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10 worst Superheroes Ever Created By Reputable Companies

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

Look in the skies above! what do you see? A bird, stars, or a worst superhero who is certainly not going to rescue you. I’m so remorseful. If I’m being truthful with myself perhaps should have just called 911. Superman, Batman or Iron Man, these are all very efficacious superheros that have gone on to do remarkable things. But not every crusader that’s created ends up doing fine. In fact, most of them failed miserably. Most of them are worst that they were even believed of. So, let’s discuss about who they are, what their tale is, and why they dud so intensely. Here is the list of 10 worst superheros you are going to find in your life.


worst superhero

the grandfather of useless comic book characters. First appearing in Secret Origins volume II number 46, released in December of 1989, Arms-Fall-Off-Boys sort of like an action figure with removable limbs, except that he is a full-size human and he uses his removed limbs as clubs beating people in the name of justice.

So, instead of just punching people like a regular superhero, he adds unnecessary steps to the process with his stupid detachable limbs his backstory is never discovered, however in his Post-Zero Hour re-emergence, Arms-Fall-Off-Boy takes the name Splitter and is described as an alien from the planet Lallor. In both the original run and his reboot, he is trying out for the superhero team Legionnaires, but not surprisingly he was rejected. Even though he won’t be known as a Legionnaire, you could still call him the chief of weapon less war.

Matter-Eater LAD

silly superhero

In December of 1962, DC’s Adventure Comics number 303 gave Tenzil Kem his first comic book appearance. A man with an endless appetite can eat anything, including but not limited to Idol and other things considered imperishable. Kem’s power shoots from his alien biology.

He hails from the planet Bismoll where his species evolved over generations and gained the ability to eat anything to survive. While looking completely human, his only noticeable variances his eating habits, which is where he gets his hero name Matter-Eater Lad. His was part of the Legion of Super-Heroes but was rarely actually featured because the writers had a hard time thinking of a way to make him useful. He also probably takes the cake for the worst superhero in a fight, since he just attacks everything mouth firsthand just chews it until it disappears.

I wonder what is the condition of his commode (Sorry for saying that 😉)

Hindsight LAD

worst superheroes you need to know


Unofficially joining the New Warriors after a failed blackmail attempt, Carlton LaFroyge has no powers but wears a helmet with two car mirrors attached to the sides. So, he can, you know, see what’s behind him. Hindsight Lad! He first appeared in New Warriors Annual number three. Even without superpowers Hindsight Lad mainly stuck to using computer sand was great at researching and piecing together what had already happened in the past, or in hindsight. His knack for hindsight helped him and his team during the events put forth by the Sphinx, as he solves most of the mysteries that they uncover granting him unofficial team new warrior status. Hindsight remained apart of the New Warriors until around issue 75.


worst comic hero

I can’t wait to be protected by Doorman. Doorman was created by Marvel’s John Byrne and first appeared in 1989 in West Coast Avengers volume II. DeMarr Davis’ call to action came in the form of an advertisement looking for able bodies to join a superhero team.

A mutant born with weird teleport-like abilities, Davis answered the ad put out by Mr Immortal to join the Great Lakes Avengers, gaining the hero name Doorman. This made Doorman a great asset in stealth and surprise missions but limited him to being well, a walking door.

During an epic battle with the villain Maelstrom. Doorman sacrifices himself and is killed only to be brought back to life as an angel of death with new powers. But before he died, Doorman had the ability to summon magic skis that allows him to fly. Okay, so let me just get this straight. Door-Man is now a man who hovers around on skis and gathers people’s souls to transport them to the spirit world.

Ulysses Archer

worst character of marvel

Formed by Marvel in 1983, Ulysses Solomon Archer always fantasized of being a truck driver though that went in contradiction of the demand of his parents who begged him to go to college before they met their conclusion in an accident.

After being accepted by truck stop owners Poppa Wheelie and Wide Load Annie, he goes forward with multiple degrees in areas such as manufacturing and software design. After a mix-up with some extra-terrestrials looking to employee him as a starship chauffeur, Jefferson, Ulysses’ brother, was offered a planetary truck.

He quickly turned against his brother in fear that the aliens would take the amazing truck away from him. So, Jefferson tried to remove Ulysses from the picture by driving him off a cliff, but the aliens found out and nurtured him back to fitness giving him his power, a memento skull that can pick up radio signals. Trust it or not, this comic ran for 40 more issues.

I don’t know how I am writing as I was almost falling asleep just by informing you about it.

Madame Fatal

worst hero

Turned from the Wonderful Age of comics and printed by Quality Comics, which is a very satirical name, Madame Fatal is the alter-ego of Richard Stanton. Making his first entrance in Crack Comics number one, released in May of 1940, Stanton was a rich actor living in Manhattan. When he exposed that his daughter was abducted by a gang leader and that the police were incompetent to find her, Stanton took act by dressing up as an old lady to intrude the gang and wonder them, by following through with this entirely foolish strategy, Richard inbred the honour of being the very first cross-dressing hero to appear in comics. He was ultimately able to conquer the gang and take on the leader who, after Stanton factually pulled the rug out under his feet, shot himself. Though he had no powers, Stanton decided to leave his job as an actor and convert to an old lady themed hero full time. But it didn’t take long for person who reads to get the sense of this absurd storyline and Madame Fatal was discharged at issue 22. Just so unacceptable.

 Gin Genie


While some people seem to feel hard-hitting like superheros after a few drinks, Becca Parker a.k.a. the Gin Genie takes that to a complete another level. Created in 2001 and making her debut in Marvel’s X-Force number 116, Genie was a mutant with the ability to create seismic waves, which is a good power on its own. However, Genie’s strength was directly dependent on her blood alcohol level. So, the more pulp she drank, the more powerful the earthquakes she could make. This led to Genie developing an abusive relationship with liquor, often getting so drunk that she would even attack her own teammates. Just like the length of the buzz that real-life gin gives, this incredible superhero was short-lived as she was unveiled and died in the same issue. Even sadder was the fact that she died on a mission to save a boy band called Boys R Us, and she didn’t even succeed. They literally all died under gunship fire including most of the X-Force heroes. Well, I guess the moral of the comic is don’t drink and save boy bands.

Almighty Dollar

worst superheroes

Do you ever wish you could just make your problems go away by throwing money at them? Well, Marvel’s J. Pennington Pennypacker could do just that gaining superpowers while at a self-esteem camp. It turned out that the camp was a plot by a mad scientist to get test subjects for his superpower ray and create a group of heroes called The Happy Campers. You cannot make this stuff up. Under the name the Almighty Dollar, Penny packer helped fellow hero NFL Pro in number 10 by literally throwing money at their problems. In other words, he couldshoot streams of pennies out of his wrists, like the way that Spider-Man could shoot webbing out of his to injure his enemies.

Red Bee

worst comics

Another high-quality comics jam, Richard Raleigh is a district attorney in Oregon who spends his free time dressed in a red and yellow striped costume, fighting against Nazis with an army of trained bees. First appearing in 1940 in the first issue of Hit Comics, Raleigh known as the Red Bee has no real power opting instead for a stinger gun, a bunch of bees, and a secret weapon named Michael. But Matt, who is Michael? Well, Michael was Raleigh’s favourite bee who was always kept close by having him live in his belt buckle. He’s a grown man talking to a pet bee. After the end of his comic adventures in issue number 24and his death by Nazis some time after it, it was now time for Jenna Raleigh to become the Red Bee. Jenna wisely upgraded the suit’s abilities and with the help of mechanized bees that electrocuted enemies, she went on to become nothing. Nothing at all. She became a mutated half-woman half-insect that wanted to colonize the entire planet but was saved and cured, after which she decided to drop the hero gig and go back to her science career.

Dog welder

worst psycho superheroes

The next comic book protagonist we’re going to talk about is a silent man who walks the night carrying a blowtorch and a bag of dead dogs. Sure, why not? Apparently, it’s good enough for the members of Section Eight, a squad of worst heroes, who appear throughout the Hitman comic series. Created by Garth Ennis and John McCrea and debuting in September of 1997’s Hitman number 18, little is known about Dog welder since he never actually talks and is always wearing a welding mask to conceal his identity. With a constant supply of stray dogs that he traps in alleys and kills, the Dog welder attempts to spot-weld dead dogs to evildoers. Dog welder is eventually killed in issue 52in August of 2000 by the acidic bodily fluids of a demon. Now I know you’re just so disappointed but don’t worry, the dog welding didn’t stop. Dog welder’s welding equipment manages to possess an American businessman creating Dog welder II in the first issue of All Star Section Eight released in August of 2015.

This list is ended. So, those were the 10 Worst superheros ever invented. But I want to know from you guys which one on this list is the absolute worst in your opinion. Personally, I’m stuck between the arm less boy and the alcoholic one. Leave your comment below because I’ll be reading through them and love to know what my readers think about worst superheroes.

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