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Best Tennis Racquet for intermediate Player 2019

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

It does not matter if you are beginner, intermediate and advance tennis player. Choosing the best tennis gear matters. Here, we are talking about racquets or rackets. In tennis, the importance of good racquet is very vital. So, if you want to pick the best tennis racquet as an intermediate player then this list and guide surely going to help you. By the way we have already covered the best tennis racquets for beginners. If interested, you can check them out by clicking on it.

With that said, let’s check out some of the best tennis racquets for intermediate players.

Name Weight
Wilson 2018 Ultra 100- Editor's Choice 11.2 OuncesCheck Price
Volkl-V-Sense 8 300G 300 gramCheck Price
Wilson Pro Staff 97 315 gramCheck Price
Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 11.3 ouncesCheck Price
Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP 300 gramCheck Price


Wilson 2018 Ultra 100- Editor’s Choice

wilson racket for tennis

Ultra 100 2018 by Wilson is one of the best racquet for intermediate player. It is very brittle, dynamic racquet for any type of court. It comes with a powerful vibration dampening material for strong grip while striking known as countervail.

It has a head size of 100. Moreover, it is lightweight, weighs only 11.2 ounces after strung. Ultra 100 2018 offers 4 head light points for good balancing. The pattern of string is 16×19. Know that, this tennis racquet also posses one of the highest quality strings by Wilson which is very durable, multi-thread and premium string.

Pros Cons
Quality string None
Excellent for power and spin
light on wrists


Wilson ultra 100 is very good option for intermediate players. The quality of string is top notch and this racquet is well known for its power and spin. Also, if you have bad wrists you do not have to worry because it is very light on wrists while not compromising on power.

Highest rated, so no downside has been reported.

Check Price


Volkl-V-Sense 8 300G

best tennis racquet for intermediate player

This one is not heavy nor light racquet. It weighs 1 pound (16 ounces) which allows you to have more power and spin while hitting the ball. V-sense 8 300G possesses sturdy frame and high-quality strings which are already strung by professionals at Volki. (But, this is only valid if you buy this racquet via online shopping stores like amazon, eBay etc.).

Pros Cons
Perfect condition None Reported
Sturdy frame
Excellent for power and spin


V-sense 8 300G is for those intermate players who are looking sturdy, powerful and more spin generating racquet than ordinary ones.

No one has reported any drawback about this product yet.

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Wilson Pro Staff 97

tennis racket infowizard

One more intermediate tennis racquet from Wilson in our list. It has smaller head which is more fitting for medium to advance player. As, head size is 97 sq. inches. Length of handle is 27 inches and it weighs only 10.2 ounces but know that it comes unstrung. Pattern of string is 16 mains and 19 crosses.

Pros Cons
Great maneuverability Came Unstrung
smaller head
decent power


If, you are looking for a balance, decent power and more maneuverability in your game then Wilson pro staff is one of the best tennis racquet for you.

The only complain about this racquet? It came unstrung and can be time consuming to string it properly.

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Babolat 2017 Pure Strike

Babolat pure strike review

Pure strike 2017 by Babolat is made off graphite. It is very suitable racquet for intermediate and advance players. Head size of 2017 pure strike is 98 sq. Inches. The length is similar to Pro Staff 97 which is 27-inches. For grip it has Babolat signature skin which feels premium when you hold it. Pattern of string is also likewise to Pro Staff 97 which is 16 mains and 19 crosses.

Babolat 2017 pure strike is excellent option for generating a lot of spin with precision and power. Plus, its shock absorbing ability is top-notch also it’s of 11.2 ounces makes it very maneuverable.

You do not have to buy string separately it comes in the box. String is made of 16-gauge synthetic strip with options of 16 different color.

Pros Cons
Plenty of spin Average string quality
quality Precision
solid frame


Pure strike 2017 offers plenty of spin/second without sacrificing control, precision and power. The racquet do provide premium feelings and possess very good quality of frame.

On downside, the quality of stock string is just average which is very disappointing on this level.

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Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP

Instinct Mp racket review

Instinct MP feels very good in hand. It has a design which is lightweight yet produce enough power to feel the blow. Graphene Instinct MP is also famous because it has been used by Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova. It has synthetic gut string with 16 mains and 19 crosses pattern.

This racquet only weighs 315 grams (11.2 0z). For balance it offers 3 head light points.

Pros Cons
Excellent quality Massive grip
Firm strings


Instinct MP by head offers excellent quality to players. It is versatile one and really good in generating powerful and sweet shots. Strings are very firm and durable.

On downside, it has massive grip size. Its not very bad, but you need sometime to get adjusted to it.

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How to choose the Best Tennis Racquet

Your racquet is extremely important and can set a character for your game, so naturally you would like to pick out the most beneficial tennis racquet you could find. With so many different choices available,it can be hard to figure out just what the best tennis racquet is good for you.

However, in case you consider your talent, your form of playing, the extra weight, as well as the materials with the racquet, you should look for a winner.

Skill Level

When you are looking for the very best tennis racquet, one with the most important issues that you need to consider can be your skill level. Beginners will desire to make alternative ideas from advanced players when you are considering picking out tennis equipment.


If you are a beginner at tennis, probably you will desire to start out which has a cheap racquet that features a larger head than most. Having the oversized head is likely to make it easier to hit the tennis ball while you’re learning.  Also, there exists definitely you should not spend a couple hundred dollars over a racquet till you have learned the basic principles and decided that you need to actively pursue this sport.

Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and advanced players will wish to pick out a racquet that includes a smaller head compared to racquet s for the beginners. While the oversized head is ideal for beginners, for an intermediate to advanced player, you will have more strength with your tennis swing along with a smaller head enables you a great deal more control inside your hits.

Style of Playing

More than likely in case you are an advanced player, you’ve your own particular form of playing. Your tennis gameplay will also influence what you would need within a good tennis racquet. If you like to use a substantial amount of topspin as part of your game, after that racquet that is certainly head heavy may help you improve your spin. Also, in case you are a serve and volley player.

You’ll find tennis racquet s which can be specifically designed for the style of play, along with the same applies to players whose game relies mainly on groundstroking. No matter what kind of play you like, more than likely you’ll be able to find a racquet which could enhance and transform your style.

Racquet Weight

To avoid injury, having a look at the burden of the tennis racquet is important before buying it. While you could possibly be inclined to move for the lighter racquet s, actually you will wish to choose a racquet that is certainly a bit heavier; however, the pinnacle should be fairly light. While it may sound a tad crazy to get a racquet that is certainly a bit around the heavy side. Also, a racquet that may be a bit heavier can also transform your serves as well when your groundstroke.

 Racquet Materials

When you try to find the best tennis racquet, you will likely need to consider the various materials actually made of likewise. The most popular materials which can be used on tennis racquet s today include graphite, aluminum, and boron and Kevlar. Graphite racquet s are in all probability the most widely used, as it provides great hitting power and both beginners, and, in some cases, advanced players will discover that this style of a racquet will work nicely for the kids. Aluminum racquet s are less expensive than graphite ones, and they’re going to provide you with excellent feel. The Boron and Kevlar racquet s are certainly stiff which enable it to cause shoulder problems due to the shock, so this sort of racquet ought to be avoided using a beginning player.


While you will find no set overall rules when selecting a racquet, there are a range of things to remember so you can opt for the very best tennis racquet. So rather than walking in a shop and having a few practice swings keep the following pointers in mind and find the very best tennis racquet to suit your needs.

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