung. It is a racquet which is used by Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini. His use of this racquet really boast its famousness among the market. However, it is not only well-known because it has been used by professional player. You can feel the quality of Pure drive as soon as you touch it.

Head size of this racquet is 100 sq. inches with the handle of 27 inches with very good grip. For proper balance during the game it offers 4 head point.

Pros Cons
Lightweight None reported
Gives nice feel on touch
Excellent grip


Well, the question is it is used by professional player what makes it best racquet for beginners? Answer is, it’s lightweight and easy to grip handle. And, it gives you premium feeling when you hold it. So, these all things will suck you in the game and we are sure that you are going to enjoy this one if you are returning player or a beginner.

No negative aspect has been reported about this racquet.

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Wilson Burn 100 Team Tennis Racquet

best tennis racket for beginners infowzaidz

100 team tennis racquet by Wilson burn can be used by adult beginners or junior players. It is enhanced with BLX technology which gives you premium feel and excellent movement while playing your game. Similar to pure drive it offers 100 sq. Inches head and handle of 27 inches. It is not the lightest one but still very light compared to aluminum racquets other their as it weighs only 10 ounces when get strung.

Wilson burn 100 has double hole string design for improved spotting. String pattern is in 16 x 20.

Pros Cons
Premium Feel Need to buy strings separately
Excellent quality
Easy to maneuver


If you are looking for your game as a beginner tennis player then, Wilson burn can surely assist you. As, it has BLX technology which does not only make it look good but also allow you to swing it easily and forcefully. The built quality is nice.

You are not going to find any bad things in racquet itself but some of the reviewers reported us that it does not came with the strings and they had to buy it separately. And, this is the only downside reported about Wilson Burn.

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Prince Textreme Tour

Textreme tennis

Textreme tour offers more balance than any racquet listed here. It has 7-point head light and comes with head size of 100 sq. inches. The size of handle is 27 inches. However, it weighs more than other racquets mentioned in this list. As, it weighs around 12 ounces.

Pros Cons
Offers power None reported
Controlled grip
Even suitable for seniors


If, you are looking for precision, control and power as a beginner then, Textreme tour By Prince is one of the best racquet you can buy. It offers total control to make you on the top of your game. Thanks to it’s 7 head light for balance and precision. It is even suitable for senior citizens.

No negative review has been reported to us by any verified reviewer.

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Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Team

Babolat Pure aero team

You suddenly want to buy this racquet when you know that it has been backed by Rafael Nadal. Babolat is famous brand due to its quality and popularity amongst top stars of tennis. Pure Arrow team offers 100 sq. inches head. Weighs only 10.6 ounces and features frame string interaction technology. Pure Aero comes strung and with protection cover as well.

The strung quality is top notch and you are surely going to enjoy how this one is easy to handle. It is not advertised for beginners but all the aspects of it makes it beginner friendly. Moreover, when you reach to intermediate level you do not have to change your racquet because. So, according to our research and by the opinions of verified reviewers you surely going to feel the outstanding value it offers.

Pros Cons
Easy to handle None
Offers great maneuverability


Pure aero is best tennis racquet for beginners because it is extremely easy to handle. It offers a solid grip and maneuverability is just top notch.

No drawback has been reported about Pure Aero By Babolat.

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How to Choose the right Tennis Racquet for Beginner

Finding the appropriate tennis products are vital for virtually every tennis player, beginner or seasoned player. First and foremost, you will need to find yourself a terrific racquet to try out with. With so many different technologies in tennis racquets, it is a bit intimidating to seek out one that suits your tennis game. Let us begin with the basics, you need to seek out the right grip size, an excellent weight on your game, as well as the correct racquet head size.

 Finding the correct grip size

There are several different sizes that can standard; 4 1/8″ (L1), 4 1/4″ (L2), 4 3/8″ (L3), 4 1/2″ (L4), and 4 5/8″ (L5). The most frequently used size by males is 4 1/2″ and then for women is 4 1/8″. The best way to appraise the perfect grip size for one’s tennis racquet is by using a ruler. With your ruler you really need to measure your dominant hand in the middle crease with the palm of your respective hand and get the dimensions of to the tip of your respective ring finger.

Whatever grip size you select, ensure you start with something a bit smaller, this way, if it’s not quite right you may built this. If you pick too large, it’s unattainable to make the grip smaller. One thing that numerous tennis players don’t get is that grip sizes is usually build up, should you decide that a 4 3/8″ grip is not really big enough, then it is possible to always alter your grip for making it bigger. There are two options for doing this; the very first is probably the cheapest and simplest way of doing it. Use an over grip, it’s a lot like a normal grip, however; it is often not as thick, they can be simple to place on and replace as you desire. Over Grips also come in a vast selection of colors, absorbency, and thicknesses, the other might be a more challenging and could require you to visit your local pro shop to own them undertake it. You can buy a heat shrink sleeve, the sleeve that is certainly heat shrunk to develop a grip either 1/2 a grip size or one full grip size.

Finding the correct racquet weight

Finding the proper racquet weight is crucial to your game. There are many different weighted tennis racquets, some come as light as 8 ounces and many as heavy as 12 ounces (please be aware, these weights are for unstrung tennis racquets). The thing about heavier racquets is that it is possible to swing them pretty hard and have some great pace from it, however; the drawback is always that you will fatigue quickly when you are not accustoming into it and there is possibly hurting yourself when you play it for too much time.

With a lighter racquet you should swing longer and faster for getting some real pace, however you won’t injure yourself an amazing quickly. Similar towards the tennis grip, you’ll be able to modify the weight of the tennis racquet, you are able to purchase lead tape which fits on the head from the racquet, and it is possible to even put weight under your grip. A typical beginner tennis racquet in most cases start at 9 ounces then as you become stronger and even more confident in your game, you are able to add weight or get a heavier racquet.

Finding the appropriate racquet head size

Many beginners have no idea of that there are a number of tennis head sizes, there are many various sizes ranging from 88″ squared right up to 110″ squared. Now, what’s the difference? Well, it is reasonably really; smaller head size, smaller sweet spot; bigger head size, bigger sweet spot. What’s a sweet spot? It’s the small area within the string bed which causes the most power, spin, control, and feel on the ball. When buying a tennis racquet you will likely want to buy a racquet having a bigger head size (100″ to 110″ square inches).

With a bigger head size you will find a bigger sweet spot that will be more forgiving when generating contact using the ball. As you come to be your tennis game and turn into a better player you might like to toy around together with the idea of playing using a smaller head size. If you do get a tennis racquet which has a smaller head size, you should expect to strike a few shanks right from the start, that is certainly an indication you are missing the sweet spot! Though, if you do hit that sweet spot, it’s really a thing of beauty, you’ll notice how much quicker the tennis ball flies over strings and ways in which controlled the ball is. Using a reduced head size, does take a great deal of practice of honing from the timing of your respective swing in relation on the ball. Most on the players we’ve spoke with like the smaller head size because doing so allows them for getting more pace off of the ball and lets them control points with no trouble.

Final Note

You must be wondering that most of the listed products have no cons but hey, we do not do that on purpose. We spent 22 hours in researching and listed the best ones only. We also take word of verified buyer’s and none of them reported anything bad about above mentioned tennis racquets.

With that said, we try our best to provide the honest reviews and information to our readers. Our team spend a lot of time in researching and all the lists on our blog are compiled after a lot of hard work. You can appreciate us by sharing it with others. 😬

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