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How to hire a freelance graphic designer

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2018)

Choosing the best fitting freelance graphic designer can be challenging. Here are a few areas to consider when choosing the graphic designer for your small business. You can also check out our list of  best cheap whiteboard animation services for small business

Creativity vs. Designs that sell

Graphic designers are obviously, creative. It’s inside their blood. But sometimes, designs which can be too creative might get in the way of your online business objectives. The right artist should understand your small business and its prospects/customers. For example, a designer might love bright vibrant colors of their designs, if your brand is saying, IT or recruitment, this might contradict the picture you want to portray of your online business (e.g. innovation and professionalism). It’s key that the designer is creative, though with a focus of your organization’s brand name and objectives first.


Marketing is best suited when customers and prospects see consistent messaging or branding to all sales and marketing materials: advertisements, flyers, brochures, business card. Literally everything. Today’s most recognizable businesses have built valuable brands through consistency.

To accomplish that consistency, it’s factor to use the same artist for all marketing and advertising materials produced. A designer that understands your brand and your online business strategies could have the same goal to create your brand in to a recognizable, and ultimately profitable business.

Ability to know your brief/requirements

Brochure, flyer, new logo, or product catalogs: what you may need designed, your designer must realize what your needs are – to development something that is easily the most effective to attain your goals. For example, would be the goal of your respective new sales promotion flyer to seduce more customers for your shop? If so, keep your designer knows this. Essential elements within the brief to your graphic designer for every design job:

Your target audience/customers (e.g. females, aged over 30)

Your goals or objectives (e.g. 30 more customers to go on your shop within the next 2 weeks)

The brand of your company (e.g. innovative, fresh approach etc.)

Flexibility and Reliability

Unlike design agencies, which could take up to 12 weeks to make an advertisement, a freelance graphic designer offers a much quicker turnaround time (around 2 trading days). With this in mind, your designer really should be available for you quickly and responses in your emails/phones within 1 day. Reliability is the vital thing.

Costs: Hourly Rate vs. Retainer

Another benefit from freelance graphic designers could be the associated low overhead costs. These price savings are often forwarded to the client, letting you pay even less for design projects.

There vary ways of ‘charge rates’. Depending on the demands of your online business, it is possible to choose to purchase a freelance graphic designer either by hour or using a regular retainer. For businesses where demand is irregular, choose ad-hoc projects hourly rates (quotes are going to be provided depending on how many hours the designer estimates the project is going to take). For businesses in places you regularly produce sales or marketing materials, acknowledge a monthly retainer package. Monthly retainers provide an agreed volume of hours of design act on a lower hourly cost. This often enables financial savings in the long term, because they charge out a cheaper hourly costs for regular work.

Let’s first assume certain things. Number one, freelancers are, typically, honest, straightforward people. Number two, clients, are mostly honest, straightforward people. However, all people have had a bad experience at some point inside their career. The designer wasn’t covered work, or the consumer didn’t obtain a completed work product for the purpose he/she already paid. To prevent another mishap when finding a freelancer, think about these tips as well

Do Your Homework

Look at their portfolio, read feedback and appearance references. Yes, that you have to act on it just a little. It’s exactly who do when they can will no longer act on blind faith. Do not be surprised, however, should they be just as hesitant about yourself; designers get burned equally as often as clients do (and maybe even more often). If you read or see something you are uncomfortable with, find out. If you are still unsure after hearing the answers, vanish.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Open communication is another critical for avoiding mistakes to begin with. Be sure what format you will need the work returned to you in beforehand. Consider building a short creative brief to ensure you are on precisely the same page. Ask should they be familiar with the format that you will need. The goal is to purchase freelance graphic design services while avoiding the need to re-format the slide yourself.

Understand the Designers Strengths

Hiring an authority in print work might not be the best decision when you may need someone to create a graphic site. If a designer is looking to branch out or feels they may be well-rounded, fine. However, you needs to be aware from a discrepancies, either technical or stylistic, in the beginning.

Ask Questions!

Focus on the expectations, communicate clearly and place up a payment arrangement that is certainly beneficial to the two of you, such as an escrow account.

Following these points should build a mutually beneficial relationship between the customer and the freelance graphic designer.

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