Here Comes the Trump, Wisconsin

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)



Trumps Agenda:


Hello Wisconsin, Today Donald Trump is signing exclusive order which will make difficult for tech companies to hire foreigner labor. The agenda behind this deal is simple, American labor should be first.

But is he really working for benefits of American People or it is just to create a distraction as he did not basket his Taxes. Democrats are making a scene out of it. Sean Spicer, the secretary of press in White House clearly mentioned that Trump has no intention of making is tax returns public. In result, Democrats have taken advantage of that decision, bonding around an initiate not to collaborate on any redrafting of the tax code except they know precisely how that amendment would value the tycoon president and his people. And a rising list of more than a dozen Republican legislators now say Mr. Trump must issue them.


Steve Mnuchin from Treasury’s confesses that a tax idea by august is “impractical”.


Trump’s consultants are assembling today to debate whether the U.S. have to pull out from the Paris climate treaty.


President Trump and Turkish President:

According to the Washington Post: “President Trump called to praise Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday after a vote significantly increasing his powers, in spite of a more prudent State Department response to Sunday’s vote, which international election witnesses acknowledged one-sided.”


Trump Vs. China:

Trump says he has not become softer towards China regardless of declining so far to tag the country a currency spin doctor.


Controversy of Ivanka Trump:


From the AP, on hullabaloo neighboring Ivanka Trump. “As the primary daughter skills a politically aware profession from her West Wing office, her brand is thriving, even with impose sanctions and numerous warehouses restraining her commodities. U.S. imports, nearly all of them from China, blast up a projected 166 percent last year, while transactions hit best ever heights in 2017. The trademark, which Trump still owns, says supply is rising. It has hurled new active wear and reasonably priced jewelry lines and is occupied to grow its worldwide academic property footmark. In accumulation to winning the supports from China, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC smeared for at minimum nine new logos in the Puerto Rico, Philippines, Canada and the U.S. afterward the appointment at White House.”

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