when is the best time to buy a grill

When is the Best time to Buy a Grill

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2019)

You can disagree with us but quick answer, best time to buy a grill is off season which can be from months of September to February. Well, we have a reason to backup our claim and we are going to reveal why is the best time to buy a grill resides in these months.

As, you probably know everyone wants a grill in summers including me. People go to a boat trip and want to have a party in summers. No one is willing to go to in a sea or ocean in freezing cold temperature. We all enjoy going on road trip in summers because we will find majority of the roads clear, the sunshine and not so bad weather. Yes everyone wants to enjoy their summer holidays and most important holiday is 4th of July. Virtually everyone wants a grill for cooking steak, hamburgers, BBQ etc. When season is high everyone wants to buy a grill for their get to gather. The American holidays are incomplete without grilling and usually people including me go for grill shopping when summer arrives upon us. Which I learnt in a hard way its wrong. Because everyone is shopping in those days and sellers know that. So, the higher the demand the higher the pricing and we already promised parties and get-to-gathers to our friends and families to save our faces we spent and pays top dollars to grab the grill before someone else will. So, it makes to reach us on a conclusion that we should plan ahead and buy the grill before season arrives.

Quick answer: best time to buy a grill is from September to February

Tips to Get Best grills According to our Research 

Plan ahead

You know as long as we are alive, we are going to hang out with our friends and family. We already know that summer is going to come so, we should do our research before time and grab the grill before summer arrives. Two benefits, you will get plenty of options in choosing the best grill as they will not be out of stock and you will get better rates. As, no one usually buys grills in these months.

Don’t Rush

We know that retailers offer discount on grills on Memorial days and 4th of July. However, if you do a comparison you will find even after discount demand season pricing is far higher than non-demanding season like winters. So, don’t rush and choose the grill calmly.

You will get Best Deals

Ah! That’s the best part when season is off. Retailers want to get rid of their remaining stocks and they let go their products on very good pricing. You will surely get a handsome deals.

Know your Type

Before purchasing know what type of grill you want. We have already covered and reviewed majority of grills in our blog to make your shopping experience easy. However, know the purpose of your grill and what you want to cook. Or if you are going to gift it to someone know what they usually cook.

Worst time to buy a grill?

People rush to buy grills from a month of march to June. So, avoid these months because the demand will be very high, the good models will get out of stock pretty quickly and you will be left with the stock which no one else wanted.

Wrapping it up

Avoid buying grills which are not suitable for you. Go for the path which no one is following don’t be a sheep and empty your wallets instead do your homework and choose the grill calmly by planning ahead and purchasing them in winters or early fall. Also, keep an out for labor day majority of retailers offer steep discounts. And in the end know what you need a grill for.

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That’s All! Hope you enjoy grilling and get the best grill according to your needs.

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