Creepy Facts About Blood Transfusion

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2017)

These years, a blood transfusion is a normal and harmless health process due to the progressions in treatment that have happened inside the previous century. But it was not always that way. Earlier the 20th century, there were strange, unbelievable, and terrible efforts to comprehend the blood classification and the practices to save individuals life.

Without further ado, lets peek at some creepy facts about blood transfusion

Blood Donations

infowizard donate blood

In 1984, HIV was recognized as the origin of AIDS, three years after the primary event was stated. The next year, US blood banks started instigating screening tests to spot the virus. The knowhow, though, was not up to equivalence to spot specific virus-related antigens and antibodies.

By 1993, the sum of breathing people in the United States who had become infected with AIDS by means of blood transfusion was 1098. This took to light the public’s helplessness to an illness rare knew much about, abolishing the observation that HIV/AIDS was exclusively a homosexual disease. What arose was a rising aggression toward government and community organizations, challenging every part of the country’s health structure together with biomedical and social study.

Regardless of present-day developments in effecient HIV testing procedures, even the greatest complex screening machineries for donor blood flop to spot the virus in the first week post contamination. According to the CDC, of the 16 million blood donations that happen every year, about 11 transmittable blood donations and 20 HIV-positive blood elements are emitted to hospital and communal blood banks. They could possibly contaminate numerous receivers.

Street Transfusions

Street blood transfusion

In the town of Delmas, South Africa drug sellers wander the boulevards in broad sunshine despite the fact the figure of aficionados raises by the tens of thousands. These days, nyaope is the area’s drug of adoption because of the influence and extremely inexpensive price of only $2.

Even if one can burn the white chalky material—a combination of marijuana, inferior heroin, rat venom, and washing detergents—more regularly than not, it is assorted with water and shoot up to attain extended effects

Nyaope is one of the world’s most dangerous drug. Those, who cannot afford it found a way by their drug fellows whom willing to share. The big-hearted technique of mete out one’s high includes “transfusion of blood from a by now high fanatic to an associated addict.”

If the sum of deaths due to overindulge was not great enough, the overwhelming amount of HIV cases endures to raise due to such morosely state-of-the-art methods. According to Central Drug Authority, 15 percent of South Africans misuse narcotics while 50 percent of kids have tested with drugs.

Sell blood for gold

sell blood for gold

Preceding to the finding of arterial flow in 1628 by William Harvey, it was supposed that feeding another person’s blood would be helpful in both a well-being and divine milieu. During the era of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, audiences would beverage the blood of dying battlers in the trust that their courage and métier nature would be transported to these viewers. Maybe the most ridiculous situation based on this old and mistaken belief was supposed to have happened in 1492 when the first logged effort of a blood transfusion was registered by Stefano Infessura. After Pope Innocent VIII clear-fell into an unconsciousness state, Infessura documented that three 10-year-old boys were each assured a gold coin in substitute for their blood. As the kids were drained, the blood was transferred to the pope through the mouth. Not amazingly, the process was unproductive, leading to the losses of all three boys as well as the Pope.

Alteration of Souls

alteration of soul


The first blood transfusion in history of human kind occurred in 1667 by Dr. Denys using sheep’s blood. If you are wondering, the choice of sheep was not random. It was believed that blood transfusion can alter the soul of human.

So, if a person who is receiving blood has anger issues or other symptoms of aggression the lamb which used to be choose for him was calm one in belief that it will bring calmness and kindness in that person.

While, for a shy person the blood of social animals was transfused to him due to the fact he will be more courageous and will have no social fear.

Immortality by blood transfusion

immorality by blood transfusion

In 17th century German scientist stated that to achieve immortality or if you have want to stay younger forever you need to inject yourself with “the warm and spirituous blood of a young guy”. This idea was bought by Soviet Union scientist and he started injection himself with blood of young men.

This event happened in 1924, The scientist was Alexander Bogdanov. He is supposed to be the creator of the world’s first institution dedicated completely to the turf of blood transfusion, resolved that he had exposed an actual technique of extending one’s life. In fact, with every single transfusion Bogdanov presented himself, he claimed that his health was certainly improving.

In his simple effort to become immortal, the Soviet doctor’s blessing ultimately ran out when the blood he had transfused into his body was contaminated with malaria and tuberculosis, initiating his death. Bogdanov’s concept may not have been too far from the fact as publicized by a 2014 study issued in Nature Medicine. According to scientists, fledgling blood plasma given to old mice improved the rodents’ fear answers, longitudinal learning, and remembrance. The study decided that blood may in fact have revitalizing possessions that can expand one’s capability to acquire and contemplate.

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